It’s critical to make an intelligent, strategic selection when it comes to selecting a management system for your self-storage business. After all, the ideal solution must enable day-to-day activities easier to accomplish or perhaps automate, allowing you to concentrate on other elements of your company.

Automatic lead collection, autopay, e-sign, system integrations, and many other features are available in today’s self-storage management applications, all of which help employees and customers have a more seamless experience. The problem for facility owners is determining which software system is most suited to their needs. There are numerous solutions open to you. Let’s go over some essential elements that can assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Whether you’ve had a self-storage facility for a long time or are just getting started or buying your first one, you’ll need the right software. Yes, you can manage your firm on “pen and paper,” but the benefits of today’s software are too good to pass up, especially because your competitors are almost certainly utilizing a robust system.

RentCubo is one of the best and leading self-storage management software development companies and this blog is to help you understand the important features of self-storage management software that you cannot miss.

What is Self-Storage Software?

Property managers utilize self-storage software to use dynamic site maps, monitor empty and leased storage units, approve facility access, implement digital signatures, handle payments, and automate billing. Customer relationship management (CRM), finance, task management, and analytics tools are frequently directly integrated with this type of software. Customers can access and manage their accounts using a client portal, which is standard among self-storage products.

Advantages of Self-Storage Software

Self-storage software is known to offer a plethora of advantages to business owners and self-storage managers in operating and managing it in the most efficient manner. We have listed a few of them.


  • Automation of manual tasks:


Self-storage software helps businesses save time and eliminate data input errors by automating manual procedures like payment and online application processes. Users can update their profiles and set up automated, recurring payments through a client portal, which provides even more automation.


  • Better control of accessibility:


Self-storage needs to be secure since users might store anything from the least to the most valuable items. It is for this reason users can create passcodes to ensure secure facility access, and the application will track visitors to ensure that only authorized individuals have access.


  • Track and record business performance:


Self-storage software products provide users with dynamic, color-coded maps that provide a full overview of the facility and indicate the availability and status of each storage unit. These solutions also include reporting options that allow customers to keep track of key performance indicators for their rental business, such as rental prices, unit occupancy, average storage length, market considerations, and more.

How does RentCubo’s Self-Storage Management Software Work?

RentStorage is a self-storage application of RentCubo that allows self-storage space providers to register and list their self-storage spaces for rent to individuals who are interested in renting them. During the registration process, service providers must upload a photo of themself as well as the property they desire to offer. After that, the administrator verifies the photograph and the information provided before deciding whether or not to approve the application.

Once approved, service providers can add extra information to the storage space listing, which will appear on the website and applications of the self-storage management software. Users can then select the appropriate sort of storage for their needs and pay for it. If the option is set to manual mode, service providers can decide whether or not to accept the request after a successful payment.

Features of RentCubo’s Self-Storage Management Software


  • Central Dashboard:


RentStorage offers a single and fully centralized dashboard. With the help of this unified dashboard of the self-storage software, service providers can add, remove, edit, and manage many self-storage facilities and all of their capabilities.


  • Inventory Management:


An efficient inventory management is a vital part of the self-storage software’s service provider and admin experience. Keep track of all the resources you have and analyze what is and isn’t working for you on a regular basis.


  • Multiple Spaces:


In self-storage there is no one size or type that fits all, which is why RentStorage provides self-storage alternatives for a variety of purposes, and these options are systematically shown for consumers to pick from on the self-storage software.


  • Storage Space Management:


How can you make the self-storage business without a proper management facility? At any time, you can add, remove, or change the self-storage space. The modifications will be reflected in the self-storage software in a timely and understandable manner.


  • Email Notification:


Keep both the self-storage space managers and users up to date with an efficient and real-time notification system. Without wasting time, send automatic billing and invoice correspondence. To execute sales and after-sales activities, integrate email and SMS communication on the platform.


  • Revenue Dashboard:


While RentStorage offers a central dashboard it also offers a dedicated dashboard for all your revenue-related information. On a single dashboard, get comprehensive information of your revenue. Recognize which areas of your company are generating revenue and which aren’t.


With this in mind, any software capabilities that allow you to provide completely integrated, contactless move-ins are essential. Touch-free payment acceptance is one of them, which is typically disregarded when operators consider software. The right payment option creates a more seamless experience for both the operator and the customer, as well as making it easier to resolve any issues that arise.

Integration with third-party processors is difficult, and errors can be expensive. A good payment system provides you with more control and, as a result, security. This is especially vital in today’s increasingly digital environment, when fraud and unethical actors are all too widespread. In all of these things RentStorage by RentCubo offers the best and is the most robust and efficient platform for you.


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