Fanxia Tianjiao Witch

Duty, advice to the emperor, may be able to invite heaven to listen. After Liu Zhifu took his leave, Geng Zhao and the witch of Penglai came out from behind Pingfeng. Geng Zhao said, “This rebel army is my uncle.” Father single-handedly founded, if fall into the hands of Wang Jun, my uncle also die in his grave! “Of course, it can’t fall into Wang Jun’s hands,” said Xin Qiji. “I will fight to the death, and I will remonstrate directly. In the middle of Shane, no. But to oppose Wang Juntong’s army, I also want to expose the crime of treacherous court officials harming the country! The witch of Penglai sighed and said, “General Xin, your courage is commendable, but I’m afraid you’re desperate to give advice. This letter of thanks may not be enough.” Be able to go up to heaven to listen. “How do you know?” Asked Xin Qiji. “Think about it,” said the witch of Penglai. “Geng Zhao asked you to go to the mountain and Liu Jin to present himself to the emperor. What is the result of his father’s suicide note now? “Yes,” said Xin Qiji, “I’m wondering about this. Why haven’t you followed up for a long time? Brother Zhao, why did you go to Beijing this time? Have you come in accordance with the imperial edict? Geng Zhao said, “The imperial edict has been served, but it is a pity that it is an imperial edict passed on by a good man.” Now the witch of Penglai and the seed of his coming day When Xin Qiji was told what had happened, the witch of Penglai said, “I have found out the truth. The eunuch in the palace is called Grandfather Hong.” Yes, with Wei Liangchen inside and outside, Hong eunuch is in charge of sending and receiving memorials and imperial edicts. You are a small official, and you are grateful for your kindness. If he detains you,ceramic bobbin element, the emperor won’t know at all! Xin Qiji thumped his chest and said with a deep sigh, “The affairs of state are like this. What more can I say?” Geng Zhao remembered his father’s decades of painstaking efforts and paid for it. Running water, is also very sad, more words can comfort Xin Qiji. The witch of Penglai was thoughtful. After a while she suddenly said, “General Xin, please write this letter of thanks. Uncle Geng’s suicide note will be withheld.” The matter is also written in. “Yu Qiji was surprised.” Didn’t you say that it would be difficult for me, a little official, to go up to heaven to listen to my gratitude? Why did you advocate that I write it again? The emperor can’t see it What’s the use of that? “I’ll send it to you myself,” said the witch of Penglai. As soon as this remark was made, both Xin and Geng were surprised. “I’m afraid that won’t work,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding,” said Xin Qiji? A great master, such as Cloud, the guard is heavily guarded. The witch of Penglai said with a smile, “If you dare to fight to the death, don’t I dare to squeeze to the death to deliver the letter?”? In the deep palace, Although the guard is heavily guarded, I’m afraid it may not be able to stop me! Those great masters! Hey, hey, if you want to catch me and kill me, just I’m afraid it’s not so easy! Xin Qiji had seen the ability of the witch in Penglai. When Geng Jing was killed, she helped Xin Qiji capture the rebel Zhang Dingguo. Dingguo was entrenched on the top of the mountain, commanding a commanding position. Xin abandoned the army and was trapped in the canyon, helpless. At that time, it was the witch of Penglai who secretly went up the mountain Top, from the peak of dozens of Zhangs, jumped down, will Zhang dingguo. With such outstanding flying skills, the witch of Penglai just now Fan Hao’s words are indeed not big words. “Well, cordierite c520 ,ceramic bobbin heater,” said Xin Qiji, “since there’s nothing better to do, I’ll have to take a risk for the moment. Nvxia Liu, please accept your generosity. Xin Mouyi worships! The witch of Penglai said with a smile, “We are all for the rise and fall of the Song Dynasty. It’s not your business alone. Why do you have to worship?” I, hurry up and write! Geng Zhao laid the paper for him to grind the ink, and Xin Qiji leaned on his horse and wrote a letter to the throne, which was written by several dry words in less than an hour. Chen, also wrote. “Brother Zhao,” he said, “I want you to look at it carefully and see if there’s anything wrong with it.” Geng Zhao said, “This memorial to the throne, my brother, has offended Yan Zhichen. He has expressed his feelings bitterly. He has sought the loyalty of the country. It is overflowing with words. He will not let Jia Changsha do it.” On the runny nose, the sparseness is more beautiful than the former, and the younger brother can’t be easier than one word. If the emperor was not very confused, he would be moved to read it. My younger brother is worried It’s not that. “” “What’s that about?” Asked Xin Qiji. “The palace is vast,” said Geng Zhao. “I’m afraid there are no less than a thousand houses, and Chivalrous Lady Liu is not familiar with them. How do you know where the old emperor is on the road in the palace? “We’ll just have to play it by ear and take our chances,” said the witch of Penglai. Good luck may not be met, but it is not always good. Pass. ” “Liu Zhifu was once in the imperial palace,” said Xin Qiji. “It is said that in the imperial garden there is a hall called Cuihan Hall, which is built against a hill. In front of it is a A big lotus pond, surrounded by bamboo, is the most wonderful summer resort in the world. Now the hot summer has not passed, the emperor is mostly living in Cuihan Hall. Medium. As long as you can find the Cuihan Hall and put this memorial on the case, even if you don’t see the emperor, you can let him have a look at it. A chance. The witch of Penglai took the memorial and said, “With this clue, it will be much more convenient.”. It’s getting late now. I’ll go first. Walk around the palace and get familiar with the terrain. “Well,” said Xin Qiji, “you have no time to eat. I’ll prepare some dry food for you. If there is an accident, it is easy to move when you are full. Hand “Brother Zhao,” said the witch, “if I can’t come back in the fifth watch tonight, you don’t have to wait for me any longer. With Dongyuan Senior Ming Make an appointment with the tower on the morning of the sixth, and you can go alone. There’s no need to tell him about it, so as not to miss his business. She is Gu Xudong The sea dragon is as fierce as fire. If she knows this, she is afraid that she will be trapped in the palace. She is afraid that she will break into the palace and make a lot of trouble. However, the dragon in the East China Sea will be involved, and it will also miss the meeting of the unknown island in the East China Sea on the fifth day of next month to reconnoitre the traitors. Geng Zhao said with tears in her eyes, “Don’t worry, Nvxia Liu. I’ll save it.” You should know that although the witches in Penglai are highly skilled, it is really good or bad luck to go here Difficult to predict, Penglai witch said these words is just in case, first give Geng Zhao to explain the meaning. Geng Zhao only hates his own ability. Low, unable to help. The witch of Penglai took the dry food and said “treasure” to Xin and Geng. Then she went out. It was already getting dark It’s time. The witch of Penglai walked around the Forbidden City until she reached the wall of the imperial garden. She managed to stay until the second watch, and then she was at her best Flying skill, enter over the wall. Fortunately, it happened that the moon was pale and the stars were sparse that night, and the witch of Penglai flew over the wall, as if she had fallen for a moment, and the place where she fell was silent. The guards of the patrol were unaware of it. But see layers of buildings, rockeries, pavilions, scattered, boundless,steatite c221, although know that there are A “Cuihan Hall”, but I don’t know where it is located? The witch of Penglai had no choice but to rush blindly. Walking to the depths of the garden, the patrol guards are getting more and more.


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