Do you know if it should be green, fat, red and thin?

Rulan said contemptuously, “The elder sister has been chosen. How can the younger sister take away the love of others? Dad will scold her again later.” When Ming Lan saw that Lan was so unrelenting, she frowned slightly and looked up at Wang Shi. She was only talking to Liu Kun’s family. She didn’t look here at a glance. As if she didn’t know, Ming Lan lowered her head and she understood. This time the old emperor opened the Enke, many of his colleagues and classmates have children to go to the exam, partial long maple even Juren did not, can only helplessly watch the rare opportunity to fly away, recently Sheng Kui looked at long maple eyes are not eyes, nose is not nose; The day before the opening of the exam, half of the Ducha yuan’s staff were talking about each other’s children who were going to take the exam. Sheng Kui was very upset. After returning home with a black face, he went straight to Changfeng’s study and planned to educate his son well. He was sure to pass the exam in autumn next year and in spring the year after next. Who would have thought that as soon as I got to the door, I heard the sound of men and women laughing inside. I kicked the door open and went in. I saw my son smiling at the corners of his mouth, holding a jade tube pen in a charming manner. Next to him was a beautiful girl. She lifted two sleeves, and Changfeng wrote rich poems on her two snow-white and pink inner arms. Sheng Kui was sharp-eyed, and as soon as he saw the words written on it, ‘Ice muscle and jade bone are full of fragrance, take off your clothes and wait for you to taste them.’ He was so angry that he came out. At that moment, he was furious. Without saying a word, he tied up the long maple tightly. Then the family law served him and beat him down with a stick. Only the young man cried for his father and mother. Aunt Lin came to plead for mercy and knelt on the ground to beg. Sheng Kui was so angry that in front of the Manchu people,Pallet rack upright, he pointed at their mother and son and cursed them for not being able to support the wall with mud. Aunt Lin was also very aggrieved. She didn’t want to take good care of her son, but she was an aunt after all. Her name was not right, and her son was not obedient to discipline. She was afraid that if she was strict, she would hurt the feelings of mother and son, and she would have to rely on him for the rest of her life. Sheng Kui did not do two endlessly, simply put the long maple study search upside down, a search,heavy duty racking system, unexpectedly turned out more than a dozen ‘?’ And Yan Ci collection, and the paper is old, obviously is often the result of reviewing the old and learning the new. Sheng Kui out of anger, personally picked up the stick and hit the long maple, and then grounded him, and then found the accounting room, strictly ordered not to allow the long maple to get money at will, where more than five or two must be reported. “There are only two reasons why Aunt Lin is in power. She is in favor of herself, and her son is valued by Sheng. Now her favor is not as good as before, and her son is rejected. The servants in the house are all crystal hearts, so the limelight falls to Wang for a while.” What does the sister want? Mo Lan sneered that she had never been so ridiculed before. I don’t want to do anything. Rulan casually turned over the clothes on one side and said deliberately, “But since my sister asked me to pick first, isn’t it against my father’s wishes that I should have an explanation? Is it difficult for my sisters to be more noble than each other?” She lengthened the end of her words and looked at Mo Lan provocatively. Mo Lan bit her lip. She knew that Ru Lan was trying to force her to say the four words’Di Shu is different ‘. In the early years, Pallet rack supplier ,Steel racking system, when Aunt Lin was in favor, she made a lot of articles about’Di Shu’ and got a lot of pity and love in front of Sheng. Although the present was different from the past, she refused to put down her face. She caught a glimpse of Ming Lan standing next to her with her head bowed. She thought about it and said with a smile, “Sister Wu is right. Kong Rong lets the big pears let the small ones. In that case, let Sister Liu pick them first.” Ming Lan took one look at Mo Lan. Well, the pity that had just risen disappeared immediately. When she saw Mo Lan coming and pulling herself over, Ming Lan turned around lightly and dodged Mo Lan’s hand. She had already thought of the wording. When she was about to say it, the outside suddenly said, “The master is back.” Wang Shi, who was watching the play sideways, was stupefied and looked at the clepsydra on one side. It was only at the beginning of Shen Shi that it was not yet time to go down to the next government office? Liu Kun’s family was more alert, and immediately helped Wang Shi to get up and go to meet Sheng Kui. Sheng Kui, dressed in an official uniform and a winged hat, came in. His face seemed to be safe, and his beard was a little disheveled. He went straight to the armchair in the main seat and finished it. Wang Shi hurriedly ordered tea to be served. He went over and said with a smile, “The master is back. Why is it so early today?” Sheng Kui carefully took off his official hat and said casually, “Enke finished today. Even the imperial censors of Zuo Du left first. I was left to wait for a few, and then I came back.”. “It’s not good to be an official. It’s too different. As long as it doesn’t involve the problem of principle, it’s better to follow the crowd.”. The three orchids all stood in a regular manner and respectfully saluted Sheng Yu. When he saw that the three girls were all there, he nodded slightly and saw a table of clothes and hairpins. He frowned and said, “Didn’t Hua’er send these yesterday?”? Why did you give it to them today? Wang’s face stiffened and she said, “In a few days, the Zhongqin Mansion will make a full moon for Hua Lan’s brother. I thought the girl was too plain, so I added some material for her clothes. It was only today that I got them.” Sheng Kui nodded his head. He suddenly remembered that when he came in just now, he saw Mo Lan and Ming Lan standing on the edge, and only Ru Lan standing on the edge of the table. Then he saw that there was still an open jewelry box on the table. He took one look at Wang Shi and felt unhappy. He said, “Why is Ru Er picking alone?”? Did Mo Er and Ming Ya Er get it? Melanz gently walked up to Sheng Kui and said with a smile, “Please ask the fifth sister to choose first.” Sheng Kui knew that Rulan and Wang Shi had a temper and were not generous. Thinking that Wang Shi might be mean to the concubines, he immediately gave Rulan a horizontal look. Rulan looked pale. As soon as Minglan saw that something was wrong, she quickly stepped forward and pulled Sheng’s sleeve. “Father,” she said with a smile, “you should give us a break. Just now Sister Five said that the old and the young were in order, and asked Sister Four to pick first. But Sister Four said that she wanted Kong Rong to give up the pears, so she asked me to pick first. I think, no matter which time it is, it’s either Sister Four or me. It’s not Sister Five’s turn to choose first. She’s really in trouble. This time I asked her to choose first. Father, do you think this is good? Sheng Yu had always liked Ming Lan. Seeing that she was bright and lovely, and listening to her childish remarks, he smiled at the three orchids and said, “Well, you know that sisters are friendly. It’s very comforting for your father.” Mo Lan gritted her teeth secretly, but she couldn’t refute it. She answered with a strong smile. Ru Lan also breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the opportunity,Narrow aisle rack, Wang Shi immediately said, “I’ll send the things over later. You can pick them yourself. Your father wants to have a rest.” The three orchids retreated respectfully. He watched the three daughters go out. He got up and walked into the inner room with Wang. He opened his arms and let Wang take off his clothes and loose his belt. “How are you, brother Quan?” He asked? How is your daughter-in-law? 。


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