Chaotic Lei Xiu 202002

On this day, with a flash of a green sword, a beautiful woman in white eerily appeared at the main entrance of the main hall on the top floor of the Great Hungry Pavilion. Although this woman is beautiful and elegant, she can speak very rudely. When she came here, she shouted directly and rudely: “Huo Qingyun, get out of here!” This female magic power is profound, although only a word, but the surrounding ice and snow are trembling, the voice came far away, people within a radius of thousands of miles are afraid to hear. Huo Qingyun is the layman’s name of Qingyun Xiangu, the head of Banjiao Pavilion. In the dustpan hunger pavilion, the highest status is the owner of the pavilion, but now there is an uninvited guest, in the spot hunger pavilion in the gate of the hall of hunger, not polite to shout the name of the owner of the pavilion, this is obviously a provocation ah? Naturally, it was not easy to ridicule the people of the cabinet, and the light of the sword came from all directions. In just a few breaths, hundreds of nuns above the golden elixir came here. They were all aggressive to ask for punishment, but as soon as they saw the woman who spoke, they were all deflated. One by one, you looked at me, I looked at you, and none of them dared to talk. For no other reason,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, this woman is really too famous. The famous Plum Blossom Goddess, the first master of the benefits of Cangmang Mountain, killing yuan Ying Friar is a matter of waving hands. Legend has it that this woman is moody. If she doesn’t do it, she will hurt others. I don’t know how many people she killed when she was walking outside. The whole thing is like an evil star. In the face of such a character, who dares to disrespect? So although there were even yuan Ying monks among the people who came, they all wisely chose to shut up. The heart says, what look for anyway is not me, it is cabinet Lord, what do I follow to mix? Just then,stainless steel welded pipe, the front door of the hall suddenly opened and three men came out. The one in front is a middle-aged nun dressed in Tsing Yi. She is very outstanding, but her pretty face is full of power. It is clear that she has been in a high position for a long time. Need not ask also know, this person is the cabinet owner of the micro-hunger pavilion, Qingyun Xiangu Huo Qingyun. A person on the left behind Huo Qingyun was a nun in red who was more than ten years old. Her strength had reached the late stage of the golden elixir. It was Huo Qianwu, a disciple of Xuantian Bie yuan. The man on the right behind Huo Qingyun was a teenage girl, dressed in white and with a solemn face. Although she did not work hard, she could still feel a chill coming from her body. If Song Zhong were here, he would certainly recognize that this nun, who had reached the late stage of building the foundation, was his comrade-in-arms in Qiancuiping, who controlled the cold ice of the sword of Baoban Hungry Ice Soul. At the same time, after three people came out, they slowly came to the plum blossom goddess. Qingyun Fairy Huo Qingyun frowned and said, “Elder Martial Sister came here today with a murderous look. It doesn’t seem like she’s here for tea, does it?” “Naturally not”. The plum blossom goddess said coldly. Oh, are you here to ask for punishment? Huo Qingyun frowned and said, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, “But I don’t know where my little sister offended me.” “Fire abandons clouds, don’t pretend here.”. The Plum Blossom Goddess said disdainfully, “What did your mother and daughter do? You can’t hide it now!” As soon as the plum blossom goddess said this, the people around her suddenly changed their faces. You know, nominally, Qingyun Xiangu Huo Qingyun, who is the Lord of Wei Hungry Pavilion, is single. How can a single nun gather a daughter? When Huo Qingyun heard this, his face suddenly changed and he said, “Plum Blossom Goddess, what are you talking nonsense about?”? I respect you as Elder Martial Sister. How can you spit blood at people? “Bloody mouth?”? Ha ha ha When the Plum Blossom Goddess heard this, she looked up to the sky and said with a laugh, “I have practiced Plum Blossom for hundreds of years. Do you think I can’t figure out that you and Huoqianwu are a mother-daughter relationship?” “Ah!” As soon as the female monks around heard this, they all exclaimed and looked at Qingyun Xiangu and Huoqianwu with a surprised face. Huo Ganwu looked a little flustered, but Huo Qingyun was wily. He immediately said angrily, “Nonsense. Who doesn’t know that Huo Qianwu is my brother’s daughter? Don’t think you can do whatever you want if you are congenitally easy!” “Not bad!” Huo Qianwu hurriedly stood out and said, “Shibo, I don’t know how I offended you, but please forgive me and keep my mouth shut.”. Don’t talk nonsense about things without evidence! “Ha ha, you really deserve to be mother and daughter.”. Plum blossom goddess then laughed and said, “the same shameless.”. Qingyun Fairy Huo Qingyun was so angry that her face turned green. If she didn’t know she couldn’t beat the Plum Blossom Goddess, she would have done it long ago. She took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, and then said, “Plum Blossom Goddess, if you slander me again without any evidence, don’t blame me for being rude.” As he spoke, Huo Qingyun. Wink out, around the nuns immediately understand, quietly began to surround the plum blossom goddess, and showed their magic weapon flying sword, a word of disagreement, together with the meaning of siege. The plum blossom goddess snorted coldly. Ignoring the nuns around, he said directly, “Huo Qingyun, you can continue to be stubborn!”! Now that Song Zhong has come back, how long can you be arrogant? What? Song Zhong is back? When Huo Qingyun and Huo Qianwu heard this, they almost coincidentally exclaimed. Of course The Plum Blossom Goddess said bitterly, “Thanks to you two bitches, Hong Fu and the Fire Dragon Taoist have succeeded in forcing Song Zhong and Xuantianbieyuan to break up completely, so that as soon as he came back, he was besieged in the moving building.”. Are you happy now? Hearing the plum blossom goddess say so, the people around him were naturally dewy, but Huo Qingyun and Huo Qianwu all breathed a sigh of relief. Huo Qingyun pretended to be surprised and said, “Don’t I remember Song Zhong is the traitor of the monster?”? Then you Xuantianbieyuan accept] He should be on the page, too. Yes, such a bastard, everyone has to punish it. Even if you kill him, it’s just to clean up the house! Fire thousand dance leisurely way. Apparently, in the eyes of their mother and daughter. Song Zhong was besieged in the moving building, which was equivalent to a dead man. In a place like that, you can tie up a distracted monk. Even the strong yuan Ying like Feng Lao Mo was captured alive. Even if Song Zhong again strong, certainly also can only drink hate in this. The two of them were happy,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, but after listening to the ice, they frowned, and a feeling of sadness rose.


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