Everything Exporters and Importers Need to Know About Air Freight

Everything Exporters and Importers Need to Know About Air Freight

What is Air Freight?


Many individuals inquire about what is air freight is. Its not as dreadful as it sounds, which will come as a relief to you! Air freight is

simply defined as "the transportation of bulk goods by aircraft." This indicates that your exports will fly as cargo on an airplane to

their final location—often a quick and dependable service.

You must ship items internationally if your company accepts orders from other countries. Whether the export moves via land, sea,

or air is up to you. There are benefits and drawbacks to each freight mode, so it is important to consider your alternatives.

What is Air Cargo?

Air freight organizations may use these phrases simultaneously. While the term "air freight" especially refers to bulk shipments, "air

cargo" refers to any item that will be transported by air. This comprises:

Air freight

Air Express


6 Advantages of Air Freight

In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we will examine the benefits and drawbacks of air freight in this guide.

1. Speed

When shipping products internationally, air freight is often recognized as being the quicker the results. Because of this, it is

frequently the first option for any exporter with an urgent request.

Many business owners are under pressure to provide their items by certain dates and times while also following strict deadlines. Air

freight is the ideal choice for you if your cargo needs to be delivered quickly. It is impossible to compare the speed of air travel to

that of sea or land transport.

2. Air Freight Tracking

One of the reasons why our customers prefer air freight is the availability of thorough tracking. You may track flight routes in

addition to precise departure and arrival timings to make sure your goods are traveling as planned and to keep your customers


Tracking may assist to ease the burden of air freight, which is sometimes a difficult operation due to its urgency. Tracking can

benefit both you and your clients. Using the door-to-door service provided by PDS International, you may follow the progress of

your air freight at any time. 

3. Reduced Damage Risk

Because airport security procedures for cargo are made mandatory, air freight is frequently the safest and most secure way to ship

your goods. There is also a reduced incidence of theft, damage, or loss because of the quick delivery and minimal human interaction.

Another reason why high-value commodities are typically shipped through air freight is due to this.


3 Disadvantages of Air Freight


1. Cost

With so many benefits, it shouldn't be surprising to learn that air freight is the most expensive method of shipping for your

international exports. Frequently, the cost of air freight prevents exporters from using this method for low-value cargo.

2. Smaller Carrying Capacity

Aircraft have a limited carrying capacity, so global shippers that transport large or bulky items sometimes find that air freight is an

inappropriate option. Standard air freight has a maximum cargo size of 2.44 x 3.15 meters.

3. Air Travel is Unpredictable 


Although the airlines give you a thorough schedule of your flights' departure and arrival times, there are a number of potential

causes for your goods to be delayed. This is made worse by the fact that these causes are often unexpected and beyond anyone's


Weather can affect air travel, so it's wise to check forecasts and be prepared with a backup plan in case of bad weather. 

Choosing the Right Air Freight Company

Of course, it's up to you to make the choice. Your items can be delivered internationally by a number of air freight carriers. The

decision-making process will be made easier the more knowledge you have about a company.

Experience should be one of the primary factors. The procedure will go more smoothly the more expertise a company has in offering

air freight services. PDS International has been in the business for more than 24 years. Since then, we have established connections

with all of the main airlines, and we make every effort to get your export on the following aircraft.

Once you are familiar with the service, it's critical to choose an air freight provider who can handle your project from beginning to

end. Our crew is here to assist you whether you require a door-to-door service or thorough air freight tracking. This Air Freight

Guide should be helpful, we hope.


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