Cali Kush Strain

The name Cali Kush (or California Kush) depicts something like two unmistakable strains in wide distribution – – and amusingly, nor was delivered in California.

One is a reasonable unadulterated indica made by the Netherlands-based organization Sumo Seeds. The other is an indica-inclining mixture reared by Amnesia Seeds from Spain.

Sumo Seeds’ indica Cali Kush is a cross between grant winning Mendocino Purps and staple indica LA Secret. It has little to medium-sized buds that show up for the most part circular with a tight and thick bud structure.

The light green leaves are streaked with shades of blue and purple which come about when high centralizations of colors in the plant (logical passed on from the Purps parent strain) are animated by chilly temperatures during development.

Relieved blossoms of this Cali Kush have for the most part botanical, natural aromas for certain traces of mint. Smoke is smooth and has a fruity persistent flavor.

This strain has a balanced high notwithstanding its completely indica hereditary qualities. Clients might have first impressions of care and honed insight.


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