Mad God

After I came here, the energy of the soul-eating cave was drawn by me, which restored me to the armor of the mad God, but when I was very excited, it brought me into consciousness and made the phantom of Brother Diomandus appear in front of me. When I saw Brother Diomandus, I had already forgotten that I was in the cave of devouring souls. If it hadn’t been for the flaws in his words, I’m afraid I would still be addicted to the illusion and unable to extricate myself. Awesome, really awesome. This soul-eating cave completely takes advantage of human nature! The phantom just now should be the first time. There are two more times. Come on, I will never be cheated again. I tightened the ink in my hand and ran the divine power to make the armor of the mad God send out a circle of energy to protect the body. Just then, the free energy around me suddenly became restless. They seemed to be rotating, constantly rotating. A strong energy blew at me. I shouted loudly, waving the ink in my hand, sending out several divine powers, trying to resist the whirlwind of energy. However, the divine power disappeared like a mud cow into the sea, as if it had been swallowed up. Just when I was stunned, my body had been rolled up by the whirlwind, and there was no place to exert myself around me. I calmly moved with the energy of the whirlwind, urging the defensive power of the mad God’s armor to the strongest state to protect myself. The energy of the whirlwind was getting stronger and stronger. Although it did not penetrate into my body energy, it took my body to rotate rapidly. The feeling of dizziness kept coming. I tried to urge the divine power to slow down my speed, but it had no effect. The energy of the soul-eating cave was simply terrible. As the speed is faster and faster, I gradually lost myself, the eyes are still dark, my consciousness has begun to blur, what is it going to do? Can’t the phantom move me? Does it want to split me up? With this thought, I finally fainted in a violent spin. As soon as my eyes brightened, I found myself standing in a forest, and my consciousness and feelings gradually recovered. Honey, what are you thinking? So absorbed. I turned my head and looked at the source of the sound. I saw the moon standing naked in front of me. A warm stream of water was falling from the sky, washing our bodies. I was naked myself. My right hand was raised above my head. I looked up and saw a blue water balloon suspended in the air, as if it was being held by my strength. I had no intention of putting down my hand, and the water balloon crashed down, shaking me and Moyue immediately, and the drops of water scattered and splashed everywhere. Ah Moyue gave an exclamation of surprise and said,mobile racking systems, “Husband, what are you doing? You washed it well. How did you get the water balloon down?”. Oh, are you tired? Haven’t you recovered yet? There was concern in her voice. I stared blankly at Moyue, who was full of temptation, and said, “You are a phantom, aren’t you?” Moyue chuckled and said, “What phantom?”? Honey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly stunned and become silly again? Feel me, am I a phantom? With these words, she took my hand and put it on her warm little face. The skin, which was full of elasticity and extremely greasy, came clearly from the touch, and I suddenly felt a heat in my heart and hugged Moyue into my arms. Moyue said, “Husband, I love you so much!”! I know I scared you just now, but I’ve recovered now. Time is pressing, love the moon, industrial racking systems ,warehouse storage racks, don’t let Ziyan sister wait too long. As she spoke, her arms, like a soft snake, were wrapped around my neck, and her soft and sweet lips were pressed against my mouth. I could no longer endure the impulse in my heart, greedily sucking her sweetness, tightly embracing her elastic body, and our limbs intertwined. As soon as I held her buttocks, Moyue knowingly wrapped her thighs around my waist. I greedily kissed every part of her skin while finding the entrance of the flower stem. Under Moyue’s long singing, I broke through the barrier and entered. The soft and compact flower stem had already been lubricated, and a strong sense of comfort constantly filled my body and mind. I put my arms around her body, put my arms behind her, let her lean against the tree, crazy rhythm, strong feeling constantly from the lower body, really comfortable ah! Moon, moon, so beautiful, moon, I love you. “Finally, at the peak, we broke out at the same time, my body spasmed constantly, spraying its own essence, and my body and mind fell into extreme excitement.”. For a long time, Moyue and I gradually recovered. Moyue blushed and whispered, “Husband, let’s go back quickly. Don’t let the two sisters wait anxiously.” “Moon,” I said, “where are we going?” Moyue raised her head, giggled and said, “Husband, are you really stupid?”? We’re going to the Demons and the Orcs to propose marriage, and then we’re going back to the fortress, and you’re going to marry me and my three sisters. My heart is struggling fiercely, I know clearly that everything in front of me is a phantom, but I don’t want to admit how much I want to be with the woman I love again! Soul-devouring cave, you really understand my mind! In this case, even though I know I’m in a phantom, I don’t want to wake up. Honey, what are you thinking about? I took a deep breath of the fragrant air in the woods and said with difficulty, “Moon, let’s go and see Cher and Yan’er.” With that, I pulled up Moyue and put on my clothes. Under the leadership of Moyue, we didn’t go far before we saw Ziyan and Zixue with a worried face. I suddenly floated in front of Ziyan, grabbed her shoulder and said in a trembling voice, “Yan’er, do you still remember me?” Ziyan said in a daze, “Husband, what’s wrong with you? How can I not remember you?”? Is Sister Moon all right? Ziyan’s soft words are so beautiful, but my heart is broken, because I know clearly that the real Ziyan has lost her memory. Yes! My Ziyan is still in the Protoss. I have to save her. How can I stay here. No, no, no-I roared out loud, and in the dull eyes of the three women,heavy duty cantilever racks, I suddenly pulled out the ink. The black light swept over the three women at the same time, and the red light burst out, as if the whole forest was stained with blood.


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