He is the only one in my world.

Add description for youYu Yu raised his lips and was just about to raise his hands to applaud when he heard a loud cry from not far away: “Hey, be careful.” As soon as she looked up, she saw a basketball hitting her face. Yanyu was stupefied at first, and when he remembered to hide, the basketball was almost in front of him. She subconsciously avoided, but did not expect to suddenly have a purple and golden figure in front of her. Yanyu was hugged full, breathing the smell of his body, his body was hot, his chest was wet, and when her cheek was pressed against his chest, she felt a little damp. With a dull bang, the two men were hit by the basketball and took two steps back. Next to the playground was a piece of grass. It had just rained two days ago, and the grass was still wet. It was said that when he retreated to the grass, his high-heeled shoes stepped into the mud, his body’s center of gravity fell back, and he did not stop with Jiang Jingcheng. Fortunately, after the world was spinning, Yan Yu was held in his arms and turned around, and he fell down firmly. Yan Yu lay on top of him, both of them panting a little. Behind him was Tao Yi’s scolding voice: “How many of you play without eyes?” She was ready to get up, but her waist was tightly strangled by Jiang Jingcheng’s palm. She couldn’t get up. She waved her hands in midair a few times, which was very funny. Jiang Jingcheng lay on the grass, watching her movements, and suddenly laughed. Originally,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he was very grateful to him from the bottom of his heart, and he helped him out and didn’t let her fall down in public. Suddenly the words were quiet. After a moment, she looked at him steadily and said softly, “Brother Xiaocheng, you have hit me.” Top, to, me.. Jiang Jingcheng’s face sank immediately, his face was as black as iron,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and the whole person lifted the metaphor and left. Yan Yu was thrown onto the grass by him. He was so frightened that Han Yao quickly held her up and asked, “What’s wrong with brother Xiao Cheng?” Yan Yu curled his lips, probably because he was frightened by her. The corners of her mouth curved. It turned out that she would be so happy to molest him before. When Jiang Jingcheng left without looking back, there was a car parked on the side of the road, which was Han Jingyang’s car. As soon as the car stopped, the co-driver got down alone, girl. When Han Jingyang came over with people, Yan Yu was patting the soil on her body, thinking that thanks to her change of clothes before, she was now wearing trousers. Yan Yan, “Han Jingyang shouted in surprise, but she was also there.”. Yan Yu looked up and saw the girl standing beside him, who was in the green willow that night. After being introduced to each other, the girl was Su Li, a cousin of Han Jingyang, who had just come to Beijing from Shanghai to develop. She is wearing a green dress today, and her fair skin suits her. Suri looked at the crowd generously and said with a smile, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic metal welding, “I often come to my cousin’s house, but I’ve never met anyone.” With that, she blinked at Yan Yu and said softly, “Miss Yan, are you all right?” Yan Yu nodded faintly as a response. Han Yao and Tao Yi, who did not know the whole story, took a look at them. Han Jingyang was a little regretful and brought Su Li over. He did not expect to say that he had returned to the courtyard today, and now he could only be glad that Jiang Jingcheng was not there. As soon as he finished thinking about it, Su Li was so sharp-eyed that he shouted out: “Brother Xiao Cheng.” Jiang Jingcheng came back with wet hair. It could be seen that he had gone to wash his face. Not only was his hair all wet, but his chest Jersey was all wet. Han Jingyang’s heart missed a beat, but I didn’t expect him to be there. Everyone saw that Su Li was so familiar with him, and their minds were different. Jiang Jingcheng was the calmest one. He nodded at her and asked, “Are you still fighting?” So the game continued, and Han Jingyang stood aside with the two girls. Su Li has a lively personality, and he stood quietly and shyly cheered Jiang Jingcheng all the time. When she was tired of shouting, she caught a glimpse of the words around her. In fact, from the first time she saw Yan Yu, she had a sense of crisis. She was so beautiful. She already thinks she is a beauty, but if she really wants to compare with words, she really has to be convinced. So she seemed to chat unintentionally: “Did you and brother Xiaocheng know each other very early?” Yan Yu looked at the inquiry in her eyes and nodded slightly as a response. Do you know what kind of girl he likes? Handsome and manly, which girl can withstand his eyes. Su Li’s question has a profound meaning, both to show his interest in Jiang Jingcheng, the intention is to warn. She’s obviously confident in herself. Suddenly, Yan Yu grinned. Embarrassed by her laughter, Su Li glanced at her and asked, “Do you want to know?” Of course, Su Li nodded unconsciously. Yan Yu looked at the people in the stadium for a long time, and then she thought she was not going to say anything. Her eyes turned back and fixed on Su Li. That’s what he likes about me. Chapter 11 Suri was dumbfounded. Even Han Jingyang, who had heard it by accident, looked at Yan Yu in surprise. For Yu Yu, he still stays in the impression of six years ago, soft and sweet little girl, silent, protected by Jiang Jingcheng like what. Even Meng Xinan, his own brother, Jiang Jingcheng could catch someone and beat him up if he treated her a little badly. Han Jingyang looked at her, in fact, her appearance is more mature, her face has been completely without childishness, soft oval face, delicate and moving facial features, at the moment looks ordinary, but there is a kind of indescribable indifference. Even he was stunned by the sight. But after Su Li came to his senses, the original determination to win in his heart was suddenly dispelled by half. It’s not that she’s not confident enough, it’s the way she looks. Those clear eyes, when looking at her, she felt guilty for no reason. Fortunately, Su Li turned his head in time. At the moment, there was a fierce struggle on the court. Tao Yi’s skill was general. It was Jiang Jingcheng who attacked the main attack. He turned sideways, patted the ball in his hand, and used his broad shoulder to support the invasion of Meng Southwest. Even if it’s just an ordinary game, the concentration and seriousness on his face are fascinating. Su Li is a little unwilling,ultrasonic dispersion machine, biting his lip, just want to speak. But Yan Yu spoke before her, and she really reminded her: “Don’t waste time.” 。 fycgsonic.comr Article from here.


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