Hey Snapchat Generation – Own Your Future

Young people have the power to shape not only their future, but their current situation.

If you haven’t lived under a rock, you know Michelle Obama gave a 21st century speech, as the Huffing ton Post tweeted:

“This is Michelle Obama’s world. We just live in it.”

But take a moment to wipe away your tears (I know you did) and decipher what that means. It was a message to her children and all children. snapchat downloader made many promises, and their choice is to enable them to deliver on that promise, to have a leader who will guide and deliver a brighter future.More inspiring lines of her speech In one of her shows, she was able to make the impossible possible, break “the tallest, most solid glass ceilings” and children “began to take for granted what women can do.” Told. become President of the United States. ”

These are lofty words, but they sound true. Children, children and young people are truly full of possibilities. They are like cliches. Let’s do this for the next generation, they say. Or, in another pop culture reference, Game of Thrones, they have a reason to wage wars and burn cities down.

Of course, these are all good reasons. From another angle, however, the youth here seem to be merely “objects” or reference points. That is, the inactive part of the equation. If we reverse this, young people can become agents of change. You can take action and get results. now.

There is no better example than an election. In Japan, the same youth elections a few weeks ago helped Prime Minister Shinto Abe win a majority in the House of Councilors. People in their teens to his early twenties have felt the benefits of Genomics and job creation, and have come to support the Abe government in the first general elections for many of Japan’s young people.

Across the pond, the Brexit debacle has sparked debate about the role of young people in the outcome of the EU referendum. Many were told not to blame the younger generation for not running for Remain and not blame the older generation for ruining their future. However, this was debunked shortly after Election Day when a London School of Economics study found that young people actually voted, with more votes for holidays.

Young people snapchat video downloader the power to shape not only their future but also their current situation. For this reason, ADB is calling on young people, especially those between the ages of 18 and 25, to express themselves and share their ideas for better transport. Through videos under 3 minutes, students can shine a spotlight on the mobility issues that plague them. For example, the fear of going home after an evening class to avoid the hassle, or the reduced quality of life due to traffic jams at that time of day. Intended for sleeping, studying, or spending time with family. Or a solution that makes your daily journey or someone ease’s trip easier.


Called Are We There Yet, this video contest for teens is a word game we often hear from kids and toddlers eager to reach their goals. In this contest, we adults and traffic experts ask you the question – are we there yet? Have we reached the point where intercourse helps us live or hinders our development? Atmosphere Do you think transportation is being adversely affected by pollution, rising emissions, road deaths, etc. Or are these just concepts irrelevant to millennial?


I think you’re saying a lot more than just because Snapchat numbers are growing. But more importantly, young people can do a lot. Submitting a video entry is one way. Winners present their ideas on the international stage. Perhaps industry insiders, NGO staff, or government officials will be open to your proposal.


But there’s more than that. We invite you to rethink transportation and redefine the way we travel. Invent solutions, raise awareness or use your bike for short distances. In India, Arjuna Markup went one step further. After the cyclone hit Chennai, when he was only 12 years old, he worried about finding his parents waiting at home, asking parents and guardians where the school bus was and whether their children were on the bus. I decided to develop an app that will always let you know what’s going on. Bus and how long it takes for the bus to go home. In 2012 he received an award from MIT. Eventually, he also developed a personal security app for women and young girls. Click here!



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