Lovely bones

He twisted the doorknob and stepped out of the door to find the front porch in darkness. He closed the door and stood at the door with a bat in his hand, and I would quietly and quietly.. The words and sentences came to my mind again. He walked across the front yard and across the street to the house where he first saw the lights. His heart was beating fast as he passed the dark swimming pool and the rusty swing frame of the Outrill family, but there was only one thought in his mind: George Harvey killed my precious daughter. He gradually approached the field, and on the right side of the field, deep in the cornfield, he saw a faint light. The police surrounded the corn fields in this area, cleaned them up and leveled them with excavators. Dad clenched the bat at his side and could hardly believe that he was about to hurt someone, but he soon stopped hesitating and knew in his heart that Harvey was the murderer. He knew what he had to do. The wind helped him. The wind blew from the court to the corn field, and his trousers were wrapped around his legs. The wind urged him to move forward, and everything was left behind. As soon as he stepped into the depths of the corn field, he focused on the lights in front of him. The wind blew across the barren fields, and the roar of the wind drowned out his footsteps over the stalks of corn. Meaningless thoughts ran through his mind: the sound of children on roller skates speeding down the sidewalk, the smell of his father’s tobacco, and Abigail’s smile. When they first met,tile profile factory, her smile pierced his confused heart like a beam of light. The flashlight suddenly went out and the corn field was dark. He took a few steps forward and then stopped. I know you’re here. He said. I flooded the cornfield. I lit a big fire to light up the cornfield. I sent out showers of hail and flowers. But still no warning came to my father. I was banished to heaven and could only watch from the sidelines. “I’ve come for revenge!” Baba’s voice trembled. His heart beat faster and faster, blood rushed to his chest, and anger roiled in his heart like a fire. He breathed in and out, more and more excited. My mother’s smile has disappeared, replaced by my smile. “There’s no one else here,” Dad said. “I’m here to finish this.” He heard the sobs,stainless steel tile edge trim, and I wished I could hit the spotlight straight down like a school auditorium. Every time an event is held, the person who hits the light always fumbles to hit the light on the right side of the stage. If I could turn on the light at this moment, my father would find a trembling and crying girl in front of him. Although she was wearing blue eye shadow and denim boots, she was so scared that she wet her pants. After all, she was still a child. Dad’s voice was so full of hate that she didn’t recognize his voice. Brian? Clarissa quavered. “Brian, is that you?” She was full of hope, and hope was the only barrier to protect her. Dad let go and the bat fell to the ground. The only small favor I ever got “Hello?”? Who’s there? Brian Nelson, thin as a scarecrow, listened to the call sign and parked his brother’s old car in the school parking lot. He’s been late a lot lately, and he often dozes off in class or at dinner, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, but if a boy has a Playboy magazine, or a pretty girl walks by, or a girl waits for him in the cornfield, he gets a boost. Now he parked his car, and he walked slowly forward, the wind blowing in his ears, just providing the best cover for what he was going to do. Brian found a large flashlight from his mother’s first aid kit under the sink and took it to the cornfield. As he walked, he told the group, he heard Clarissa crying for help. Dad ate the weight of iron heart, resolutely groped to the sobbing girl. His mother is knitting gloves for him. Susie needs a pair of gloves, too. It’s so cold in the cornfield in winter! Ah, Clarissa, Susie’s goofy friend! A well-made-up face, a little jam sandwich, and a bronzed skin. He rushed blindly in front of her and knocked her to the ground in the darkness. His ears were full of her screams, which echoed in the empty fields and touched his heart. Susie! Susie! He screamed in response. When Brian heard my name, he took to his heels. He charged forward, no longer in a daze. The light of the flashlight flickered in the field, and for a very brief moment, the light shone on Mr. Harvey, but no one saw him except me. He hid in the cornstalks, the light just hitting his back as he crawled, and he hid quietly in the dark, listening again to the young girl’s sobs. The flashlight shone on his father. Brian thought he had found the target. He grabbed his father from Clarissa. He hit his father on the head, face and back with the flashlight. His father shouted and wailed. Brian suddenly saw the bat next to him. I tried to push the boundary between heaven and earth, but the boundary was unbreakable. How I wanted to reach out and help my father up, get him away from all this, and bring him to me. Clarissa runs like crazy. Brian staggers. Dad’s eyes meet Brian’s eyes, but Dad can hardly breathe. You son of a bitch! Brian obviously believes that his father has bad intentions. A whisper came from the ground, and I could hear my name and taste the blood on my father’s face. I wanted to reach out and touch his cracked lips and lie with him in the cornfield where I died. But in heaven, I can only turn around and leave. I’m trapped in a perfect paradise, but I can’t do anything. The blood I tasted was bitter and astringent, and I wanted my father to wait all night and never forget me, but I also wanted him to let go and let me be the past. The green easy chair in the study was still warm from my father,tile trim manufacturers, and I blew out the candle at the window, which shone with a lonely, faint light. It was the only small favor I received. The younger brother saw something strange.


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