Google AdWords services

 we’ve been a paid search marketing agency focused on Google Ads management – boosting paid search conversions by more than485%. We use our experience to apply proven ad management strategies, by sigbl increasing conversions and decreasing costs per conversion. Make the most of your Google Ad spend today

  1. A Google Partner agency certified in Google Ads, display, and Google shopping

  2. Weekly meetings & detailed monthly reporting

  3. E-Commerce Google Ads strategies focused on sales & leads

Google Ads campaign management services for smaller budgets

Our managed services for Google search advertising are ideal for SMBs looking for affordable service with no long-term contracts. We power your sales by bringing potential customers to your site every day and keeping your cost per click as low as possible

What is PPC management?

PPC management is the process of managing a company’s PPC strategy and budget. With PPC ad management, you order your campaign in-house or use a PPC agency. No matter who works on your campaign, PPC management focuses on creating and optimizing your PPC campaign



Why is PPC management important?

PPC campaign management is important because, with proactive management of your campaigns, your business can make strategic, data-driven decisions that improve your pay-per-click performance and return on investment.

Keywords analysis

An essential component of PPC campaign management is keyword analysis. It involves choosing the right keywords for your ads, like when launching a PPC campaign on Google. Key terms and phrases trigger PPC ads to appear in search results. You need to choose the right keywords to help your ads appear in relevant search results. With PPC management, you’ll conduct keyword research to find related key terms for your ad.

Channel Targeting 

When you ask, “What is PPC management?” many people will say it’s the process of managing ads in Google search results. While search ads are the main type of PPC ads, they aren’t the only ones.



Competitive analysis

Whether you do your PPC campaign management in-house or partner with a PPC company, you’ll perform a competitive analysis. Your competition will run PPC ads, so you must keep tabs on what they’re doing so you can outperform them. The competitive analysis involves monitoring:

  • Bid amounts: Keep tabs on how much your competition bids on PPC ads to see if you can optimize your bids to get more from your budget.

  • Keyword selection: Your competition may target keywords you haven’t discovered yet. While you shouldn’t copy all your competition’s keywords, it can help you find new keyword ideas for your campaign.

  • Ad copy: Along with keywords and bid amounts, you’ll want to analyze ad copy. If you’re bidding on the same keyword, you can look at your competition’s ad copy to see if they’re doing something more effectively that allows them to get better placement and better results.

Grow your business with Google Ads

Are you struggling to grow your business? Has your phone stopped ringing? Information and services are now so easily accessible online that it’s extremely important to be showing up on search engines like Google. With Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you can show up right in front of your customers when they need you the most.

Attract more quality leads with Google Ads.

You might be asking yourself whether you really need Google Ads. Well, the answer to that question is that if your customers are looking for you online, then yes, you need to be using Google Ads!


Without a consistent flow of quality leads coming in, your business would be unable to grow. A Google Ads campaign managed by our Google Certified experts will target and attract new, high-quality traffic to your website. At Gordon Digital, we use our expertise in customer intent to ensure your ads only show for people who are genuinely interested in your services and are likely to be in the right stage of the buying cycle to become valuable customers.


Use PPC marketing to attract the customers you want.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a type of paid advertising where you only pay when people actually click on your ad.

That means you’re only paying for real results. Whether you’re directing someone to your website, inviting them to contact you, or showing them a link to a product, the people who click on your ads are interested in your business. Depending on what you want to achieve, it’s possible to build PPC campaigns that give your business a real boost. If you want to drive sales, attract new leads or encourage people to buy and convert, PPC campaigns can get you there.



PPC is a common payment model in digital marketing. It’s not just limited to Google either – you can find PPC options on other popular platforms like Facebook. Depending on your advertising budget and goals, PPC can be used to attract real customers that are interested


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