Observing Life [Ancient and Modern] [Metaphysics]

The old man hastened to make a silent gesture when the other called out his identity, and then asked, “Do you know me?” He looked through his memory and found no trace of the man. Yang Shu took a deep breath and then looked awestruck. He quickly explained, “I am the chief special assistant of General Manager Zheng. I once saw you at a banquet.” This is a veteran of a national position, although he retired from the torrent at the beginning and now only has a sinecure in the country. Years of low profile have led to the gradual fading of the other party’s attention, and because the national news has almost no coverage of the other party, no one knows him. However, the three sons he gave birth to, each of whom is Longzhang Fengzi, are outstanding and have made great achievements in various fields. As far as the second son of the old man is concerned, he is now a strong rival of his boss, Zheng yuankai, but one is in real estate and the other is in the emerging electronics industry. Had it not been for this, Yang Shu would not have been so impressed with each other. After all, there are many leaders in the country who are not visible but are in charge of one side. It’s just how did the other party end up here now? This question not only crossed Yang Shu’s mind, but also the old man thought so. The old man had a thought in his mind. Then he said with a smile, “Young man, what are you doing here?” Although the old man was one of the people Yang Shu worshipped, Yang Shuwen paused and then said, “My boss’s niece lives here. Our boss asked me to go on a business trip here and visit her by the way.” You can’t admit Feng Shui in front of a leader. Yang Shu was holding a lot of gifts that Zheng yuankai had specifically told him to buy before he left, and it really looked like that. The old man believed that he had ghosts. It was no secret that Zheng yuankai believed in geomancy in the circle. Even he had heard something about it from his son. Because it is the other party’s private affair, he can’t always use his identity to oppress others. But the old man rolled his eyes and immediately said,321 stainless steel sheet, “Bai Yin?” When Yang Shu saw a familiar name coming out of the old man’s mouth, his heart tightened, but he said as if nothing had happened, “What did you say?” The old man stared at him for a long time, as if he had confirmed something. He smiled at Yang Shu, then patted him on the shoulder and said, “All right, then you can go up.” Yang Shu nodded modestly and then went upstairs. The old man stared at the building for a long time. He touched his nose and left without saying anything. —— In the hotel. The young man looked at the old man who had become a little irascible since he came back, and he thought to himself, isn’t this the little girl who has been shut out again? After a while, however, x60 line pipe ,uns s31803 sheet, he realized that he had guessed wrong. No wonder when I went there yesterday, the little girl said that she still had money in her hand and didn’t show people Feng Shui and so on. The old man thought about it for a while, and then he figured out the taste. Combined with Zheng yuankai’s special help today, what else does he not understand. Isn’t it obvious that Zheng yuankai is the God of Wealth who sent money to Bai Yin? Think of Zheng yuankai’s assets, the old man can almost be sure. You call your uncle and ask him to help me contact the man named Zheng yuankai. As soon as the old man got angry, he even came out with the tone of his previous command. Seeing this, the young man asked, “Aren’t you always going to trouble the other party?” Is the old man going to throw his weight around? The old man glared at his grandson angrily. “What’s the trouble? I just want to know how much money he gave the little girl.” If given an eight-figure sum, it would be enough for the little girl to squander for eight or ten years, then where would he wait?! The young man shrank his neck and said quickly, “Don’t be angry. I’ll call my uncle now.” The old man gave a “hmm” and sat down on the sofa and waited. After a while, the young man in the middle hung up the phone twice before he could figure it out and breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Zheng yuankai gave one million yuan in cash. The young man took the information he had just received from his second uncle, and then he added, “It was also given to two shops in the entertainment city that he was preparing to open, and she had to use the money to decorate them.” One million went to Mordor to decorate two shops in the entertainment city, even if it was saved, it was reluctant. The old man’s eyes lit up. “Then we can wait.” But this time, we can’t let people rob Hu from the middle. The young man pondered for a moment. He hesitated and said, “The third uncle..”. Can you really wait that long? ?” The old man’s eyes dimmed for a moment. Then he sighed, “What can I do?”? Li Guangdao showed his face and said that he could not help with this matter. The Zhangs have a grudge against us again because of your cousin, those masters in the harbor city.. Don’t mention it 。” “How about..” The young man’s eyes flashed with determination. He said to the old man, “Shall we use the strong one?” The old man looked at his grandson and slapped him on the head: “You can go!”! If this is done, I will let your father stop you from being a star! After counting his grandchildren, even his grandson is more worry-free than this one. The old man had seen the fate of the people who had offended Li Guangdao in those years, and it was as miserable as it was said. What’s more, this little girl is Li Guangdao himself admitted that she is not as good as others, and her temper is also hard to figure out. Once such a person is offended, she doesn’t care about your identity. If she does something on your ancestral grave, the family will be destroyed and the descendants will be harmed. Thinking of this, the old man sighed again. This is simply a copper pea, which can not be crushed and chewed, but also offered, and patient enough. Your third uncle has something from Grandpa Li to protect him for the time being. Let’s wait here now. The old man said with a flash of cold light in his eyes: “But if someone in the middle wants to rob Hu, then we don’t have to be polite.” Can’t move Bai Yin, can’t he move anyone else? —— Over there, when Yang Shu got the two boxes handed over by Bai Yin,uns s32760 plate, his movements became much more gentle. Yang Shu is very clear about the efficacy of this thing, although he did not witness the accident on the construction site at the beginning, he was also frightened when he heard the people present mention it later. lksteelpipe.com


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