Chiaki Sui

“Xiao Wang is here. I don’t know which Demon master is driving the light. Why are you?” Xuanxiao looked back. “Do you know me?” “How can you not remember?” The King of Hell glanced at the ice cave and said, “Xuanxiao..” Did you come out from the bottom of the East China Sea? “You can’t explain it when you see me now?” Xuanxiao brushed his sleeve and stopped the nonsense he still wanted to say: “Where is Tianqing?” “Yun Tianqing?”? Didn’t he leave the ghost world? Why are you still asking me? The King of Hell rolled his eyes and said, “I sent him out to look for you last time. Didn’t you see him?” “I have seen him, but he has never come back for five hundred years.” “Come back?”? I thought he was trapped in the East Sea with you. Why? Didn’t you? The expression of the King of Hell pretends to be lifelike: “Strange..” Why didn’t Qing come back that day? Xuanxiao’s heart sank, not even in the ghost world? Tianqing, where on earth did you go? Or did I hurt you too much before, so you deliberately avoided me and refused to see me? The King of Hell coughed lightly and looked at his expression carefully. “If you want to say that Tianqing is also the person I care about in the ghost world, I will send a ghost pawn to help you look for him.”? I think the cultivation of azure must have become a demon, and it should not be difficult to find. “…… Just as well Xuanxiao heaved a deep sigh: “If you find it, let me know with it.” He threw a bell to the King of Hell, which he tried to refine with magic gas and could be used for communication. If I find Azure, I’ll let you know. The King of Hell promised. Xuanxiao seemed to feel something was wrong,Fish measuring board, and looked at him suspiciously, but could not see anything wrong. So he nodded and left the ghost world. If there is nothing here, he still has to go to the world to find it. In any case, he must find the azure. The King of Hell smiled: “At least I have been the King of Hell for thousands of years, controlling the ghost world,Wheel tape measure, a place that doesn’t care about three things..” Still can’t handle you? Turning around, he found that the eyes of the ghost pawn next to him were not quite right. The bird that had just come flapping its wings was simply contemptuous. The King of Hell coughed lightly and turned back. He also loves Tianqing and doesn’t want him to be trapped like this again. But no way, the most important thing is his own life, he left azure is already very dangerous, this is still hiding from the divine world. What are you looking at here? Go and do your own thing. He put away the bell that Xuanxiao had given him and went back to the Palace of the King of Hell. Choo. Choo? Feng Ya Song flew to one side to study with himself. What to do? “We’re late, or we can tell Xuanxiao directly.” “So what happens now?” “We can’t get out of the ghost world. We have to wait for him to come back.” “But Xuanxiao has already given the bell to the King of Hell, how can he come back himself?”? What to do? “Then..” Why don’t we steal the bell? “Good idea!”! Good idea! “Well, after stealing it, we’ll contact Xuanxiao ourselves.” “Let’s do it!” “Steal it now!” Leaving the ghost world, horse weight tape ,Diameter tape measure, Xuanxiao found himself in a small forest, where there was a little fighting. Although he did not want to join in the fun, he felt the fluctuation of the immortal spirit and the evil spirit, as well as the ghost spirit in it. So immediately walked over, perhaps someone here can know where Qionghua is now. Approaching, he immediately saw a blue shirt with a white lining, revealing the logo of Qionghua on it. It really takes no effort to get it. A group of people from Tangmen surrounded the four of them, and each of them had poison in his hand. This poison let four people dare not act rashly, no way to break through easily. One of them said, “Xue Jian, don’t blame me for not thinking about brother-sister friendship. As long as you hand over the five poisonous beasts, I can naturally release you and your companions.” The jacaranda immediately hid behind the snow and refused to come out. I don’t think Jacaranda likes you. Does it prefer snow? Jingtian said, “Since Xuejian is also a member of the Tang family, why can’t the five poisonous beasts be handed over to Xuejian?” Someone on the opposite side immediately gave off a murderous look, and a handful of poisonous sand spilled out. Nonsense! The five poisonous beasts were originally fed by my Tang family, and she stole them. “Seeing the arsenopyrite being brushed away by the man in white and blue, the elder brother said in a harsh voice,” I said how dare Xue Jian steal the treasure of the Tang family.. It turns out that you little thieves who covet the treasures of my school are encouraging you! “Don’t speak so harshly. Who said I was stealing?” Xue Jian angrily pointed at him and said, “Hua Ying herself is willing to go with me!” Would you like to go with you? Ha ha ha All the people in Tangmen laughed as if they had heard a joke. Elder brother The girl in blue pulled Jingtian’s sleeve nervously, not knowing what was going on. See you in the snow, if you want to make up a reason, make up a better one! The Five Poisonous Beasts have always been the spirit beasts raised by Tangmen. Why don’t you go with you, who are not from the Tang family? You’re kidding! “What do you mean?” Xue Jian’s face turned pale at once. “What is not the Tang family?” “All the people of Tangmen.” The man in white and blue stepped forward and said slowly, “Brother and sister have been together for more than ten years. Why do you say hurtful words for a foreign object?”? What’s more, who the Five Poisonous Beasts are willing to go with comes from themselves. They have existed between heaven and earth for at least five hundred years. They are really not Tangmen’s things. “Bah!” One of the men of Tangmen spat to the side: “What are you?”? Five hundred years ago? Five hundred years ago, you know? You think we’re that gullible? Hurry up and get the five poisons out, or you’ll all be buried here! “Ziying, I don’t think it makes sense to them. Do it!” Jingtian’s anger also came up, and the magic sword waved and said. Murong Ziying frowned. The gods and demons in the world were in chaos. He really didn’t want human beings to kill each other. Hum Ziying, when did you begin to be a woman? A voice suddenly came faintly from behind Tangmen: “What’s the difference between an evil man and an evil demon?”? It’s better to kill once and for all than to stay and harm the world. “Otherwise,Pi tape measure, both demons and people have their own reasons. There are few who can be killed and many who can be pardoned. How can they be killed easily?” After subconsciously replying to such a sentence, Murong Zi Yingcai reacted, and the voice he had just spoken sounded familiar! “You are Uncle Xuanxiao!” He couldn’t help exclaiming.


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