Legends under the dust

However, people are directed at Chen Xi, so she can not find the bottom of the absolute will not give up, so the abuse has become a designated target of abuse, while quickly blocking in front of them. I’m so angry! Chen Xi stood still and ordered, “Slap your mouth!” Eight bodyguards formed a personal circle with their backs against the wall and began to provoke people to slap. Chen Xi was so angry that he wanted to go up, but finally he didn’t lose his mind. Knowing that his hand was too strong to kill people, it was not easy to grasp the sense of propriety. Although her bodyguards had been trained for nearly half a year, they would not slap their heads. Chapter 38 The thirty people on the opposite side had come to test, and they were going to curse a few words and use their fists and feet. A slap in the face fanned the fire and drew out the weapon, but in that place, eight people stood in a small circle with their backs to the wall, four people took turns, and thirty of them could not squeeze up at the same time. Besides, the bodyguards who had not been on the battlefield for many years could not compare with the eight bodyguards in terms of momentum and experience. The man who had been swaggering all day was beaten like this and finally took the play seriously. He blurted out the most humiliating foul language of the Cixia people: ‘The Cixia wild Fanzi who came out of Mengze’s sleep’, which finally made Chen Xi completely angry. Chen Xi stood up with a pair of sword eyebrows, his long eyes were about to stare round, his mouth was tight, and he jumped out of the defensive circle in a flash. With a knife and a hand, he grabbed the leader who was scolding and carried him into the defensive circle. At the same time,smart whiteboard price, he drank in a low voice: “Let them stop.” That woman is used to, the heart says do not think you grow handsome bit old Niang is afraid of you, struggle hard at the same time at the same time big scold: “How to scold you?”? A horse thief leader also dares to be insolent, you say you look like this, but is not Meng Ze. Ah Chen Xi smashed her shoulder blade with one hand, jumped into the crowd and began to pat people. The second young lady watched not far away. She arranged the play to see what kind of person this Zorro was, so that she could take the initiative in the later negotiations. Anyway, this is not Zisha,digital signage kiosk, not a place where horses can run, in any case Zorro dare not make a big fuss here. The second young lady never thought that this Zorro, who was much thinner than the average woman and had a more beautiful face than a handsome man, was so stunned that he didn’t care about any rules at all. Er, maybe he didn’t understand any rules, so he did it. In the face of the southerners, there is always some inferiority complex in their hearts. When they come to the south to trade, most of them are honest and cautious. Most of them will suffer a little loss, and a little friction is also to avoid trouble. There is no such person who fights without saying a word. Where did she know that Chen Xi was so mad that he had not killed anyone, and that he had already reached the limit of his patience. First look at the skill of those bodyguards is not general, eight people, besieged by thirty city guards, actually firmly in the upper hand, but also did not kill. Then the city guards showed their weapons, outdoor digital signage displays ,temperature check kiosk, and the man jumped up and flashed back into the circle. When he saw it clearly, he saw that Baitong’s right arm was soft and hanging down, and his shoulders were drooping. It was as tragic as killing a pig. The second young lady did not care about anything and hurriedly ordered the guards to call the city guards, and ordered Cuihua to hurry over and act according to circumstances. If this Zorro is really difficult to deal with, it would be better to arrest her as a hostage, perhaps also to force her family to cooperate. Chen Xi here, the guards saw the God to make adults put the voice so rough, all feel that they have no face, had to add strength, elbowing kicks, somehow also broke a few ribs, grabbed some iron. Hundreds of heavily armed city guards closed in and surrounded them. In fact, Chen Xi has long seen the galloping city defense forces, but she does not care, see them carrying knives and swords rather than crossbows and bows, she did not rush to hang up her heart. She had thrown caution to the wind, and at the worst, she blew the whistle and carried out her plan B, so that one thousand eight hundred special cavalry dressed up as all kinds of people in the city could seize the gate, and then let Mitia, who was waiting outside the city to meet her, come in with another four thousand people to burn and loot these silly southerners. Damn, there must be a limit to compromise. Do you really treat your aunt as a God? My aunt is really anxious and she is a demon! The second young lady looked here and saw the man shoot out like lightning, and then the thousand Tong became a prisoner. Hiss.. She took a breath. She herself had been practicing martial arts for many years, but she didn’t even see the man’s movements clearly. That man was really a bit evil. Then there was a hubbub, and the sound of “bang” quieted down. The second young lady blinked her eyes hard. She really didn’t see it clearly, but as soon as the man raised his hand, the floating swan fell from the sky and spilled blood in the air. My God, how did that man do it? Not to mention the knife and axe, I’m afraid the bow and arrow are useless. Cuihua heard the loud noise, saw the big bird falling, and then looked at her restaurant. The second young lady nodded and disappeared. It was estimated that she was running here. She quickly separated the crowd and squeezed into the circle. Excuse me, please, you soldier aunts, it’s the next guest inside. It’s all a misunderstanding. “Big leader, the car is our own people, it’s all a misunderstanding, the people below are not sensible, you don’t haggle with them..” Everyone inside saw that the hand, the big bird fell, is frightened, listen to the voice of Cuihua finally exhaled, the heart said you can come. The second young lady had to know Chen Xi in advance under the introduction of Cuihua. At the first sight of the meeting, she knew that she was not facing the usual Zixia people. The man’s eyes reminded her of a fierce beast. She would never roar before she jumped on her. By the time you found the danger, you were already under her claws. Whether you tore you or practiced your claws depended on her mood and whether your submissiveness could satisfy her. The second young lady took a breath of cold air in her stomach. She looked eighteen or nineteen years old, but even her mother could not take out the momentum. The two sides exchanged names,interactive whiteboard prices, and then Cuihua could not help saying that there was a misunderstanding. The fierce beast suffered a violent look in his eyes and became Zorro again. But the second young lady would never dare to test her idea. The second young lady called out the beautiful young man sitting in the car, who was said to be the nephew of the city guard, and asked him to make amends to the chief of Zorro. hsdtouch.com


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