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Although the immortal king broke an arm bone, his ferocity was not diminished at all. He lifted his right foot and kicked the horn of the split crystal beast. At the same time, his intact left hand met the tip of the gun of Chiyou’s war soul head-on. Under the confusion of heavy flags, he hit the tip of the flagpole accurately. Then the little girl flew out upside down as if she had been hit by a train. The immortal king himself, however, was only stabbed by Chiyou’s war soul flag in a small wound on his hand. As for the fire-avoiding crystal beast, it was even more miserable. Its single horn, which was nearly a foot thick, was kicked off by the immortal king on the spot, and the blood flew more than ten meters high like a fountain. Suffering from this heavy blow, the fire-avoiding crystal beast wailed and turned into a red light and flew back to the jade pendant where he lived to recover. It seems that he will never come out again in a short period of time! And the sword madman also came to the back of the immortal king at this time, big Luo Zhou Tianshen sword flashing blue cold awn, straight to the neck of the immortal king. However, the immortal king, as if he had eyes behind his back, gently lowered his head to avoid the sword, and then struck his left fist again, intending to send the sword madman flying out. After seeing the tragic situation of Fang Qingshu and the little girl, of course, the sword madman did not dare to let the other side hit him, so she hurriedly used the imperial word to meet the attack of the other side with the sword,face recognition identification, and then rotated back to remove the strength of the other side. As a result, the sword madman was like a top, spinning hundreds of times in the air before he barely received a blow from the immortal king. At this time, we can see the different fighting styles of the three men. Fang Qingshu’s overbearing skills, although the injury is fierce, but the injury is also very heavy, the little girl’s skill is very high,information kiosk price, even if the strength difference is so great that it can still hurt the other side, and the sword madman’s big Luo Zhou Tianshen sword is the most smooth, perhaps slightly less powerful, but in self-protection is the most unique, so although she did not hurt the immortal king, But can retreat completely, this is the thing that Fang Qingshu and little wench cannot do. Although the immortal king defeated the attack of the three men in every move, he was very angry. He could not tolerate that he had been hurt by such a low-level guy. It was an insult to him. Therefore, the angry immortal king, after repelling the sword madman, would hunt down and kill the wounded Fang Qingshu. But as soon as he took a step towards Fang Qingshu, a shield of light was in front of him, and it was Joan who was holding him back. However, the immortal king did not seem to care about this kind of thing, he just very casually hit a punch, interactive kiosk price ,Interactive digital signage, easily broke the shield. With the strength of level 16, he easily defeated the shield arranged by the priest of level 18. This alone, the immortal king can be said to have created a miracle! Had she not seen it with her own eyes, Joan would not have believed that her best shield would have been defeated so easily. However, although Joan was silly, the immortal king did not hesitate at all and still rushed to Fang Qingshu. However, he was soon attacked by Zuo Ci’s flying sword. By this time, the immortal king had defeated four men in a row, and was slightly injured. Therefore, when he found Zuo Ci’s flying sword coming head-on, he knew that he was unable to fight against it forcibly, so he could only choose to dodge temporarily, and then find trouble with the other side after he had recovered his breath. Novel t-xt paradise The eighty-fifth section is fierce fighting. “How dare you damn guys hurt me!” The immortal king became angry from embarrassment and said: “I will let you die very ugly!” ” As he spoke, his right hand shook, and the broken arm bone healed directly! “No reply, boy!” Zuo Ci looked at the immortal king warily and asked Fang Qingshu. You can’t die if you devour the novel network! Although Fang Qingshu’s face was covered with sweat because of the pain, he still said stubbornly, “As long as you still have one breath, you can fight with this bastard!” As he spoke, his broken arm recovered at an amazing speed with the help of Itella’s divine power. And me! The little girl immediately said heroically, “I want to beat this bastard down!” Her injury was a little lighter than Fang Qingshu’s, and under the influence of the divine power absorbed in Chiyou’s war soul flag, she had completely recovered. “Count me in!” The sword madman also said excitedly, “Such a master is really rare. I want to have a good time!” She was not injured at all, so she was a complete fighting force. After hearing their words, Zuo Ci settled down a lot, and then immediately shouted: “Boy, the idea is prickly, I can not hold up.”. Hurry out the trick to save your life, anyway, no one can see it in this bird place! “Yes!” Fang Qingshu nodded his head heavily and then said to the immortal king ferociously, “You are a dead bastard. The tiger doesn’t show its power. Do you still think I am a sick cat?” “Humph!” The immortal king sneered disdainfully: “In my eyes, you are not even a sick cat, just a poor mole ant!” ” “Then let’s see who is the mole ant!” Fang Qingshu then roared. Itella, come out! “It’s the master!” With Itella’s reply, she, a God of level 20, suddenly appeared in front of everyone, holding a shield in her left hand and a sword in her right hand. I knew he was a great guy at first sight. Ah The first time she saw Itella’s sword madman, she could hardly imagine how such a powerful God could obey Fang Qingshu’s instructions. Even the immortal king looked shocked for the first time, though he had. A low God like Itella wouldn’t even look him in the eye, but now. With only 16 levels, he had to admit that Itera had posed a certain threat to him, after all, Itera was already a God. The gap between her and Zuo Ci and other mortals is unimaginable. Just as the immortal king was stunned for a moment, Fang Qingshu angrily sent out a call to fight: “Side by side!”! Gang fight here! With these words,facial recognition thermometer, he was the first to rush up, and the others immediately followed him, launching a stormy fight against the immortal king.


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