Little Lucky Star of the 1970’s Koi Fish [Entry]

As for Chen Meng and Chunni, they ran to the stream and began to wash the things brought by the two brothers, small pots, chopsticks, enamel cups and vegetables. After a while, Shen came back with two sisters, Aini and Xiangni, and, of course, several bundles of firewood. Shanny also picked some wild fruits. Mao Dan recognized that some of these wild fruits were edible, so he separated the ones that had been eaten from those that had not been eaten, and put aside those that could be eaten. Maodan and Goudan, two brothers, often go up the mountain and are familiar with the things on the mountain. The dog egg took one look at the fruit, opened his mouth and bit it. He didn’t know what kind of fruit it was. The bright red juice oozed from the fruit. It looked very annoying. But the dog egg enjoyed it: “Delicious, delicious, really delicious. When I was a child, I came to the mountain with my brother to pick this kind of fruit. It tastes very good. Good treasure, you try it.” Chen Meng looked disgusted: “Can you wash it before eating?”? Look at you like this. If you eat like this at school, the girls in your class will not want to talk to you. Dog egg one face is indifferent: “I just do not want female classmate, I want delicious, don’t you try this fruit?”? It’s really delicious. As they spoke, Aini and Shanny had already washed the fruit out and carried it over with large banana leaves. The girl was fastidious and felt that the wild things must be dirty and could not be eaten without washing. Only then did Chen Meng get it in her hand and taste it. As a result, the sour taste made her spit it out at once: “Dog egg, what flavor is this?”? How can you eat this kind of thing? Isn’t that too bad? It was so sour that she threw the sour fruit on the ground without mercy. Hearing what she said, several people who had not yet eaten looked at the fruit hesitantly, a little afraid to eat it. The dog egg is raising both hands to assure: “This fruit is delicious, good treasure is to make a fuss, if not delicious,hot tub wholesale, you bite me.” Chunni hesitated to take a small bite, really very sweet, taste like apricot, but not the taste of apricot, clear fruit fragrance, with a strong sweet taste inside. She began to wonder if Chen Meng was too unlucky. The one she got was very sour, so she said, “It’s really delicious. You can try another one.” Aini was curious about the taste of this fruit, see sister said no problem, also took a bite: “Yes, really delicious, very sweet.” Chen Meng picked up another one, put it to her mouth, and took a bite: “It’s still sour.” She lost another one. The dog egg did not believe, american hot tub ,China spa factory, took the one that Chen Meng threw away, turned around, bit on the reverse side, and his face changed: “You are unlucky.” It’s really sour. It’s sour to death. This wild fruit is sour only when it’s not ripe. Chen Meng is just unlucky. The result is repeated several times, or Chen Meng got the sour fruit, the other several people got the sweet fruit. She felt dead on her back and squatted in front of the fire to cook instant noodles. For children of this age, instant noodles, which add a lot of flavor, are really delicious, but the Chen family has a large population, and there are few times when they don’t cook. Even if the children are greedy for this kind of fast food, they can only find a chance to eat it. Before Mao Dan was allowed to go up the mountain, he hid four or five packages of instant noodles, plus the package brought up by the dog egg, which just boiled a small pot. The people over there gathered around to eat the fruit, and as they ate, they said how delicious it was. Even if Chen Meng is very greedy for the taste of fruit, but also helpless, she does not want to eat those sour fruit. She threw instant noodles and seasoning bags into the small rice pot in a fit of pique, and the fragrance in the small pot spread around. Aini, the delicious ghost, sniffed exaggeratedly: “Good treasure, this kind of instant noodles is really fragrant, more fragrant than what we used to eat.” Mao Dan said, “I bought this in the county town. It’s a new instant noodle. It’s precious. The previous one was 70 cents a pack. This one is very expensive. We have to eat ten yuan in this pot.” “You don’t have to count the ham sausage?” Chen Meng asked him in reply. “Don’t you know? Ham sausages are produced in our own factory. Today Uncle Xiao gave us a box. My mother hid it in the cupboard like a treasure. I’m afraid she’ll get sick again and take it back to my grandmother’s house. So why don’t you just take it to the mountains?” Only Mao Dan, who is the best at talking nonsense, can talk about stealing his mother’s private collection in such a unique way. Mao Dan, you can do it. However, what surprised Chen Meng even more was: “Does our pig factory make ham sausages now?” This ham sausage technology, or Xiao Jun spent a lot of money to develop and improve, is still in the stage of preparing for the market, all kinds of certificates are not ready, belongs to the three-nothing product, but the family can still eat first. Some of the experimental products in the factory have been added to the workers’ lunch by the chefs in the canteen. It has been eaten before. It is said that it is very delicious. It is said that it is much better than what is sold in the market. That is inevitable, most of the market is starch flavor, Xiao Jun factory inside is real lean meat and starch, materials are different, because I have heard that dog eggs have been greedy for a long time. The light of the fire shone on her tender little face, and there was still a moment between them, not knowing how the years passed so quickly, watching the reunion, watching the separation. Time is such a cruel thing. He held the fruit in his hand and carefully helped her peel off the skin and cut out the flesh one by one. A pair of big hands suddenly reached out. As soon as Chen Meng saw that it was Shen Jian, he peeled the fruit, cut it piece by piece, and put it in an enamel cup. She already had a shadow in her heart about this kind of fruit, so she shook her head: “I won’t eat it. You can eat it. I’m cooking noodles. Would you like to eat some?” Instant noodles are still a luxury at this time, but when Shen Jian was in high school in his previous life,garden jacuzzi tub, because he was hungry and needed extra meals, he ate many packages of instant noodles. Even though he had passed through, he was still full of psychological shadows about instant noodles. I won’t eat it. Shen shook his head and took the cup a little closer to her. “I’ve tasted it and it’s not sour. I’ve peeled it for you. Try it yourself.” 。


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