How to arrange items

In principle, when moving a house, you should not use an oversized cardboard box, and it is not recommended to pack it too heavy or too full. The weight should be controlled at about 30 pounds, so that you can exit the door or stairs smoothly. Cutlery or other fragile items should generally be wrapped in old newspapers and marked as fragile items on the outside of the box, so that the moving company can handle them carefully. Books are recommended to be put directly into the carton to avoid damage. If you have a lot of clothes, consider using a vacuum compression bag to save space.


This mini-audio or small home appliances can be packaged softly and put into cartons. If it is some large home appliances or furniture, do not pack them by yourself. You should hand over these pieces to a professional relocation company. Remember to remove the electrical connection cable, the editor also strongly recommends that you write down the connection method as a memo. Remember to choose a professional and responsible 搬屋公司, or you will regret it.


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