My ex-husband is Qiu by Guseshi.

You.. How dare you fool around with me? Jin Shu was so angry with him that he couldn’t even keep his usual dignified and elegant appearance. He pinched his jaw and forced him to open his mouth and stuffed the elixir into it. Give me the medicine! Help me when you recover from the wound. I don’t know how many refugees in the south of the Yangtze River will die every day. You still don’t do your job all day. You’ve been gone for two years! The cassia was scolded by her, and as expected, he ate the elixir obediently. The brocade book breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not want the cassia to suddenly bow his head and kiss the back of her hand. Warm lips touched the back of the hand, as if the brocade book had been burned, and the hand was pulled back in an instant. Cassia knew she was going to curse, so he hugged her quickly and buried his face in her abdomen. You Cassia! Elder Martial Sister, do you blame me for leaving you for two years? I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I’ll never do it again. Cassia held her half complaining and half aggrieved, but her voice was so gentle that it would melt people away. It’s all the fault of Elder Martial Sister. I just told her that I liked her. Elder Martial Sister, you came out of the valley. It took me half a year to find you. How can I not be angry that you live with that bastard? I asked you who he was, but you didn’t say. I was hurt and you cried. Elder Martial Sister, Brocade Book, Brocade, I was.. Really nervous, really afraid, I think you have me in your heart, but you keep defending that person, I have to go to investigate him. The brocade book listens to him a sentence to say affectionately, only feels own heart also to be crushed, her hand which hangs down in the body side clenched and let go, put down and raised,digital signage screen, nearly hugged him. But hearing the last sentence, her face changed again. She pushed the cassia away and said in panic, “What?”? Are you investigating Mr. Lu? What do you know? Cassia’s eyes were full of sadness. A bad smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He leaned lazily on the table and asked, “Elder Martial Sister, what are you afraid I will find out?”? Is it his identity as a Qiu that makes you worry about the door rules in the valley, or does he always have his wife in his heart, which makes you sad? Did you deliberately forget Taishang. “Shut up!” Jin Shu was so angry that her face turned pale,touch screen kiosk, her chest heaved, and she could hardly breathe. She looked at Cassia coldly and said in a deep voice, “If you speculate again and maliciously smear me, you can go!” Jueming has never been scolded by her since he was young and now he is twenty years old, let alone shouted at him to go. Confused for a moment, when he saw that the brocade book was about to leave, he grabbed her first and shouted, “The brocade book!” “Shut up!”! Let it go The brocade book threw him away and glared at him mercilessly, with tears in his eyes. She. Cried? As soon as the cassia was in a daze, the brocade book took the opportunity to rush out, and when he came to his senses again, the beautiful woman did not know where to go. Cassia fell on his back on the mat, put his hand on his eye, and sighed deeply. The camp was set up in the afternoon. Disciples of Xinglin went to the place where the refugees gathered and told them the purpose of their visit. In the evening, many people came to seek medical treatment. Huang Kui quickly settled down and looked for people everywhere. All the disciples of Xinglin began to practice medicine. Even Angelica dahurica was pushed out by Xie Ning to treat patients outside the tent, face recognition identification kiosk ,facial recognization camera, but there were no brocade books and Lu Li. Strange Angelica dahurica rubbed her sour neck and said doubtfully, “Where did Elder Martial Sister Jinshu go?”? She was most concerned about the victims in the south of the Yangtze River. You said it many times before you came. Why are you hiding now? There was a tent outside the camp, which was specially for the sick. Huang Kui saw that there was not enough manpower, so he recruited some refugees to do menial work, such as collecting firewood, cooking, decocting medicine, and taking care of the sick. The sky slowly darkened, and it was time to finish the meal, but there was still no sign of Lu Li and Jin Shu. That won’t do. Huang Kui worried, “My son is enough to protect himself, but I don’t know if Miss Jinshu has not eaten all day, can she hold on?” Xie Ning heart also some can not put down, but I do not know whether to show it. Just then, the little stone suddenly came and took Xie Ning by the hand and whispered, “Sister Jiu, come with me.” Xie Ning’s heart missed a beat and was pulled forward by a small stone. Through a forest that had just emerged a little bit of tender leaves, we came to the river. By the dusky river, Lu Li and Jin Shu were sitting on the stones and grass, talking about something. Sister Jiu. The little stone grabbed her hand and wrote quickly, “Do you really believe that there is nothing between them?”? I watched here for an afternoon, and they talked here for an afternoon! When the last word was written, Xie Ning immediately put her palm away, and the expression on her face became even more indifferent. “Why should I be angry?” She said to herself? I don’t have a reason. I’m just using each other with Lu Li now. I’m no longer husband and wife. Why should I care who he has an affair with? She wanted to go coldly, but the little stone grabbed her and turned her around with an angry face to show her what they were doing. Xie Ning turned his head, only to see brocade clothes do not know when to stand beside Lu Li, reach out to press the back of Lu Li, do not know what to say. In an instant, it seemed that a thorn had fiercely opened the old scar in her heart, and the turbulent hatred almost burst out. She wanted to rush over and slap Lu Li in the face and call him a bastard, but as soon as she moved, a figure swept out faster than she did. Lu Li-! Cassia raised his hand and fired a hidden weapon. “I’ll kill you!” He shouted. Startled, Lu Li immediately turned around and knocked off the hidden weapon with one hand, pushing the brocade book away with the other hand, and at the same time quickly retreating on his toes. His reaction can not be said to be not quick, but Jue Ming was so angry that his eyes were red, only this moment he attacked in front of him, a palm waved out to take his face. Lu Li had no choice but to parry, and the two men fought on the river. This Cassia! Stop it! Brocade book is stupefied, cry anxiously: “Do not be such, Cassia!”! Stop it! She was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do. Finally, she gritted her teeth and almost rushed up, but she was held by someone. The brocade book is startled, looks back, is the complexion turns white: “Lu…” Mrs. Lu?! Interrupted by Cassia, Xie Ning’s mood had calmed down. She took Jinshu’s hand,smart interactive whiteboard, smiled and comforted her by saying, “Miss Jinshu, you don’t have to panic. My husband won’t hurt Cassia.” 。


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