I don’t think much about where the empress Dowager got the news. Anyway, the people in power are not well informed? Just looking at her in there to maintain the image of the smile for a long time, let me a little dumbfounded, she is really a fine, such an appearance, such an expression can also laugh for most of the day? But it’s good for her to know. I hope she can make me feel better. At least, I have to wait until the child is born. Pregnant people are the biggest and the most difficult to coax. I don’t know if other people are like this, but regret really makes my head bigger. But Why? Are you going to torture me like this? My feet seemed to be nailed to the ground and refused to move for half a minute. I used my eyes to accuse the beautiful woman who was smiling lightly. Don’t be afraid, this time I will let you take a shower and change your clothes first, so that my brother-in-law won’t know you came here, and it won’t happen again. Can not help but slightly stupefied, I said, it seems that I just wear that dress how can not find fault, why do you have to change me? Is it really premeditated? But why drag me? One of them was so careless that he was dragged into the grand brothel that I was afraid of from the bottom of my heart when I saw it. No matter how unhappy I was, I couldn’t keep a sad face. I could only straighten my face and look at the man who was laughing on one side. I kept repenting: Regret, Lan Ruo, the emperor’s order can’t be disobeyed,collapsible pallet box, but I won’t do anything else, and I’ll try not to let you know. However, after a few days, I found that God would not even let me realize such a small wish, and it seemed that God had to torture me half to death. It really makes me want to cry without tears. Chapter 67 I opened my eyes wide and couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t stay in the private room of the building. I was almost suffocated by the Rouge around me before I found an excuse to escape and catch my breath. How could the guy in front of me straighten his hand in front of me before I could figure out what had happened? Blackmail? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The prince of Prince Qing was blackmailed in the brothel by a little devil who didn’t know whether he was a boy or a man in the building? It’s true that everything will happen. There is no feeling of anger, but is he always like this? You don’t look at who the other person is,plastic pallet manufacturer, and you just stretch out your hand? If he is an arrogant and rude Lord, how will he end up? I couldn’t help looking at him carefully. It was a little dark, but the lantern hanging under the eaves behind me played a little role. It also made me see clearly that his facial features were well combined, matched with an angry look, but it also had a different style. However, when I looked at his eyes, I could see that although he was calm, there was still a trace of twinkling. Afraid? Guilty? That’s kind of interesting. Anyway, it was so stuffy inside that I didn’t know if the empress Dowager was deliberately pulling me over to see my embarrassment. Anyway, as long as I showed a little confusion, she would be very happy there. I can’t. I’ve never been to a place like this in my life. How can I be asked to be as generous as she is? Go in and tease her. It’s better to tease this interesting little bean here. In my opinion, it’s quite interesting. I said, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet supplier, do you know who I am? I opened the paper fan given to me by the Oriental Green Name, shook it, and tried to pull out a high-spirited look, which was quite impressive. I don’t know if I don’t have the potential to be a playboy, or if this boy really knows people, but after his eyes flashed twice, he looked even more angry in front of me. Today’s emperor once said that even if she broke the law, she would be punished. Now, no matter who you are, can you still be bigger than the emperor? You knocked me down. Broke my clothes, just ask you to pay for some silver and take Joe here? Are you still a woman? Oh? Still know how to use the emperor to oppress me? Good, good, such a charge thrown down, who dares to take ah? As I watched him speak, I held out my hand to explain that the skin of my hand was scratched, and pointed to my clothes to show that it was really broken. It was a little funny. When I was about to open my mouth, he took the lead. “The people who come here are either rich or noble, and they must be people who have seen the world. Your Excellency, you will know that you are not a common person. Why bother to be embarrassed with me?”? This will also lose your identity. This tone can drop eight points, but also added a sincere expression, it is really. I just said one sentence. Does he need to say it all at once? At this point, the average person will not dispute with him, right? Otherwise, I’m really afraid of losing my identity. Who would lose a few yuan in a brothel? I rolled my eyes upward, and it was the same as the intimidation and flattery! How eloquent! However, this is also quite interesting, looks like a person who has read a book. A sharp-tongued fellow. Fine! I don’t care about you. I clapped the fan in the palm of my hand, gathered the slightly surprised smile around my mouth, cleared my throat, and made a sound again. “Well, how much should I pay you?” Let me see how you open your mouth. Ah Obviously not expecting me to be so easy to talk to, he opened his mouth for a moment, paused for a while and then closed his mouth in my sneering laughter. “It doesn’t take much. I was knocked down by you and broke my hand. It only takes some money to go to the hospital and fill the medicine. This dress is not very expensive cloth, and it doesn’t take much.”. But you gave me such a fright that you must give me some money to buy something to calm me down? These add up. I didn’t speak all the time. It was up to him to say this. Maybe he didn’t hear me make a sound. Instead, his voice became smaller and smaller. In the end, he looked at me twice, bit his lip and paused for a while. Then he said to me like a strong man breaking his wrist: “You are a good man. Just give me ten taels casually.” Ten taels? And casual? An ordinary family of five can use six taels a year at most, and ten taels of silver is really enough for them to use for two years. Hey, are you sure I’m either rich or noble? I have never seen such a person who asks for money and is so righteous. I did not speak,heavy duty plastic pallet, but smiled and looked at him until I saw an uncomfortable expression on his face. But also stubborn, even did not look away, not even dodge. cnplasticpallet.com


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