Flame amber

Guan Ningxi said eagerly, “I don’t want you to give birth to a child, but I want you to help me urge my grandson to have a wife.” “How old is he?” It would be better to help with the baby, she thought. Thirty-four years old. Come on, I’m only thirty-four. There are a lot of single nobles now, and it’s not too late to regenerate in a few years. No, he hasn’t had a girlfriend. I’m afraid he’s gay. What should I do? “Then our family will be in his hands.” My God! This is also worth his trouble, can not stand the mentally retarded old ghost, she helplessly rolled her eyes. What do you want me to do? Genius has messed up the antenna. You go and ask him to get married. Guan Ningxi is very mentally retarded. Purple Amber made a deep breath: “Your grandson is so good, I call him to get married, then I call him to die, he also obediently to die?” “How can you ask him to die? He is the last blood of our Guan family.” The old man’s “young nature” is hard to say. ” She was joking. The ancestor could not bear to watch, so he had to make a sound. Purple girl, I think you should take care of it! Grandpa Zi shook his head. I know. Just force his grandson to get married. Bad fate, oh, met a pestering mentally retarded ghost, if I had known, I would have listened to Chubby’s words and moved away. Hello! Old man Guan, what’s your grandson’s name? Guan Ningxi was overjoyed and said, “Guan Jie.” “Where he works now!” “Oh..” Ou what again. Guan Ningxi couldn’t think of coming for a moment. Ares Computer Software. Purple father answered for him. That’s right! Yes, that’s the company. It’s obviously Chinese. What’s the foreign name. Computer? We didn’t have a computer at that time. It was good to have an abacus. Purple amber hands cover ears,Amber Dropper Bottles, less noise pollution, now the program will be delayed to complete. I’m sorry, Lao Yan, it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the old ghost. Since you can’t find the old one to vent your anger, then find the young one to vent your anger! Grandfather’s debt and grandson’s repayment, God’s justice, Guan Jie, Guan Jie! You’re going to die! Her eyes gleamed with vengeance. Purple amber slippers, wearing half-length faded old jeans, a T-shirt stained with paint, oil dropper bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, a pair of nearly thousand-degree myopic glasses on his face, and a ponytail tied casually, appeared at Ares Computer Software Company. Which floor is Guan Jie on? She patted the counter vigorously and asked. Because already had precedent, so bar clerk asks politely: “Is the young lady Interpol?” “*** your detective. What floor is he on?” I.. I The waiter was shocked by her awesome momentum. Say Purple amber hand blade split, the counter cracked a crack from top to bottom, very neat. Ten The tenth floor. The waiter stared at the crack and said. Very good If she gets the answer, she doesn’t have to spend it here. As soon as she got to the tenth floor, the secretary said that there was someone in the president’s office and asked her to wait a moment, but Purple Amber, who deliberately came to make a scene, could not listen. She raised her right foot and kicked it, and flew out with her slippers. Guan Jie and his subordinates were discussing the direction of the computer in this issue. Suddenly, the door was kicked open. A purple thing with a small hairball on it flew over. He picked it up and saw that it was a woman’s slipper. Give me back my shoes. Purple amber came in one high and one low, and directly put the jade feet that had lost their shoes on the table. Put your feet down. The director of the R & D department said seriously. Purple Amber ignored him and just stared at the man holding her lovely slippers. Help me put it on. Guan Jie looked at the little girl in a funny way. She looked only sixteen or seventeen years old, but she was so domineering that she dared to ask him to help her put on her shoes. Unbridled? Whose child are you? You are so impolite. Manager Guo of the R & D department saw that she was making a lot of trouble and wanted to pull her out, but when he reached out, he was sprained by a backhand buckle. Help me put on my shoes. Purple Amber ordered rudely. Guan Jie’s smile disappeared. The girl’s temper was so bad that she didn’t know how her parents taught her. Although she thought so, she naturally put her shoes on her lovely feet. He wanted to take a big bite. As soon as Purple Amber put on her slippers, she asked the people present who was Guan Jie with a smile, and her sweet smile almost made people forget her ferocity just now. I’m Guan Jie. Guan Jie waved everyone out. Damn it, you are Guan Jie. Purple Amber flew across the table, clutching his collar at an amazing speed. A faint fragrance of grass came to his face, and Guan Jie couldn’t help being intoxicated. It smells good. Purple Amber thought she had misheard. What did you say “You smell so good.” “What’s wrong with you?” Grandpa is mentally retarded, and her grandson is no better. She’s probably wrong. Do you feel uncomfortable lying on your stomach like this? Guan Jie can see her beautiful scenery without a corset from her big T-shirt. Lunatic Purple Amber felt that she had really made a big mistake. What can I do for you? She let go of his collar and sat directly on his desk. If you look at it from the outside, the scene is very ambiguous, a little level eight. You’re Guan Jie, aren’t you? She had to double check so she wouldn’t make a mistake. Yes, my name is Guan Jie. “Your father’s name is Guan Shangyu, and your mother’s name is Miao Qian, a foreigner?” “That’s right.” “You should be blue.” Whoa! What beautiful eyes. In order to confirm his blue eyes, Purple Amber took off his flat glasses and couldn’t help touching his eyes and face for a moment. Oh! How soft the touch of this hand is, this is a woman’s hand, Guan Jie raised his face and let her touch it on his face, what a satisfying touch. He did not notice that his big hand was covering her little hand. Pow! A round of applause rang out. How can you touch my hand shamelessly! Guan Jie was not angry, he was surprised that he did not have a rash, and touched her little hand did not feel uncomfortable,Serum Bottle With Dropper, only a desire for more emptiness, he wanted to prove more. Not only will I touch your hand, but I will kiss you. “What?”? You “Well..” 。 penghuangbottle.com


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