Hualing-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

Gu Yihong stopped crying and said, “No matter what, as long as I know, Long Fei sighed and said,” Fourth Sister, you are in a dilemma at the moment. You can’t ignore your father’s enmity, nor can you forget your teacher’s kindness. I won’t force you to say anything. ” He closed his eyes sadly and then said, “Now, today’s situation has been in the master’s calculation many years ago. At that time, he warned me not to force you anyway, because he knew your innocence and kindness very well.” The voice has not finished, the ancient leaning on the rainbow suddenly wipes the tear mark, grows up, the tender, charming face, also suddenly becomes incomparably strong. Whatever it is, I’m willing to say it! She said firmly to him, “How can you be a big brother? You are forcing me!” Long Fei sighed, “You don’t have to do this. Don’t you..” “I haven’t forgotten my relatives and enemies,” said Gu Yihong, “but.. Master worker His old man.. Already Her voice grew faint. “The old man will never die,” said Long Fei. He seemed to have great confidence at the moment. “Anyway,” said Gu Yihong, “it’s time for me to repay my teacher’s kindness.” Long Fei said,whirlpool hot tub spa, “If you hurt your brother because of this..” “I’ll try my best to resolve it,” said Gu Yihong. “Didn’t Shifu say that resentment should be resolved rather than settled?” Long Fei sighed, “What if it can’t be resolved?” “If it can’t be resolved,” said Gu Yihong, “I can only die in front of my brother and let my blood wash away the enmity between our two families.” Her voice was broken, and there was a bright light in her misty eyes. Long Fei gave a deep sigh: “If you still can’t resolve it, what should you do?” “Anyway,” said Gu Yihong, “I just want to do my best,endless pool swim spa, no matter whether I can do it or not..” She finally could not help but sigh: “I can only listen to God’s arrangement, eldest brother …” What if you were me? She looked straight at Long Fei for a long time. Long Fei suddenly stroked his beard and stood up. He looked up to the sky and said with a wild laugh, “Well, the immortal dragon has not accepted you as a disciple, and I, Long Fei, have not recognized you as a younger martial sister. It is difficult to have both loyalty and filial piety, and it is difficult to take care of both enmity and enmity. You can neither give up loyalty for filial piety, nor give up filial duty for loyalty. If a real man meets this, he will die!” With a sudden burst of laughter, he looked straight at Gu Yihong and said slowly, “If it were me, it would be the same!” Two people look at each other, each heart, all unconsciously give birth to a bit of pity! Guo Yuxia saw it in her eyes and beat a drum in her heart: “The two of them talk back and forth, and the more they talk, the more congenial they are. If things go on like this, jacuzzi manufacturers ,whirlpool bathtub, sooner or later she will tell me my privacy, but how can it be good?” It was really difficult for her to feel at ease. She wanted to take her by surprise and kill her, and she wanted to walk away regardless of everything. But when she was ready, she felt that it was best to wait and see. She looked at Shi Shen, and Shi Shen lowered his eyebrows, as if he had a lot on his mind. In this moment of silence, there was a sudden burst of laughter on the roof. A clear and bright voice laughed and said, “What a hero Han Yu! What a woman’s husband!” In the hearts of all, Qi is surprised! Long Fei snapped, “Who?” Turning his eyes, he saw a dark gray figure jumping from the top to the bottom in the sound of shouting. With a slight turn, he floated into the door. He seemed to have been on the bamboo roof for a long time, but many martial arts masters in the room did not feel his existence at all. At this moment, the posture of jumping down to the ground was so light and graceful. Everyone was even more surprised. Who is this person? Long Fei, Shi Shen, Gu Yihong, Guo Yuxia, eight eyes, staring together! w w w/xiao shu otx Chapter 5 The sun goes like smoke (1) Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Heaven Long Fei and the other four looked up and saw that the man who jumped down was tall and broad in heaven, with keen eyes. Although his face was not handsome, it was bright and cheerful. His figure was not very tall, even slightly plump, but between his hands and feet, he looked extremely sensitive and vigorous. On his slightly dark face, there was always a very bright and cheerful smile, which made people inevitably feel. It seems that all over his body, there is a kind of unrestrained vitality and enthusiasm. Smiling, he swept into the door. It was so bold and abrupt, but somehow no one in the room was hostile to him. Long Fei, in particular, intuitively had a good impression on this person at a glance, because he knew that anyone with such a bright and cheerful smile would not have evil filth in his heart. The smiling young man turned his eyes and walked straight up to Long Fei. He bowed and said, “How are you, Elder Brother?” Tone and manner, unexpectedly like the plain knowledge of Long Fei! Guo Yuxia and Shi Shen were stunned and looked at Long Fei in surprise. Gu Yihong looked up, but his face suddenly changed! Long Fei’s heart was filled with surprise. “It’s all right,” he said! Not that bad He is kind-hearted, others are respectful and polite to him, always unable to put on a face! The bright young man laughed at himself again and said, “Elder brother, I know you don’t recognize me..” Long Fei said, “It’s really..” I don’t know! The young man laughed and said, “But I know my eldest brother, and I know him even more.” His keen eyes suddenly turned to Gu Yihong. “This little sister!” Gu Yihong’s face was even more frightened. He couldn’t help but step back and said, “You..” You Shi Shen’s face sank. “Who are you?” He shouted. For the sake of the look on Gu Yihong’s face, everyone’s heart changed again at the moment, but the bright young man’s look was still calm. Who am I He laughed and said, “It’s hard for me to answer that!”! Just now, the ancient sister said that his brother had gathered a group of descendants of the enemies of the old man, and I was one of them. I had also participated in their plans to plan how to revenge. Shi Shen breathed a sigh of relief and took a step forward. “Have you ordered Cangmen?” He asked in a deep voice. Double palm lift, flat waist, between the expression, is ready to go! The bright young man laughed and said, “If you ask me who I am,endless swim spa, I’ll give you a detailed answer. If you want to interrupt again, I won’t say anything.” The stone sank and his face was as cold as water, and he was absorbed in it. He looked at the stone with a bright face.


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