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No one knew that the old captain had practiced this set of axes but this was also a matter of recent years Old Wei Chi seldom used “Xuan yuan Nu axe” not because he was afraid that others would know but because he was still not satisfied with the use of this set of axes But now Nangong Crane is burning his anger which is in line with the gist of the word “anger” in the axe method Under the outbreak of anger “Xuanyuan Angry Axe” was brought into full play This is what Nangong Crane expected in any case When anyone is burning with anger he will inevitably make mistakes But this is the beauty of “Xuan yuan Nu Axe” Although anger can lead to mistakes when using this set of axes the power of the axe is enough to make up for all mistakes Therefore when others see more mistakes the power of this set of axes is even greater like a flash flood out of control Nangong Crane is a killer with rich experience in killing people but this time he was deceived He was not taken in by others but by himself Old Wei Chi is full of murderous look His whole body was surrounded by his murderous look and anger and even he did not know that his appearance had become so terrible Nangong Crane’s face changed miserably He seems to have fallen into a bottomless pit He tried to climb out But it is falling deeper and deeper He is known as the “Flying Devil with a Thousand Hands” but now he seems to be Chemicals a chicken under the eagle’s claws Old Wei Chi fought more and more bravely and Nangong Crane simply had no power to fight back But at the time when the old captain’s attack was the most fierce he suddenly let out a terrible cry and blood spurted wildly from his mouth The sea is floating and the eight-legged cat looks at each other in horror Although the eight-legged cat was poisoned by a needle and was about to fall into a state of confusion he still saw behind the old Wei Chi a middle-aged man with a cold face and a brocade robe Hai Piao Jiao shouted “Who is doing this in secret” The man in brocade robe smiled coldly “It’s the Sect Leader” “What gang leader” “Strong Qin Sect Leader!” Old Wei Chi’s blood was churning and his angry eyes were wide open Old Qin! Hello Poison Qin Daguanren fixed his eyes on Haipiao and said in a certain word “No poison no husband hey!” Old Wei late in the most fierce offensive suddenly by the Qin Daguanren behind the sudden split a palm of course the situation is greatly in favor of Nangong crane As Nangong Crane breathed a sigh of relief two poisonous needles burst into Lao Wei Chi’s throat As soon as his hand was raised the old captain knew that he was going to cast a hidden weapon again Old Wei late body in the Qin high official behind a palm they already know today only desperate He suppressed the churning Qi and blood and used his two axes like flying and the “Xuan yuan Nu Axe” rushed straight to the Nangong Crane like a flash flood Old Wei Chi’s devil axe always goes forward forever He knew that under the attack of the two top masters of the Qiangqin Gang China Factory there would be no reason for regeneration Not only is the attack more violent but it is also more and more fierce If you’re going to die why don’t you find someone to go with you His decision was quick and he stopped thinking about whether he could live longer Therefore when two poisonous needles burst into his throat he did not dodge but also took advantage of the situation to strike the Nangong Crane with an axe The poisonous needle had pierced the old captain’s throat but his two axes were still waving In a flash Nangong Crane shot another poisonous needle at the old Wei Chi who was tottering in the frenzy He will never retreat let alone fall in front of his opponents In the face of a blue and shining poison needle he still did not dodge Qin Daguanren looked at the old Wei Chi who was fighting like a mad tiger and could not help sighing Just then the old captain late Xuanyuan angry axe thirteen strokes of the last move the day has been used axe shadow flash double axe faint sound of wind and thunder straight to the south palace crane No one can escape this move and Nangong Crane is no exception Nangong Crane’s flying and superb arms were still trembling on the ground at this time Nangong Crane may not believe that the “Flying Devil with a Thousand Hands” has been removed from Jianghu When the second killer of the strong Qin Gang was dying he did not understand how the dying old captain could kill him Old Wei Chi’s eyes were wide open and he fell down slowly The old captain died late The thousand-handed flying demon “Nangong Crane” is also dead Qin Daguanren did not know when to leave Heaven and Minerals & Metallurgy earth are dead silent There was the same dead silence in Xixiangyuan Many of the peach blossoms in the garden have withered The sea floated all over the old captain’s body and could hardly find half a place without poisonous needles But it is rarely so clean The old captain was so clean when he died late If he was not very naughty when he was young he must be the treasure that adults like No one in Jianghu knows how Fang Sha forced back the challenge of Huo Shisandao Even Lang Rutie who personally cut off Huo Shisan’s hands holding the knife did not know the secret inside Huo Shisandao has disappeared from Jianghu again He never shows mercy to the people he wants to deal with He is a real killer not a hero in Jianghu As long as he can achieve his goal he will not hesitate to be vicious to himself Hero Gun Lang Rutie has now become a strong enemy that the strong Qin Gang is eager to kill Qin Daguanren has always exterminated his opponents and the realization of this principle has never hesitated Therefore Fang Sha stood coldly on the road facing the arrival of Lang Rutie In the past three hundred years in Jianghu how many people are really the best No one is truly invincible Hero Gun Lang Rutie is not an invincible hero in the world He is still moving forward in the face of the long-awaited ruthless first killer in Jianghu He knew that the truly invincible master was not like this even more than a hundred years ago More than a hundred years ago Jianghu swordsman Fan Zhongshi was invincible in the world In the past 30 years he has met many strange people in the world All the masters have never been defeated and even no one has ever been able to draw The four words “invincible in the world” are not his boast but a fact recognized by everyone in Wulin But more than a hundred years ago I didn’t think Fan Zhongshi was terrible trade-global.com


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