Creating a Paradise on the Big Island: Landscaping Ideas & Solutions

Creating an outdoor paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii is a dream for many. With its stunning scenery, laid-back lifestyle, and abundance of natural beauty, it’s easy to see why. But transforming your outdoor space into a tropical oasis isn’t as simple as just adding some plants: It takes careful planning and thoughtful landscaping considerations. From the perfect plants to choose and where to place them, to clever ways to add lighting and water features, this big island landscaping guide written by Hawaii Landscaping has you covered! Read on for landscaping ideas and solutions that will make your Big Island backyard an absolute paradise.


One of the most important aspects of landscaping an outdoor paradise on the Big Island is choosing the right plants. With its tropical climate, Hawaii offers a wide range of plants that thrive in the environment – from palm trees to bromeliads and more. It’s important to choose varieties that are suited for your specific space and soil type, as well as plants that will thrive in the island’s climate. Additionally, make sure to include a mix of foliage and flowers for added visual interest throughout the year. For those looking for extra drama, consider adding tropical fruit trees or exotic flowering vines.


Once you’ve chosen your ideal plant selection, it’s time to think about placement. Group plants in clusters that are spread out and consider adding walkways or pathways to link different areas of the yard together. For added texture and color, add mulch around plants and trees, or use stones for an extra special touch. When it comes to lighting, incorporate solar-powered options throughout the space for a subtle yet stunning effect. Finally, incorporate water features like ponds and fountains to create a sense of tranquility and peace.  With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily transform your Big Island backyard into an outdoor paradise.


Hawaii Landscaping is the perfect partner for transforming your Big Island backyard into an outdoor paradise. With their expertise in landscaping design and plant selection, they can help you create a space that perfectly captures the beauty of Hawaii’s natural environment. From choosing ideal plants to adding lighting or water features, they can provide everything you need to create a stunning, unique outdoor space. With their help, you can bring your vision of an outdoor paradise to life on the Big Island.



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