“Well, almost everyone in Kaiyang Zong knows the heart of Linger.” Sad Qingsi saw Zhong Shan advised God to kill, but also nodded, as if today to promote this Taoist marriage in general. Originally, Tiansha felt depressed in his heart, but now a word of advice from Qingsi seems to add insult to injury. Shaking his head, God immediately said, “Qingsi, how can you think like that? We watched Linger grow up. How can I think about her?”? Linger is still young, and her mind is not mature enough. When she grows up, she will be able to find a Taoist companion who is a hundred times better than me. God killed a statement, for sad Qingsi, also in reason, thought about nodding no longer say more. For Tianling son, the words of Tiansha, like a sharp knife mercilessly stuck in the heart, the pillar of faith in the heart collapsed, into a kind of infinite despair. Tears, a lot of tears burst out from the red eyes, the original red face suddenly turned extremely pale, the tall image of God in the heart seemed to turn into an evil ghost in an instant, gnawing his heart. Tianling son got the answer, but the answer collapsed in the heart of faith, the collapse of faith seems to make the world collapse in general, all around black, and he also seems to be extremely dizzy, shaking to fall in general. A kind of despair like the destruction of heaven and earth suddenly came to my mind. However, when this despair came, Tianling suddenly felt a tight right hand, a hot hand grasped his right hand, from this hot hand,interactive panels for education, the emergence of an infinite force in general, quickly filled the whole body, so that some cold body suddenly hot up. Accompanied by this’power ‘into the body, Tianling son no longer feel dizzy, heaven and earth also slowly restored the light. Turned to look, but Zhong Shan did not know when suddenly stood beside him, a face of worry looking at himself. Seeing Zhongshan, Tianling’s heart was unconsciously warm. The original mood of despair seemed to suddenly disappear. The sun is still so bright, the world is not broken, everything is good, no big brother,interactive digital whiteboard, I am still me, nothing less. And Zhongshan, and my father, and Xiao Nanzi. Zhong Shan just heard the answer of God’s killing to the sad green silk, he knew it was not good, God’s killing said so, how could Linger stand it? Sure enough, Tianling son eyes instantly burst into tears, the body shook, as if to fall in general, Zhong Shan immediately came forward, one hand holding Tianling son, tightly grasp, as if to give Tianling a force in general. Sure enough, Tianling son is much better, just suddenly become pale face, also slowly have a luster, the original some empty eyes, but also quickly back to God, although there are tears, but, touch screen board classroom ,smart board whiteboard, in their own grasp of her hand, everything is in a good direction, feeling the effect, Zhong Shan hands continue to hold tightly, as if to continue to give Tianling son instill’strength ‘in general, little wonder, From now on, this invisible power will be deeply branded in the heart of Tianling forever. Tiansha said to the sad silk, saw Tianling son tears rushed out of the eyes, eyes flashed a trace of regret, but, can only harden the heart to say so, for Tianling son, Tiansha is not to say that there is no idea, but now, everything has a primary and secondary, because Tiansha heart has a big ideal, can not be destroyed because of this moment, so can only be sorry for Tianling son. See day spirit son mind lost, some trance, God kill some feel that they have done too much, but, what can that do? Just then, Zhong Shan suddenly went up and grabbed Tian Ling’er’s hand. With this grasp, Tian Ling’er seemed to come to his senses and was slowly recovering. Tiansha looked at Zhong Shan, who came forward to comfort him. Somehow, his heart suddenly became a little irritable. Looking at Tianling’s condition slowly improving, Tiansha seemed to feel that something that should have been his own was gradually leaving him, and that there was no possibility of coming back. Linger “Tiansha looked at Tianling with a worried look.”. Tianling son was comforted by Zhong Shan, has been much better, tears are no longer flowing, with a slight steaming of Zhenyuan, immediately dry. After what happened just now, Tianling seemed to have experienced a life and death, reborn and grown up. When she looked at God again, her eyes were no longer as excited as before, not to mention the despair just now. It was like a moment of great enlightenment. Everything was open. What was in front of her was only her father’s first disciple, God. I’m fine, big brother. Thank you Tianling suddenly showed a brilliant smile. Thank you? God killed some frowned at Tianling son, do not know why Tianling son suddenly changed so much, in this short moment, as if Tianling son changed a person in general. But one side of Zhong Shan, is a long breath, because Zhong Shan is now, Tianling son at the moment is not strong, but really put down. Zhong Shan’s face showed a smile, happy for Tianling son at the same time, but also gently loosened Tianling son’s right hand. As soon as Zhong Shan let go, Tian Linger suddenly felt tight in her heart, as if something had been stripped from her body. She was unwilling to grasp Zhong Shan’s palm and not let Zhong Shan let go. Zhong Shan a meal, Tianling son himself is a meal, looked down, just now he is holding Zhong Shan’s hand, his face suddenly a red, look at the four directions are staring at countless eyes, Tianling son immediately some reluctant to let go of Zhong Shan’s hand. Tianling son action to see in the eyes of heaven to kill, see Tianling son to Zhong Shan hand a grasp, heaven to kill eyebrows a pick, some unexpected to look at Zhong Shan again. At this moment, there seems to be a feeling of being defeated by Zhong Shan in front of me, how could it be? How is that possible? Shake your head and shake off the strange thought in your mind. Zhong Shan let go, the body slightly back, and at this time, the side of the black-robed Yinglan, but suddenly reached out to grasp the left hand of Zhong Shan. Zhong Shan looked at Ying Lan doubtfully. See Yinglan finger suddenly in the palm of Zhong Shan wrote up, Zhong Shan heart doubts more serious,smart board touch screen, Yinglan this is how? Look at Yinglan’s face through the brim of the black robe, and Yinglan’s face covered in the black robe is also a face of surprise and worship. On purpose? Yinglan wrote these four words in the palm of Zhongshan. PS: I have something to do today. The third one will be updated in advance. Please ask for the final recommendation ticket. Chapter 38 Ancient Qianyou Looking at Yinglan’s doubts and feeling the four words in the palm of his hand, Zhong Shan stared at Yinglan. The little girl is really noisy.


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