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Qin Tian smiled and said, “I’m not kidding. I’m not only going to kill him, but I’m going to kill him in half a year. Besides that, I’m going to bring you back to the outside world and let you see the most beautiful scenery in the world.” Stupid? Crazy? Is your brain fried? …… The crowd looked at Qin Tian in a daze. I was completely shocked by what he said just now. Kill the tyrant Yama of the next God in half a year? How is that possible. It’s really very difficult, otherwise it wouldn’t be a super task of SSS. Of course. Qin Tian is very bitter at this time. Has accepted the task, even if not promised there is no room for regret, can only bite the bullet to agree, but also said half a year to kill Yama’s big words, first let the people worship it again. Anyway, it is useless not to say so. If you fail to bear the punishment of hell in half a year, I am afraid you may stay in hell forever. Think of these, a chill in the heart! “The journey to hell is not the ultimate journey, is it?” “Nima, your uncle of the system, inexplicably engaged in what task ah, I was hurt by you.” …… He complained bitterly in his heart, but he laughed and laughed, as if he didn’t care about the tyrant Yama at all. I will do what I promised you. I will kill the tyrant of Yama for you. Don’t worry. Install X to install this, if do not install go down, Qin Tian feels not right. Make it bigger if you want. It’s too late to stop now. Besides, I have something to do with them now. I can’t do it without heroism. Then I went to the Red Soul and said lightly,ghana seed extract, “I need your help, and I need everyone to work together.” At such a close distance, Qin Tian could hear the heartbeat of the Red Soul. Red soul’s eyes and Qin Tian’s eyes meet, suddenly as if by electricity, the whole person is completely lost, how many years, there have been many people promised her, but the next day disappeared. He’s different. In the heart of the Red Soul,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Qin Tian is different. At this moment, her heart suddenly thought that Qin Tian must be able to kill the King of Hell, inexplicable trust, can not say any reason. The Red Soul was stunned and said, “What are you busy with? Tell me.” Qin Tian took one look at the Red Soul, then turned his eyes to the others and said, “I need you to help me collect the bad luck, hostility and evil in the corpse mountains. The more the better, the thicker the better.” “Eh?” “Don’t zombies rely on these practices?” “Are you going to be a zombie?” …… The Red Soul was also puzzled. He looked at Qin Tian and asked, “What do you want these for?” Qin Tian smiled softly and said, “Raising zombies!” “Huh?” “Raising zombies?” “Are you kidding me? Zombies can still be raised?” …… Chatter and chatter. If zombies could be raised, they would have been raised long ago, otherwise they would not be in such a mess as they are now, losing dozens of brothers. Listen to Qin Tian said that raising zombies is totally nonsense, how is it possible? If you want to kill the King of Hell, carnosic acid price ,lutein eye complex, if you want to earn enough capital to enter the ancient divine world, you must succeed. On the other hand, the evil value should also be absorbed crazily. Start from two aspects. This is the only way Qin Tian can think of to kill the King of Hell, half a year more than 90 million evil value is not a simple thing, there is a challenge to the difficulty. In order to stimulate the greatest potential in the body, Qin Tian will never shrink back in the face of challenges. The task has been accepted, there is no turning back, we can only rush forward. Be quiet and hear him out. The voice of the Red Soul sank and he said coldly and angrily. As soon as the hot temper came up, all the people around him calmed down and dared not make a sound. Qin Tian said heavily, “Don’t worry. If you want me to fulfill your elder sister’s request, you can do as I say.”. I believe that between you, except for the elder sister. Everyone hates the King of Hell. Since everyone hates him, I will kill him. And I have avenged you. “You have to believe me.” “The King of Hell will die in half a year!” He is indignant, his words are firm, and his words are bold and forceful. Wait for Qin Tian to finish. There was a sudden silence. Dozens of eyes stared at Qin Tian. There was a slight change in his eyes. A long time! “We believe in you.” “Kill the tyrant Yama.” “What are you waiting for? All go out to collect bad luck, hostility and evil.” Brothers. For the happiness of the elder sister, we have to work hard. …… More than thirty people scattered. Whether Qin Tian can kill Yan Luo or not. Will be their sustenance, the kind of spiritual sustenance, hope is better than despair, these years they have been living in despair, dare not have a glimmer of hope. Just now, their eyes became hot, rekindled the hope in their hearts, and they had spiritual sustenance again, just like faith. The Corpse Mountains are an excellent place to raise corpses. The atmosphere of bad luck, hostility and evil here is the strongest place within a radius of billions of kilometers. Qin Tian launched everyone in order to better cultivate the’blood of the stiff king ‘, lay a good foundation, let him become a stiff God as soon as possible, have godhood, defense super powerful war pet, which may be an important magic weapon for him to defeat Yama. Are you sure? All of a sudden. The red soul asked lightly. Calm down, the heart is also calm down, the brain is also thinking about this question, is he sure? So I couldn’t help asking. Are you sure? Qin Tian followed the silent recitation once, he himself said not to say, after all, did not see the power of God, do not know how powerful he is, but since the system so released the task will certainly have the possibility of completion. It may be low, but there is hope. It is impossible for him to accomplish a task that he can’t even hope for. Looked at the distance, a dark, light way: “Don’t worry, I promised a woman’s things have never been completed, will be able to succeed.” His fists clenched together. God. Can you be sure? …… Red soul looked at Qin Tian’s resolute eyes, the heart slightly rose a warm current, warm, very comfortable, warm current released,turmeric extract powder, let her feel sweet, like the feeling of happiness, I do not know why. Suddenly I’m happy.


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