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After a pause, she took the hand of the spring kite and said, “Hu Banxian is a man who cherishes his life. I guess he must have been seen through by someone. The so-called disaster in Jiangzhou was also forced by that person.”. When I first heard the news of Hu Banxian a few days ago, I saw that there was a lot of hubbub all over the city, and people were uncertain. I didn’t think so much about it for a while, but I fell into the trap. Liu Xiangyang went to look for Hu Banxian did not come back, Hu Banxian disappeared again, two people must be controlled by that person. He was so thoughtful that he wanted to draw me out, so he wouldn’t do anything to Liu Xiangyang. You can rest assured. The Spring Kite was stunned. His hands turned cold. “Girl,” he said in alarm, “who is that man? Will it be bad for you?”? Trying to hurt you? The girl can rest assured that Liu Xiangyang will not say the girl! Mingyu was in a trance for a moment. He shook his head and said, “This man must have some background. Sooner or later, we will find out that he belongs to my family.”. He tried so hard to lure me out that he thought it would not be so simple to harm me. Just watch. There will be something new in the next few days. Just wait. Since the matter is caused by me, I have to solve it. Mingyu’s words seemed to be both to the spring kite and to himself. When she finished saying this, the figure of Xie Zuiqiao suddenly appeared in her mind. I don’t know what he’s doing. If only he were with me now. When she lay on the bed that night, she could not sleep and sighed. Chapter 71 Liu Xiangyang’s mother, sister-in-law Liu, had long regarded the spring kite as a daughter-in-law, hoping that they could get married early. Now that such a big son has been lost out of thin air, the whole person seems to have lost his soul, and he can’t get up when he lies down. Mingyu felt a little guilty, so he asked Chunyuan to accompany his sister-in-law Liu in the past, and he didn’t need her here for the time being. Spring Kite pressed down the worries in her heart and accompanied Liu’s sister-in-law for most of the day with Liu Xiangyang’s cousin. She managed to persuade her to lie down and get up to go back. As soon as she went out, she saw a boy looking for her. A man came to the side door to look for her, claiming to be Ding Po, who was in charge of Yuyuan. The gatekeeper knew the face of the spring kite in the mansion, and since she was an old woman looking for her, he sent Mrs. Ding to the gatehouse to wait,lycopene for skin, and sent a boy to call her. The spring kite was stupefied for a moment, then remembered that she had met a woman at the gate of Yuyuan a few years ago, but I don’t know why she suddenly came over now. Only since it is related to Xie Zuiqiao’s Yuyuan, naturally dare not neglect, answered, then hurried to the gatehouse. Mrs. Ding waited for a long time before she saw a young girl in a purple shirt hurrying over. She hurriedly stood up from the bench and went up to meet her. “Do you remember your old body, girl?” She asked? I came here today because I was sent by someone to take a message to the girl. As he spoke, he looked around and lowered his voice. “The boy of the Liu family is all right. He wants to see the man with the letter. He calls him to the Yuyuan Garden and says he has something to talk about.” Surprised, the Spring Kite blurted out, “I wonder who sent the message to my mother-in-law?” “” It’s the young man who used to live in the garden with Master Xie, “said Mrs. Ding.” He’s back now. Seeing that her face had changed greatly, she seemed to want to ask again. “The young man gave me some money and asked the old man to find the girl and pass on the message. The old man didn’t know anything else, so he asked the girl to make it convenient for him.” Then he bent down and left in a hurry. The spring kite was so flustered that he sleepwalked back to the green building and bumped into Mingyu who was about to go down. Mingyu was startled by her face, and when she knew that it was Pei Taizhi who called Ding Po, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, who was in charge of Yuyuan, the message came, she broke out in a cold sweat in an instant. She had always thought that Pei Taizhi was now in the capital, but never thought that he had also arrived in Jiangzhou, but also designed to make such a thing! “Girl, I’m afraid of Lord Pei as soon as I see him. Don’t go.”. If he holds on to it and ruins the girl’s reputation, how can Mr. Xie explain. The spring kite turned pale and said in a trembling voice. Mingyu frowned slightly. After a while, he finally said, “Chunyuan, since he knew that Liu Xiangyang was from Rongyintang, and even found out about your relationship with him, he didn’t come to my father’s door and ask for help. It shows that he didn’t want to put this matter on the table.”. Now he wants to force out the man behind Hu Banxian, and Liu Xiangyang has fallen into his hands. If I don’t show up, how can I solve this? “Girl, Liu Xiangyang will not say that the letter is written by you, he may not be able to think of you.”. I’ll go and admit it. The spring kite’s face gradually recovered, and he thought about it and said. Mingyu shook his head and said with a wry smile, “Chunyuan, Pei Taizhi..” I know something about it, too. Although I do not know why he would suddenly go south, only with his scheming and means, not only targeted Hu Banxian, Hu Banxian was seen through tricks, I am not surprised, you go to recognize him may not believe. I just don’t understand, what is the purpose of his going to so much trouble? Listen to the message he sent from Mrs. Ding, saying that we have something to talk about. In that case, I’ll go and see him. “Girl!” The Spring Kite still tried to stop him, but Mingyu held him down and said, “It’s a disaster that can’t be avoided.”. Now that he has been targeted, he can’t hide from it. I’m going to get engaged to Mr. Xie now. The two of them are usually close. Even for Mr. Xie’s sake, I don’t think it’s really bad for me. After a moment’s thought, he added, “It’s not convenient for me to go to the Yoga Garden, so I’m going to tell my mother that I’ll go to the White Pagoda Temple tomorrow to pray for my grandmother. There’s a lot of chaos at home these days, and she’s bound to be unable to get away.”. You send someone you can trust to the Yuyuan Garden to find the woman and send a message back to her, telling her to wait by the Jixiang Cliff in the Jixiang Courtyard of the White Pagoda Temple tomorrow afternoon. Jiang Shi heard Ming Yu say that he wanted to go to the White Pagoda Temple, but hesitated and answered. In the early morning of the second day, he sent two servants in the house to protect him and asked Mother Zhou and Mother Rong, who was beside the old lady, to go with him. When sister-in-law Liu heard about this, she also begged to go with her to worship Buddha and burn incense for her son. Naturally, Jiang answered, and four or five of them took a big carriage to the White Pagoda Temple. Zhike Monk recognized that it was the female dependents of Rongyin Hall, which was the largest donation of the temple. All kinds of incense offerings were offered all the year round, and naturally they were attentive. After burning incense,tannic acid astringent, it was already noon, and a table of vegetarian food was prepared for each other. After finishing the meal, Mingyu said he wanted to visit the temple.


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