How To Keep Mind Calm

5 Simple Ways How To Keep Mind Calm


5 Simple Ways How To Keep Mind Calm : In every man’s life a day comes when he just loses his shit and become Angry, Irritated, Frustrated and Want to hurt himself and many more bad things. It may be because of anything. Bad relationships, Work load, Family problems, Financial problems and many more which we can’t even think of.

First of all You’re Not Alone. There are nearly 8 Billion people in this world. Everybody is facing Problems. Everybody is suffering and that is what we call LIFE.

In this era of stress these are the 5 Simple Ways how to keep mind calm which will help you to get out of this situation which i have personally Tried & Tested.

1. Don’t Get Panic

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Calm Down. Drink Water. Just take a breathe. Look around. Surely if you have come to this stage you don’t want to share your ploblem with anybody. It is OKAY. It happens. There comes a time when you don’t want to talk to anybody. This isn’t a bad thing. You are Normal. Now we will move to this Next Step. Stay With Me.

2. Take a Deep Breath

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You have successfully completed this first step. Very Good. Now i want you to do a second thing. It is not hard. Just TAKE A DEEP BREATH. You have to stop releasing the stress hormones. I know but this is the part of the Human Body. Trust me and Just Do it.

Take a long breath through your Nose and Slowly Release it. Just do it 3 Times, That’s Fine. Calm Down.

3. Drink Some Water

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You Don’t Want To Face Anybody, I get it, Fine. But then you will have to take care of yourself. You can not do it both ways. Taking care of your body is as important as Charging your Phone. You Can’t use it without charging then how do you expect your body to keep moving without taking care of it?

Just have a Glass of water and then we will go to the next step

4. Think of the Solution

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What happens when something bad happens? Which we surely didn’t wanted to happen, But Life doesn’t ask when it gives you a problem. Take it as a Question of Mathematics. It gives you a problem and you solve it. You may not give a correct answer everytime, Yes. But you will get to know a wrong answer and You won’t try it again. Right? So does that mean you get one wrong answer and you can never be correct? NO. You give it another try and then another try and so on until you get the answer you wanted. Same way, Think of your problem and think of an answer. It is hard, I know But Come ON, Is there Problem that does not have a Solution? No. You Just have to find a Correct answer.

Now i will tell you the Most Important Thing.

5. Sleep and Have Some Rest

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So have you thought about your solution? Did you find the answer? Yes or No? Your answer may be anything. But let me tell you my friend. You need to sleep now. Just take some rest. Why? I will tell you. If you have not think of a solution, It may be because you can’t concentrate right now. That is fine. It’s normal. You get a lot of time in your sleep and when you get up your concentration ability increases, It’s as simple as that.

If you have found your solution, Congratulations. You have got atleast something. It may be hard. But atleast you have an answer. Now just write it down somewhere. Come on you can do it. Next step is now you need to sleep and give yourself and your thought enough time. It will be fine Soon.

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