Chunjiang Huayue Author: Penglaike

Gao Yongrong repeatedly told Xiao Yongjia to take good care of his body, and told Luo Shen to remember to come to the palace often, saying that he missed her very much, and finally sat in the phoenix car parked outside the door and went. Xiao Yongjia sent the rest of the people away and was helped back by his daughter. After a few steps, she saw her husband come out. Gao Qiu told his daughter to go back to her room to have a rest. He held Xiao Yongjia’s arm and said carefully, “Ah Ling, are you tired today?”? I’ll take you to your room. Chapter 112 As soon as he returned to his room, Gao Qiu immediately made amends to Xiao Yongjia. Xiao Yongjia was not annoyed, but asked him if he had had dinner. Knowing that he was still on an empty stomach, he complained a few times and asked someone to bring him the dinner that had been specially reserved for him. Gao Qiu is full of worries, and how can he have an appetite. I ate some at random and gave up. A Ju led her men to serve the master of the house and go to bed. Two people pack up, it is not early. Xiao Yongjia has always been very protective of his long hair, and every night before going to bed, he has to comb it repeatedly before going to bed. The same is true tonight. Gaocheng sat on the edge of the bed, watching his wife combing her long hair in front of the mirror. His back was absorbed, and it seemed that he did not intend to ask about his late return tonight. His nervous mood finally calmed down. He thought for a moment, thinking of her birthday today. He told her to wait all night, but she did not even have a word of blame. He could not help feeling guilty. Suppressing his mind, he got up and walked over, came behind her, took the comb out of her hand, picked her up, put her on the bed and lay down. Xiao Yongjia is now seven or eight months pregnant,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and her belly is bulging. Gao laid her down, stroked her lower abdomen gently with his palm, and said softly, “Your hair is already very good. You don’t have to comb it like this any more.”. You should be tired today. Have a rest. Hsiao Yung-chia nodded and asked again, “Depth of field, what’s bothering you today?” His heart missed a beat, and he didn’t dare to look at her for a moment. By helping her cover the quilt, he avoided the sight and said, “What trouble will there be?”. It’s just a daily routine in the government office. Some things are urgent and can’t be left until tomorrow. I was so busy that I forgot the time. Xiao Yongjia looked at her husband’s face and shook her head: “You coax me.”. It’s not like you don’t come home late. I can see that you’re coming back tonight,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and it’s different from usual. You have something on your mind. Gaocheng was in a panic, but his face was still forced to smile: “Ah Ling, you don’t have too much heart, how can I worry?”? It’s just that today is your birthday, and I said I’d come back early, but it’s late. His voice gradually softened, and he looked at the two eyes that Xiao Yongjia threw at him with a look of scrutiny, and finally he was silent. If you don’t want to talk about the troubles in the court, I can’t help you. Go to sleep Xiao Yongjia asked no more questions and lay down and closed his eyes. Gao Yu looked at her for a moment and then slowly lay down, but how could he sleep? As soon as I closed my eyes, my mind was full of the scene of meeting Shaw Brothers tonight, and my heart was full of thoughts. Suddenly his wife turned over beside him. When I opened my eyes, I saw her with her back in and one hand pressing on her waist. Hurriedly dispelled the distracting thoughts in her heart, reached over, put her palm on her back waist, and rubbed her back and forth. After a while, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, Hsiao Yung-chia turned and said, “This child of ours is much skinnier than when Ami was in my stomach. Sometimes it makes me suffer..” She sighed, but her eyes were full of smiles. I’m much better. You’re tired, too. You don’t have to rub it for me. Go to sleep With these words, she straightened her husband’s sideburns, her fingertips were gentle, and she brought some intimacy. Gaocheng looked at her, thinking that she was pregnant with a child for herself. She was getting older in recent months, her waist was sore and her legs were swollen, and she couldn’t sleep well at night, but she didn’t complain, and she was so gentle and considerate to herself. If the matter of Shao Shi is still hidden from her, it seems that he has a guilty conscience. As long as you make it clear to her, she will be able to understand. His chest became hot slowly, and he could not bear it any longer. “Ah Ling,” he said, “something really happened to me today. If I tell you, don’t be angry. Xiao Yongjia said, “I knew you had something to do.”. Tell me Gaocheng calmed down, mustered up his courage, and finally told him how he had gone to death row and met Shao Yuniang. Seeing that his wife’s expression changed from surprise to consternation when she first heard the name of Shao Yuniang, she finally became silent and kept silent for a long time. She hurriedly explained, “Ah Ling, don’t misunderstand me!”! I’m really glad she’s alive, but I don’t mean anything! I just thought that she was kind to me at that time. Although she did something wrong later, she didn’t deserve to die. Her experience over the years, I just told you, is very bumpy, and now put into death row, but also a strange combination of circumstances, a misunderstanding. Xiao Yongjia suddenly raised his eyes and interrupted his explanation. You don’t have to be so nervous. Do you think I was young when I was young? It’s better if she’s not dead. So I don’t feel like I owe someone something. Gao Qiu finally breathed a sigh of relief and sighed, “Ah Ling, you are so kind.”. I was afraid that you were oversensitive, so I didn’t come back to tell you. I’m relieved that you believe me. Xiao Yongjia asked a few words about Shao Yuniang, learned that she was tortured after imprisonment, now very ill, Gao Qiu has asked the prison officer to arrange another cell for her to see a doctor, nodded. After thinking about it, he added, “She hates me, doesn’t she?”? In front of you, did you say I was not good? Gao Qiu immediately remembered that Shao Yuniang had pointed out that his wife had sent someone to kill her. Subconsciously, he didn’t believe it. But look at that Shaw, it is also a promise, not like a lie. First, things have passed for so many years, people are alive, Gao really do not want to fight for this and his wife again. Second, it is also possible that on that day, it was Zhu’s people who saw Shao’s brother and sister diving away, in order to frame them,calcium ammonium nitrate price, so they deliberately spoke like this, which led to Shao’s misunderstanding. How could she hate you? How can you say you are not good in front of me? You don’t think too much. “Gao Qiu coaxed.” Just now you said that she became the Incense Lord of the Tianshi Sect. Has she been to Jingkou before? Xiao Yongjia asked. Gao Qiu was stupefied and said vaguely, “I should have been there..” 。


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