Desperate Valley – A paradise _txt novel …

Ye Fan turned out from behind the boulder and came over quickly. At this moment, Pang Bo has been sealed by several elders in Lingxu Cave. His eyes are closed, his body is stiff, and he can’t move. There is a blue breath on his body, his face is very abnormal, and there is a faint green light flowing slowly under his body surface. What on earth has entered his body? Ye Fan did not dare to touch Pang Bo’s body at will, after all, it was sealed by several elders, and there was a fluctuation of divine power. At this moment, the atmosphere of the crater is extremely tense, the human monks and the demon clan confront each other, the two sides are at daggers drawn, each does not give way, and the war is imminent. Old Jiao, with shining red scales all over his body, stood upright like a section of blood-colored Great Wall, giving people a shocking sense of strength. He shouted: “People of Lingxu Cave, do you really want to break the peace of hundreds of years and fight with us?” The head of the Lingxu Cave argued strongly on just grounds and refused to concede, saying, “The treasure of the Eastern Wilderness people must be taken back. How can it fall into the hands of your demon clan?”. As for the most important volume of the Taoist Scriptures, it should be brought to light again. It has disappeared for tens of thousands of years on the land of the Eastern Wilderness. It should be mastered by the human race again. The girl of the Demon Clan, who had a pair of golden wings, was beautiful and moving. Her voice was also very beautiful and magnetic, but she was very strong and full of murderous intent. She said, “This is the tomb of the Great Emperor of the Demon Clan. It happened that you pulled out the treasure of the Human Clan and the Taoist Sutra. It was clear that you wanted to rob the mausoleum of the Emperor Demon, but you still wanted to find such an excuse.”. If you’re willing to fight, go ahead! The head of the Lingxu Cave was not guilty, but also very tough. He said,stainless steel tube 304, “Yes or no, we will know when we open the ancient temple.”. Without the treasures of the Eastern Wilderness people and the Taoist Scriptures, we will immediately apologize to Jing and let him deal with it. If we have those two things, we can take them with us. How about that? It also avoids a fight, which is good for both sides. The three-meter-tall giant man with two horns on his head, whose voice vibrated like a bronze bell, made people’s ears buzz. He said, “If you don’t have the treasure and the Taoist scriptures you mentioned, you will surely be so importunate that you will insist that the other objects left by the demon emperor are those two things.”. I know you best, but calling a stag a horse,Cold Drawn Tubes, confusing right and wrong, and confounding black and white are your specialties. The tomb of the Great Emperor of the Demon Clan is not to be desecrated! The atmosphere is getting more and more tense, both sides are not willing to concede half a step, see this war will be inevitable. You big demons have gone too far. Today, no matter what, we will take back the sacred objects belonging to the people of the Eastern Wilderness. The head of Lingxu Dongtian took a firm attitude and took a step forward again. You forced us to do it! The beautiful girl with golden hair spread her wings, and thousands of golden feathers, like golden arrows, went through the head of Lingxu Cave. The master of Lingxu Dongtian waved his big sleeve, and suddenly there was a misty purple air coming out, and then it was like an angry sea surging, blocking the endless divine feathers in front of him. Kill! The voice of the girl of the demon clan was cold, the divine light of her body was blooming, and the golden feathers were suddenly overwhelming, dense and bright, like a golden dragnet covering the sky, dispersing the purple fog and covering the head of Lingxu Cave below. A purple copper furnace rushed out of the body of the head of Lingxu Cave. Suddenly, the purple gas soared into the sky, shining in all directions. The purple God awn shook around, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, and all the golden feathers were broken inch by inch. Finally, “Bang!” The sound turned into a golden light all over the sky, forming a blazing golden energy flow, which was extremely dazzling. The blonde girl looked cold, her wings spread, and a pair of golden swords flew out, glittering and shining, and the golden light was burning like a flame, killing the master of Lingxu Cave. The master of Lingxu Cave stretched out his hand gently, and the purple copper furnace beside him suddenly rose into the sky, and the endless purple fire gushed out, enveloping the two golden swords and burning fiercely, trying to refine them on the spot. Boom! The two magic swords are like two lightning bolts, striking in the purple light all over the sky, and the shaking sky is shaking gently. “Kill!” “Block them!” At this time, several other big demon all shot, here suddenly evil spirit into the sky, murderous look straight into the sky, demon power surging, such as the sea in the ups and downs, thousands of waves, sweeping high in the sky. At the same time, the four Taishang elders of Lingxu Cave all stepped forward. The source of divine power in the bitter sea was boiling, and the divine light of the whole body was brilliant, illuminating the whole sky. All the evil spirits that hit the front were scattered, and the four strong men shot at the same time. Here the evil spirit is vertical and horizontal, the gods are soaring into the sky, several big demons and the strong human beings are fighting again and again, the rays of the sun are shining in all directions, and all kinds of weapons are flying all over the sky, making the night sky as bright as day. Divine drums, fairy lanterns, copper stoves, golden swords, Eight Diagrams mirrors, blood knives, scaly blades and so on, like one side of life, swallow and spit divine light, crowded together, constantly colliding, clangorous sound is endless, each time is a contest of divine power, so that the sky is trembling. At this time, the lightning birds with glittering gold and lightning, as well as the silver centipedes cast like silver, and other super fierce birds and beasts all came to the crater. At the same time, Wu Qingfeng and other elders of Lingxu Cave also arrived here from the other side to confront these super fierce birds and beasts. The battle between them is about to begin. In the distance, Ye Fan’s heart is difficult to calm, watching from a distance, the battle above the crater makes him dizzy and yearning. If Ye Fan has no idea about the tomb of the demon emperor, it is impossible, but he is powerless. He wanted very much to get the volume of the Taoist Sutra, the most important volume of the immortal scriptures, which was valued by the Great Emperor of the Demon Clan. It must be no small matter. It was what he urgently needed at present, because he lacked the follow-up method of practice. As for the so-called Eastern Wilderness human treasure, Ye Fan does not understand, there is no feeling at all, so not very moved, only the “Tao Jing” let him incomparably eager. Although he got an ancient scripture in the bronze coffin, no matter how he looked at it,Precision Welded pipes, the hundreds of ancient words engraved in his heart did not seem to be about specific practice, but rather a general outline, which he could not understand at present.


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