Cure his paranoia.

Even if it is difficult to frame him, they will rush to come. You always ask me if it hurts. What impressed me most was the New Year’s Eve when I first arrived. Inside the house was a lively family reunion, and outside the house was a cold world. Only he, dressed in the thin material of autumn, was covered with pain, and in his arms was a dying cat with a broken tail. They bullied the cat that time. He hit them. Together with a so-called sister, he cut a pair of scissors on her calf. Probably. I can’t remember. There have been so many similar incidents. Anyway, he fell into the trap and was driven out to reflect. He was penniless and did not know who to go to cure the cat. When he had no way out, Lu Jingyou asked the third brother of the culprit to deliver a message: As long as he bowed his head and admitted his mistake and knelt down for half an hour, the cat would be saved. Ten minutes and another half an hour. When it snowed that day, Lu Xun knelt with an expressionless face and warmed the cat with his body. Suddenly, a light and transparent Ating appeared in front of him and asked him if it hurt. No pain He said softly, “You asked if it hurt, and I said it didn’t.”. Because I know you’re not even here. You’re just dreaming. It’s just a spring and autumn dream between life and death. The rain was still falling, and it hurt to hit me. The heart is also very uncomfortable,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, that kind of trembling sour and astringent in the blood diffuse, Ating canthus slightly red. Fingers stroked a cut under the corner of his mouth and whispered, “Now I’m here.” “Lu Xun, are you in pain?” Her throat rolled up and down, and Lu Xun grabbed her limp hand. ……” “It hurts.” From the bottom of my heart, the cumulative pain. It turned into two heavy words to vent,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and his eyes were dark and rich, like a cage that the light could not come into. Atin stared, and the next moment his knees touched the ground and he leaned over and hugged him. The lightning flashed again, and the world was pale. But there are two people embracing in the corner, like two vines growing around each other. They are inseparable and dependent on each other. The author has something to say: I like the rain too much, and the next book can’t be like this. Dog Xun is really in the poor Baba’s milk, as well as the uncertain A-kind of free wandering, even if the legendary top can attack, the bottom can defend 8! He smiled. “Cold?” “Not cold.” “Still want to hold it?” “Mmm.” Then keep hugging. When the rain was pouring down and everyone was fleeing everywhere, only these two people stayed where they were. The temperature on the skin was doused by the rain, but another ferocious heat spread in the body. They sank coldly and were reluctant to move for a long time. Until the thunder exploded overhead, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the clouds swallowed all the light, and the day was covered with a damp and dark curtain in an instant. The cold wind blew, and the tight embrace finally loosened. Leave Lu Xun’s voice was hoarse, and Ating fell on his shoulder, unable to see his face. I just feel vaguely that there is a little bit of indescribable softness in these two words. A little spoiled. It was as if she had returned to her best study and finally became the top student in the college entrance examination. Obviously, we can strive for a better school, but we must recognize the unshakable time of Beitong University. The head of the family pounded the table and sighed slightly in silence. It took a long time to accept her choice. At that time, the expression on my parents’ face was almost like this kind of “I really can’t do anything with you, I can only do whatever you want”. Light, but deep. Atin gave a hum and stood up slowly. Her knees were grinding on the rough ground, but she didn’t care. The first thing to stand up straight is to take the initiative to hold his cold hand and pull him up. Let’s go to the infirmary. Lu Lu Xun had an injury, which should only be a skin injury. He didn’t think so, but Ating couldn’t put his heart at ease. Unable to open her eyes in the rain, she half raised her wet face and shook him softly: “Shall we go together?” Alright. Be reluctant to do so. Lu Xun crossed her and hid her behind him. Walking into the nearest teaching building, I met a few young boys who were fighting in the North Campus. They sneaked out, and when they saw Lu Xun’s face, they shivered and offered umbrellas without saying a word. Then, like a little mouse with its tail between its legs, it moved dejectedly to one side to make way for a spacious Avenue for the beloved chief instructor. I’m going to die. ” “I have a hunch that two hundred push-ups are waiting for us.” “Three hundred.” “Not at all.” The little hedgehog with curly hair caught the loophole: “There are so many people in the North Campus. He can’t remember all of them, can he?”? You see, he didn’t ask the name of our college. Hey, that seems to be the case! “And he took our umbrella!” “The biggest umbrella!” “My grandmother just bought me an umbrella last month!” “That’s what it means to buy success?” “Is it?” “It should be!” “Take our umbrella and walk the way we let go. If you still refuse to let us go, won’t you burn the bridge?!” A Ting followed behind Lu Xun and witnessed the sudden change in the painting style of the male students, with a happy expression on their faces. He could not help pursing his lips and smiling softly. Her eyebrows are delicate, her eyes are clear and flowing, and she is crystal clear. What a beautiful female classmate! The young boys suddenly felt that a small piece of their heart had been bitten away, and their minds could not help circling around her. Full marks. Then regret: “No, no, two full marks.” Left Sigh: “South Campus is good, good, good wow wow cry, you say I am now looking for the teacher in charge to transfer professional, it is not too late?” The right side holds the heart: “Finished, finished, my this palpitation did not stop, probably did not live long.”. It’s too late to be sent to the hospital now. How can I rush up and ask Fang Ming? Will she tell me? “I don’t think so.” Ignoring his companion’s grin,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the hedgehog added with great sobriety and clarity, “Not only will you not, but you’ll have to do five hundred push-ups.” “Why?” “With the chief instructor staring at you.” ?? The girl’s precious life is more valuable. The male classmate took back his hand holding his heart in a second and stood upright. “Are you still staring?” He asked cautiously in a breathed voice. 。


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