Fanwai Qiang Flute Autumn Sound Wet Bamboo Heart Suzi Flower Martyrdom

Chang Jiang listened quietly, tears streaming down his face, so weak that there was no trace of blood on his lips. Qin Qiang suddenly remembered something and called the thunder dust behind him: “Come here!” The thunder dust leads the life to come forward. Qin Qiang motioned him to hold Chang Jiang in his arms. Ah? Thunder dust was stunned, this.. How can this work? He was a bodyguard, a man, not a eunuch, and he was a servant. Men and women are not close to each other. Besides, who is Chang Jiang? But the future crown princess married by the emperor! He It’s not appropriate to hold him. ? Besides, the emperor is still present. Seeing that he had not moved, Qin Qiang frowned and said in a deep voice, “What’s the matter?”? Don’t you listen to the words of this palace? Thunder dust startled: “Subordinates dare not!” He pursed his lips and hesitated a little. In fact, on the other hand, it was because the emperor was present and his fiance was also present that he proved that he was innocent and Frank. Moreover, Chang Jiang was now a patient and an injured person. He could not stand or sit. It was understandable that he hugged him. With a hard scalp, he reached out and carefully took Chang Jiang over. Fanwai: Autumn Sound of Qiang Flute Wet Bamboo Heart (66) Qin Qiang got up and felt a heavy corner of his clothes. He lowered his eyes and found that Chang Jiang had grasped his robe. Facing Chang Jiang’s red eyes, he reached out and brushed her hand down. But when he turned around, he was pulled by Chang Jiang again. Qin Qiang lowered his eyes and closed his eyebrows slightly. “Look at Li Zhu in this palace.” Chang Jiang long eyelashes trembled, this did not continue to demand, Qin Qiang can’t wait to turn around, concentrate on the palm of the hand, quickly split the palm wind, hit another coffin in the tomb. At the moment when the lid of the coffin was overturned with a clang,Portable gold trommel, Qin Qiang’s breathing stagnated and his heart stopped suddenly. Only he knew the eagerness to hope for a miracle from the bottom of his heart. Of course, no. No miracle. The woman in white was lying in the coffin with her eyes closed, silent and lifeless. Disappointed and heartache, he slowly withdrew his palms, jumped into the grave, and picked up the dead woman. What are you going to do? The emperor spoke with displeasure. Take her home. Qin Qiang held the woman in his arms and flew up from the grave, as if he was afraid that the woman’s face would be exposed to the sun, and he deliberately turned her body sideways toward his arms. Do you have to do this? The emperor looked at him. Of course A purple robe was raised by the mountain wind,magnetic separator machine, the clothes were hunting, the man’s picturesque face was full of determination, “originally intended to do so, not to mention now, Jiang Er can wake up, she will wake up.” The emperor frowned, “I think you are the one who should wake up!” “Why is the father so sure that Li Zhu will not wake up?” Qin Qiang eyes deep as the sea, glanced straight to the emperor. The emperor was dumb for a moment. Qin Qiang also did not say much, received the line of sight, holding the body in his arms pulled up his long legs and walked down the hill, although the leg injury on his right leg was serious, he limped badly, but it did not affect his stride. Seeing this, Lei Chen was in a hurry: “Temple..” People have come a long way. Thunder dust and cold sweat. He just walked away with the person in his arms. What about the one in his arms? Is he also responsible for carrying people down the mountain? Chang Jiang naturally saw all this in her eyes, and her pale little face seemed to have been run over by something. She closed her eyes weakly and let her tears draw long water marks on her face. Hu Gonggong and the others all looked at the emperor. The emperor was silent for a long time. With a slight sigh, he raised his hand and motioned to the people: “Let’s go.” Then he told Lei Chen, Portable gold trommel ,portable gold wash plant, “Take Miss Jiang down the mountain, and the carriage will stop at the foot of the mountain.” Thunder dust had to bite the bullet. Prince mansion gate, Qin Qiang one hand holding the woman in his arms, one hand pulled the reins, the horse has not stopped, he jumped down from the horse, holding the man in his arms, pick up the steps, step across two or three steps, step like flying. Entered the door of the mansion and met the big maidservant, Tremella. See him holding a woman, the woman dressed in white, and the style of the white clothes… The key is, also with white hair, this kind of dress, in the noon country, only the dead. Because the woman sideways in his arms, can not see the woman’s face, she did not know who, do not know what happened, standing there in a daze all forgot to salute. When Qin Qiang passed by her quickly, she suddenly came to her senses: “Your Highness..” “Quickly ask someone to prepare a bamboo couch and send it to the ice cellar.” Qin Qiang footsteps do not stop. Bamboo couch? To the ice cellar? Wait for the tremella reaction to come over, Qin Qiang has gone far. Yes Soon, the white fungus took two servants to carry a couch to the ice cellar. Because the entrance of the ice cellar is not big, the bamboo couch can not be too wide, of course, more than enough to sleep a person. The ice cellar is underground, without windows, and in case the ice melts quickly, there is no candle in the ice cellar, and the lighting inside depends on a luminous pearl. Once inside, it is like entering another world, outside is the hot summer, inside is the cold winter months, especially those ice pieces reflecting the cold light of the luminous pearl, it is very cold. Tremella felt that she couldn’t stand coming in like this. Usually when she came in to get ice cubes, she put on her coat first and then came down. Fortunately, Qin Qiang ordered them to put the bamboo couch in the designated position and let them leave the ice cellar. Only Seeing that Qin Qiang was wearing thin clothes, she didn’t seem to feel cold. She put up with it, but still couldn’t help it. Before she left, she said to him, “Go and get a thick dress for your Highness.” But was rejected by the man: “No.” Although she was very worried, she could not force her. She was the master and she was only the servant. After waiting for three people to go, Qin Qiang put Li Zhu on the bamboo couch carefully. Then he leaned over and arranged her hair one by one, smoothed the wrinkles on her clothes bit by bit, and then he sat on the edge of the bamboo couch and looked at her. It is sad to say that they have known each other for many years, but the number of times they have looked at her so closely, for a long time and carefully can be counted on one’s fingers. Because she usually likes to wear face skin, rarely show her true face,gold cil machine, but it is difficult to get her true face, and it is rare to have a chance. He was most impressed only twice, once when she was drunk.


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