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Of course, taking this step also means that as long as Yi Chi is willing to spend time, then the roar of the beast will certainly be able to understand thoroughly, unless his understanding ability suddenly declines, otherwise this is 100% sure. The two levels of the whole beast roar span greatly, and the fifth stage is nothing compared to the sixth stage, so if you want to take this step, it really stumbles Yi Chi! …… “That doesn’t make any sense!” Staring at the statue in front of him, Yi Chi frowned and looked preoccupied. He has been like this for 250 million years, his eyebrows have not been loosened at all in 250 million years, and his mouth has been whispering something, and today is the only time he has spoken so loudly. It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t make any sense! How could it be so? The heart is more and more irritable, which makes Yi Chi have to turn his head, so that his eyes are no longer locked on the statue, but even so, Yi Chi still can not let go. What exactly is it? Why does the change work like this? How the hell did he do that? The heart is constantly questioning himself, but Yi Chi can not give himself a satisfactory answer. Obviously, Yi Chi did not have a teacher to teach him, so these days, he is a person buried in understanding, relying on firm ideas to persist until now. Think about Yi Chi from birth to come to this virtual beast altar how many years, and this understanding is different from practice, practice when every moment can be immersed in practice, in their eyes time has no value at all. But understanding is different, although smooth time will not care about time, but most of the time it is necessary to constantly think about how to take the next step, so Yi Chi is really spent nearly two billion years. As time goes on, Yi Chi almost forgets what his name is. Fortunately, after understanding,gold shaking table, Yi Chi will rest for a while, otherwise he will really go crazy! But at this time, Yi Chi is really going crazy, he has been trapped in this step for more than 200 million years, but no matter how hard he tries, he can not understand the transformation process of this step. The change from the fifth stage to the sixth stage really broke Yi Chi’s brain. Damn The mouth secretly scolded a sentence, Yi Chi plans to rest for a while, first ease their emotions, and then to understand, such a process he has done countless times during this period of time. Had it not been for the break time to try not to think about the roar of the beast, Yi Chi would not be as calm as he is now. Many practitioners have strange tempers. Why? It is because they face a series of bottlenecks and difficulties alone for a long time, which makes their personality change again and again, and even they can not understand themselves. And this kind of person, basically belongs to the kind of person who likes to study some difficult secret arts, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, if it is only immersed in the practice, it will not have any problems. And Yi Chi is like this at this time, this beast roar is too profound for the current Yi Chi, if he is a saint of the original holy land, he can also use the rules to indirectly understand the beast roar, which will reduce a lot of inconvenience for him. But he’s not, he’s just a holy man, so he has a lot more difficulties! He has overcome all the difficulties ahead, but it is not so easy for him to break through the fifth stage to the sixth stage, otherwise Yi Chi will not be trapped in this pass for more than 200 million years. The rest time is always short, even if Yi Chi can rest for a long time, but his heart does not allow him to do so. Continue to understand, this time Yi Chi’s eyebrows are still tightly wrinkled, but the eagerness in his eyes is reduced a lot. Time passed in a hurry and did not slow down because of Yi Chi’s calmness. It should be! Incorrect! That’s the way it should be! While muttering in his mouth, Yi Chi’s hands were constantly gesturing something in midair. At this moment, Yi Chi’s finger suddenly flashed a golden light, the appearance of this golden light, immediately made Yi Chi a stupefied. “Light?” Thinking to himself, Yi Chi slowly closed his eyes, this time it seemed that he had caught something, but the inspiration was too little, he needed to follow a trace of inspiration to find out the answer he wanted. A year later, Yi Chi still closed his eyes tightly, and his body did not move at all. A hundred years later, Yi Chi is still sitting in the same place, but if you look carefully, you will find that there is a faint glimmer of light between his eyebrows. Ten thousand years later, the light between Yi Chi’s eyebrows is no longer faint, but has become very dazzling, even far away can see this burst of golden light. A million years later, the light between Yi Chi’s eyebrows began to move slowly downward, as if it had life and was moving towards a certain goal. A hundred million years have passed.. Another 250 million years later, Yi Chi had no light on his body and looked very ordinary. At that moment, a slight trembling sound sounded, as if something was trembling rapidly with a small amplitude. At this time, Yi Chi’s eyes suddenly opened wide, and two golden lights flashed away, as if they were hallucinations. Opening his mouth, Yi Chi raised the corners of his mouth slightly, his eyebrows, which had been tightly wrinkled, had already loosened, and the joy in his eyes was unreservedly revealed. Finally, finally succeeded! Whispered in a low voice. After spending 500 million years, Yi Chi finally understood the fifth stage thoroughly as he wished. It turned out that the reason why he had been unable to break through and find the connection point between the fifth stage and the sixth stage was that he had not really understood the changes in the fifth stage. Now that I finally understood it thoroughly, I looked at the texture of the sixth stage again, and suddenly found that it was so smooth,Carbon in Pulp, as if it happened to be connected with the fifth stage. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and Yi Chi smiled softly and locked his eyes on the statue again, when the texture of the sixth stage could not stop him.


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