Is Ceramic Coating for Your Car Worth Considering? Let’s Find Out!

There is nothing like a well-protected and expertly maintained car. After all, you spend ample time in it and your car reflects your personality. However, scrubbing your car, waxing it regularly, and constant maintenance can be a complicated process.

So, what is the best solution? You can invest in the ceramic coating in Narre Warren cost to give a long-lasting shine and protection to your car. Not only this, but a ceramic coating can also make your car a breeze to wash as contaminants on the surface rinse off.

Still, wondering whether the ceramic coating is the right option for you? Continue reading to find out!

What is Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer, typically considered a thin layer of glass coated in your car for optimal protection. When applied to a vehicle, it bonds with paint at the molecular level. This creates an additional protective layer that makes your car look appealing and low on maintenance. It is a great alternative to waxing. It gives your car a fabulous gleam of well-applied wax without constantly re-applying it.

Why Consider Ceramic Coating?

·         Do Need to Wax Again

Ever since high-class car models were released in the automotive industry, keeping your car shiny and as fresh as new has been a tedious task. For years, waxing remained a viable option for car owners looking to retain the shine and new car gleam.

But not anymore! Now, with ceramic coating, you can achieve a long-lasting shine on your car and this enhanced gloss is much better than wax.

·         Easy to Clean

Thanks to the hydrophobic ability of ceramic coating, which refers to a material that actively repels water. As this coating doesn’t bond with water, anything water-based hits your car will slide off right away. With a spray of the hose, the remaining dirt will also rinse off.

·         Protection

A ceramic coating protects your car paint to a certain extent. Obviously, it has its own limitations. You can look for a paint protection cost in Narre Warren instead for the best results. The ceramic coating still protects your car against scratches and marks, UV damage, chemical stains, etching, and damage from bugs.

·         Adds Value

If you’re planning to upgrade your car, a ceramic coating is worth the money and effort because it adds great value to your car. A person you’re selling your car to will highly appreciate a visually-appealing car with little maintenance required.

How to Apply?

Don’t experiment on your own, ask a professional to get the job done. An expert will first wash and decontaminate your car. This decontamination process includes:

·         Washing by hand with car soap and water

·         Applying a chemical spray to get rid of ferrous-based particles

·         Using clay to remove contaminants

·         Polishing the paint

After this, it’s time to apply the ceramic coating. This includes several steps:

·         Applying a specific amount of ceramic coating to an applicator

·         Wipe it across the panel

·         Let it sit for 1-5 minutes until the solvent starts to dry

·         Remove excess material

·         Examine under a good light source to ensure it is applied thoroughly

·         Cure the ceramic coating


If you want the best ceramic coating for your car, it is always recommended you call a professional. This not only will save your time but also apply professional-grade products and give you the desired results, free of blemishes. With a new shiny ceramic coating applied to your car, you will be sure to make the heads turn while passing on the road.

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