Choose one from two imperial concubines

“Moon Emperor please ~” I am surprised ~ how can he look for me Chapter 53 dialogue with super invincible BOSS I followed the palace attendant to the door of the Moon Emperor’s tent I looked up and saw no one Oh I just came out to hunt Look at this battle This is the way of life of the top people in the pyramid! “Aunt ~!” A familiar voice came from the tent “Hey there’s someone else” Qi Bing Yue Huang ~ Yue Cheng Childe brought here I glanced at the palace attendant At least let me find out who was inside If I accidentally bump into the love Flavors and Fragrances affair of the Moon Emperor my skin will not be tight Come in “The vigorous voice of the Moon Emperor came from inside” I stood in the doorway still wondering whether to go in I just feel a force behind me I stepped into the tent I stare back fiercely ~ damn the palace attendant ~! Push me into the tiger’s mouth See Moon Emperor ~ “I walked to the center with my head down and crouched in super slow motion ~” “No need to be polite ~ get up ~” Girl I am waiting for your words ~ I stand up Only then did I see that the Queen of the Moon was also there At first glance this was not Miss Feng It turned out to be a relative of the Queen of the Moon “You go down first I have something to say to Aiqing” Aiqing I got a shiver! “I beg to retire ~” “My daughter retired” Months later she went out of the tent with the help of Miss Feng My hair is standing up There is a super invincible BOSS sitting in front of me There was a silence in the tent I was so nervous that I was sweating but I didn’t see the movement of the Moon Emperor My heart was crossed I quietly raised my head and held it back It was just right for his smiling eyes I looked away not away Hey I must be stupid one day “Moon City” “Er ~ in ~” “Sit down” I took a big breath and quickly moved to the side to sit down I was so nervous ” I hear you have a good relationship with my third emperor He drank tea leisurely and asked casually How do I answer that “Well not bad” I gave a dry smile His mother passed away as soon as he was born The moon emperor suddenly murmured and began to say I was surprised to look up unexpectedly saw that pair of often smiling eyes sad ~ let me do not know how to deal with He changed his mood so fast that I couldn’t keep up with him After his mother passed away I married the present Queen of the Moon ~ So the night son hates me very much although he does not say but I know He hated me for not loving his mother forever He propped his head with one hand and his long silver bangs covered his deep eyes and he could no longer fathom his look I do it for his good Sent him back to his mother’s home ~ I ~ all for him … … But he hates me ~ “In front of him is no longer a high emperor but a father who loves his son He will marry the current month and send Szeto night away from the palace There must be a reason Looking at him I think he must love his mother deeply” I can’t help but infect his sad mood ~ “Will you help me” He suddenly raised his eyes to look at me GlobalChemMall An emperor put down his identity “Yes” I nodded my head forcefully Our father-son relationship depends on you “He looked at me firmly” Yeah I nod harder ~ “You go to find him ~ I want to stay alone ~” “Yes I retire” I walked out of the tent full of emotion I walked to the horse valiantly and just wanted to get on the horse Oh my God What did I just promise I ~ What ability do I have to control Szeto’s thoughts ~ I how can I help ease their father-son relationship ~ Snow Rabbit ~ You must be the most stupid fool in the world I slapped my head melon seeds inside that is really a big BOSS speaking like hypnosis ~ I actually promised him so!!! This is going to be a big problem Frustrated I mounted my horse and rode off to the meadow Snow bunny!!! Where have you been Didn’t I tell you to wait for me there Szeto looked at me worriedly at night I ~ I did not go where hey hey ~ “I dry smile dare not look at him just a moment of time I” sold “his brother” I hit a lot of stuff They’re baking there Fast ~ Late is gone ~ “He goes around to my side with great interest lightly whips my horse it runs up ~ Complicated mood makes me not happy” What should I say to him Chapter 54 the calm before the storm Into the woods only to Household Chemicals find Feng brother Bai Song Gu Zicen are in around the fire leisurely barbecue I jumped off my horse and rushed over Are you here too Why didn’t I see it when I came “I asked with a smile” Where can you see us “Bai Song winked at me ambiguously” What’s the matter Jealous Szeto night later put his arm around my shoulder and looked at Bai Song with a proud face How dare you “Pure envy” At this time not speaking is the king’s way I kept a smile on my face and let Situ sit down on my shoulder at night A smell of food wafted I followed the taste to see my God delicious wings I swallowed saliva I want to eat oh I looked up and my brother handed me the wings with a smile I immediately reached for the fork with the wings for fear that he would go back on his word and take it away “It was a little hot so I quickly drew back the hand that pulled the wings and held it in my mouth” Did you burn it Szeto asked nervously at night Touch four “I said vaguely with my fingers in my hands” He took the fork from my hand carefully pulled down the wings tore them into strips of meat and handed them to my mouth ~ I took a glance and the others were not looking at us so I dared to open my mouth and eat it As I ate I glanced around What was that basket covered with cloth I slowly moved over and opened it quietly only to see a pair of red eyes facing mine Rabbit ~ Rabbit ~!!!! I am excited to call `hold it up to touch touch ~ Do you like it The voice of Szeto Night appeared in my ears Yeah I always like it You see how cute it is I picked up the little rabbit picked up one of its soft paws and shook it to Szeto Night Yuefeng saw the snow rabbit pick up the rabbit happy and Szeto night slapstick appearance the eyes darkened pushed the bamboo box behind him


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