Mecha Storm of Rebirth (Text + Extra 2)

Although the second-year leading teacher is junior, her strength can not be underestimated, and more importantly, her reputation in the college is not inferior to that of Erus. Looking at the female intern teacher who had been criticized by himself not long ago, Qi Kong swallowed saliva: “Hey, Qi Lu Lu, why do I suddenly have a bad feeling?” “If you don’t have confidence in yourself, just say it. Why do you beat around the Bush?” Who says I don’t have confidence in myself! Today’s game is a piece of cake, but every time I see her, I feel uneasy-how can a good man like Big Brother Mo have such a fierce sister? Yes, it was Mo Xinran, who had been discussed by Qi Kong not long ago, who led the team. Although Mo Xinran is only an intern teacher, her strength is also recognized by everyone, so this time she will lead the second grade team. Taking a look at the female intern teacher with a serious face, Qi Lulu had to admit that there was not much similarity between her and the gentle smiling Mo Nianchen, but at this time she could not echo: “Well, the game is about to start. If you don’t return to your position,drum spill pallet, what will you do on our bench?” The official players of the Academy Mecha Competition are naturally seated in the front row, with three exclusive waiting seats. But the treatment of the alternate is completely different, although there are only four people, but there are four rows of alternate seats, each row is enough even if two people lie down. So Qi Kong prefers the alternate side of the seat to the regular seat where he has to adjust his posture. Isn’t there still a while? I’ll sit down for a while. With his hands open on the back of the chair, Qi Kong breathed a sigh of relief and sighed, “You’re still comfortable here!” But as he said this,plastic pallet price, out of the corner of his eye, he seemed to inadvertently slip around the three men crowded together in the back row: “Hum, don’t think that you can take advantage of it as alternate players!”! I can’t even get a positive election, but I still want to hit my family. Dream on! The three second-grade boys saw the young master of the Qi family’s cold twinkling eyes, and suddenly realized why he would come so coincidentally when they grabbed the position, and then thought of the famous cold-faced general, the three of them thought for a moment, and immediately they all went to the last row. It is gratifying that the little man of the Qi family has finally made some progress in his eye knife skills-at least it is more than enough to intimidate the little boys of the same grade. Although the main purpose has been achieved, but Qi Kong is still sitting lazily beside Qi Lu Lu, and did not intend to get up: “You do not say, here is indeed much more comfortable than sitting in front!”! But he wanted to continue to sit, but others could not continue to tolerate it. Qi Kong, the game is about to start, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, please go back to your seat-you are seventeen years old, there is no need to pester your sister like a milk doll. It was Mo Xinran who said this with a straight face, but although she looked expressionless, the words in her mouth could make people vomit three liters of blood! This is one of the reasons why Mo Xinran will make many people shy away. This little Abbess is fine when you don’t provoke her, but once you provoke her, whether it’s the kungfu in her hand or the poisonous mouth that sprays the invincible hand of the Academy, it will make the opponent lose half his life! That’s why he has a bad feeling! Qi Kong angrily stood up and went back to his seat, but he still couldn’t help thinking that with such a tiger aunt leading the team, even if luck was good, it would go bad, right? But what he didn’t expect was that his premonition finally came true! The theory contest went well, because everyone answered the papers together, and then put them into the retractor in front of their seats, and the scores would be assessed after 50 seconds. The scores of Qi Kong’s group were very good, although they did not pull down much of the gap, but they ranked first among the five schools that came today. And when the judges of the practice competition came out, Qi Kong knew where his foreboding had come true! At this time, the culprit of everything looked at Zhang Jiahe on the platform, whose eyes were bright for a time because he had found her, and felt guilty. Read a novel and go to) book ~ guest house.. See the fastest update of the latest chapter Shu + ke + ju cOm I don’t blame her, I really don’t blame her! At that time, she just said that it was the eldest young master himself who decided to be the judge! And a total of five grades, want to know that the senior competition will be more interesting, who let him have nothing to run to the second grade group. Despite this consolation, Qi Lu Lu felt a little uncomfortable when he looked at Zhang Jiahe’s ugly face at the beginning of the practice competition. On the competition stage, the first member of the five groups is trying to imitate the action extracted from the textbook in the projector, and everyone’s error is very small. In order to achieve absolute fairness, the Academy Mecha Competition took the trouble to arrange ten judges, and then averaged the scores given to each contestant by the ten judges. The judges who were invited were obviously satisfied with the quality of this session, and from time to time some people nodded their heads to express their appreciation. But one person is an exception! What’s going on here? What the hell is going on! Looking at the players wearing special mecha and doing ridiculous actions, Zhang Jiahe felt that one of his nerves had suddenly broken! Then he couldn’t help staring in the direction of Qi Lu Lu. But some girl, who always thought she was brave, moved silently and let the tall player in front of her block her figure. Forget it, don’t stare at her, stare at her brother is the same! With this in mind, Zhang Jiahe immediately turned his eyes around. Hey, hey, what are you doing? Head of a bunch of cold light, Qi Kong only felt the pressure mountain, and one side of the tall students by his involvement, the body actually slightly shaking a few times. Well,plastic bulk containers, I don’t expect this guy to let himself go for his sister’s sake, but does he create psychological pressure on himself before the game? In vain, I sympathized with that madman a few days ago.


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