Flash marriage, major’s wife

“Kangkang, are you calling me stupid?” Asked Su Xiaoning. Kang Xin smiled cheerfully: “No, my little Ningning, that is the most lovely little Ningning, hey, well, I don’t talk to you, I have to pack up and go to war.” Two people said don’t hang up the phone, Su Xiaoning’s heart is full of mixed feelings, really worried about Kang Xin, Kang Kang this person, the mouth said again heroic, but in the bone, is a little woman, she will be so easy to put down. There are thousands of kinds of happiness, sorrow autumn is also thousands of kinds, she is not the most annoying? After lunch, I stayed until I went to work in the afternoon. At noon, as usual, I talked to Qiao Dongcheng on the phone and chatted a few words. Qiao Dongcheng said that he would not go back in the evening. There was a meeting these days, which would take a long time. A pile of materials were prepared. Sometimes, she felt that Qiao Dongcheng was not relaxed, saying that it was some boring information, and so on. But in fact, those were all to be read with heart. She had seen the big man’s speech on TV, which was not a manuscript. The meeting was also like that. Everyone could imagine that Qiao Dongcheng’s head melon seeds,rapid sand filters, I don’t know how many things to remember in a day. Thinking like this, men are a little more tired than women. So the lock thing at home, she still can do it, just like Qiao Fei’s thing, if Qiao Dongcheng knew, I do not know how annoying it would be. Work, the same, but Wu Zhanyang specifically asked her to Qiao Fei’s fetal boxing class is not reported. Su Xiaoning was stupefied, forgot this thing: “Do not have, how do you know?” She just asked casually. Wu Zhanyang did not say,rapid sand filters, in fact, he is really the coach over there, these two days specially went to the children’s class to see, but did not see Su Xiaoning, a query, there is no one named Su Xiaoning to bring children to sign up, so asked. Throw a membership card to Su Xiaoning: “Take this card, annual card, 50% off, you can go to the gym if you have nothing to do.” Su Xiaoning looked at it in a daze: “Such a good thing, 50% off?” Wu Zhanyang twitched at the corners of his mouth. Damn, that’s limited. The person who runs this gym is also a friend of his. That card is limited. No more than ten cards are issued. It was given to several friends when it opened. He never used it. He saw it yesterday and brought it to Su Xiaoning. This may be a happy thing today. When I got home in the afternoon, I gave the card to Qiao’s mother. Qiao Fei is on holiday now. Qiao’s mother is also at home. Let Qiao’s mother take Qiao Fei when she is free. Qiao Fei was so happy that he looked at the card and said, “Mommy, Mommy, I’m in the same place with Xie Zixuan. I remember he also has such a card.” Su Xiaoning was stunned, this she really did not expect, have to say, MBR reactor ,Belt Filter Press, her family Qiao Fei and Xie Zixuan is really predestined, Qiao Fei then excitedly said: “I don’t know if Gu Xiaoxi will also learn there.” Su Xiaoning rubbed his broken hair and said, “Qiao Fei, you don’t really have a crush on a little girl.” Qiao’s mother disapproved: “Xiaofei, we can’t have puppy love, you know. We should study hard.” Su Xiaoning also opened his mouth and said, “Make progress every day.” Su Xiaoning and Qiao’s mother smiled at each other, which made Qiao Fei a little embarrassed to run back to his room to do his homework, and the laughter of his mother-in-law and daughter-in-law came from the living room. Mom, where is Dongyang? I remember I didn’t see Qiao Dongyang when I came back. Oh, your uncle Zhao sent someone to take him to see the studio. As she spoke, Qiao’s mother fiddled with the bouquet on the table, this time pink gladioli. Su Xiaoning smiled and said, “Mom, this flower will not be sent by Uncle Zhao again.” Qiao Mu also laughs: “Yes, I and Shu Hong like this flower actually.” Sometimes like this, the two sisters fight again and again, in fact, it is also because the preferences are too similar, and they are too strong. The day passed like this. I took a bath early in the evening and went to bed, thinking about getting the report tomorrow. I didn’t dare to talk to Qiao Dongcheng on the phone at night. Fortunately, Qiao Dongcheng was still working overtime and didn’t hear anything, so Su Xiaoning fell asleep early. One night, it was full of dreams, in which Qiao Fei was crying, Qiao’s mother was crying, she was also crying, all crying and tears, and then all laughter and tears, which made her wake up early with a pair of panda eyes. When I woke up, I called Qiao Dongcheng: “Husband, I didn’t sleep well last night, and I can have panda eyes.” Qiao Dongcheng just got up and ran around and came back: “Haha, I miss my husband so much that I can’t sleep.” With a low laugh, he sat down, poured himself a glass of water, and drank two mouthfuls. Su Xiaoning originally wanted to say that she was dreaming, but later she didn’t say: “Yes, I just miss my husband. What’s wrong? Hum ~ ~ ~” Not to mention, when Qiao Dongcheng was here, she slept very well. Hey, habit is really a terrible thing. ” Hey hey, little baby, my husband also misses you very much. If you don’t believe me, you can check it when you go back. “Qiao Dongcheng’s voice came over with an evil smile.”. Su Xiaoning, who had not yet met the purpose of his visit, asked foolishly, “What are you checking for?” Qiao Dongcheng said something softly with a low smile. Su Xiaoning’s hands were hot across the phone, and his face turned red. He scolded angrily: “Major Qiao, can we be normal and sunny?”? What are you thinking about early in the morning? This man is really necrotic, early in the morning to say such shameful words, causing her voice to tremble, fortunately is talking on the phone, did not let Qiao Dongcheng see her blush. Haha, wife, you’re blushing and your heart is beating. “What else does Qiao Dongcheng want to say? Su Xiaoning shouted:” Well, well,lamella tube, I’m going to get up. I won’t talk to you. ” Shit, if your heart doesn’t beat, you can’t die. This Qiao Dongcheng is really necrotic. He is a big bad guy. khnwatertreatment.com


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