BSCS Computer Science at Hajvery University

BSCS Computer Science

BSCS is also known as Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Pakistan. The very first aim of this program is to provide a durable foundation to students and prepare them as computer scientists, technology entrepreneurs, academia professionals, information security analysts, software developers, and many more for the modern technology industry. This program is not only developed problem-solving skills in the students but also adapted in nature, easy to introduce to students, and has understandable computing disciplines for students. Furthermore, Computer Science is the study of both theoretical and practical aspects of computer technology and usage and assists students to explore these studies in depth. 

A student of BS computer science at Hajvery University

BS Computer Science at Hajvery University

The BSCS program at Hajvery University has a clear aim to impart research-based education programs which produce IT professionals who would perform their roles to transform the IT industry of Pakistan.

Our CS courses are specially designed in such a manner that would meet all current and existing holes in the IT industry. Additionally, BSCS courses are taught by well-known IT professionals who have exceptional national and international IT industry experiences. Moreover, research is conducted at HAJVERY UNIVERSITY IT labs diligently with the close collaboration of our local and international partners. More importantly, our students work with our research teams by utilizing their classroom knowledge and through this, they gain in-depth practical work experience with hands-on experience to maximize their IT skills. Collectively, we can say that the combination of all these activities such as foreign and local IT faculty, modern IT research labs, well-designed course contents, and research projects opportunities that all means our students left the university as skilled IT professionals and ready to become an asset for IT industry as well as for Pakistan.

Hajvery University (HAJVERY UNIVERSITY) Pakistan offers a four-year BSCS program which includes a wide range of courses based on principles, applications, methods, and multiple different theories of computing and information technologies that all assist and enable the students to acquire exceptional knowledge of the IT industry and utilize that knowledge for the IT sector globally. Besides providing IT knowledge to CS students, we also provide general education courses to individuals to further enhance their knowledge of some other compulsory subjects to build a strong perspective culturally, ethically, religiously, politically, and economically. Our BSCS course meets all the current demands of the IT sector and is approved by the HEC (Higher Education Commission) of Pakistan. Along with this, our students will also eagerly participate in organized seminars, knowledgeable workshops, and different healthy competitions to enhance their skills and prove themselves that they are ready for the latest and upcoming trends in the IT sector. Our Computer Science program also ensures highly skilled graduates full of IT knowledge who are ready to lead the world front in the industry of computer science nationally as well as globally. As far as career growth is concerned in the IT industry, our CS graduates have tremendous opportunities to start their careers as Computer Scientists, Data Scientists, Quality Assurance, DevOps Engineers, Mobile Automation Engineers, QA Automation and Manual Engineers, SDET, Software Developers, IT Project Managers, Java Developers, Information Security Scientists and many more like this. 

The maximum period of completion of this program is four years. The desired degree is awarded to only those individuals who complete a minimum of 132 credit hours including six credit hours of their project with a passing percentage or CGPA of a minimum of 2.50/4.00.



Computer science is one of the most promising and long-lasting career-oriented areas which possesses noticeable growth and clear success in this field. After completing this program, individuals as computer professionals can handle modern and latest computer technologies and concepts. They are not only able to develop different computer software but also develop mobile applications which are now in demand in today’s world. Globally, a clear majority of people are connected with modern tools and technologies in every field which shows the importance of this program. Therefore, we offer modern CS courses that cover all computing disciplines so our graduates are very much familiar with today’s software development processes and networked systems with high expertise in information security, network, and communications, or data-centric computing. Lastly, our graduates have a strong understanding of computing disciplines and management skills and are fully confident to find their careers in various organizations or businesses such as in the field of medicine, law, education and social sciences, etc.



The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science abbreviated as BSCS and also in some countries narrated as (BSCS, or B.Sc. CS) is a kind of bachelor’s degree that would be awarded after completing the study in computer science. Generally, this program highlights the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing disciplines. Computer Science programs were initially established as an academic discipline back in the 1950s and the early 1960s. More in the deep, first time in history, the computer science term was coined by George Forsythe, a numerical analyst. Globally, the first computer science program was initiated as Cambridge Diploma in Computer Science by the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in 1953.



Civilize students with theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge of Computer Science.

Acquire fundamental computing knowledge by individuals which is useful when they start their professional roles in the industry

Successfully introduce themselves as young technical entrepreneurs with the help of professional coaches.

Prepare students to get proficiency in computer science programs such as software development, data analysis and programming languages and tools etc.

To build strong communication skills along with technical and managerial skills.

Demonstrate knowledge of core concepts such as algorithms, computation, operating systems, linguistics of programming languages etc.

Provide knowledge of problem-solving skills.

Enhance professional and personal ethical standards to become a productive leader for society.

Build constant and continuous improvements in individuals who keep exploring new areas or fields in computer science for their respective organizations as well as for the sake of research projects.

Motivate individuals professionally for their long-lasting learning activities, and career growth opportunities, explore research areas, gain and enhance professional knowledge. 

Provide students with knowledge of the decision-making process, problem-solving skills, hands-on experience and application of different computing theories.


BSCS Specialization

Undoubtedly, the BSCS program is a well-recognized and important discipline due to its adaptive nature in this modern era globally. So, our curriculum is designed in such a way that covers all the necessary computing disciplines and after completing the degree our students are fully confident to secure their careers in the computing industry as an expert nationally and internationally. In our BSCS discipline you will get a chance to study the following courses as specialization courses;


Computer and Network Security 

In today’s world, where many websites faced hacking issues through unethical ways from outside hackers or attackers and lost their necessary data. To prevent this issue or stop unauthorized access different multiple organizations or some other businesses have taken solid measures. Those measures or steps are guided by the concept of computer network security. Furthermore, computer network security deals with different approaches for different requirements depending on the size of the network. Coming to the importance of this course, this subject will wholly cover all major topics related to networks and different level securities. The journey of this course will start with very basic knowledge of network security i.e. introduction and importance of networking. Furthermore, students will learn some other enhanced level of knowledge about network security such as introduction to network level attacks, defense mechanisms, wireless networking security, host level security, and some other common network services i.e. DNS, HTTP, SQL, and many more like this. Additionally, students will also gain their knowledge through various lab exercises and apply their classroom experiences to resolve real-time networking-related problems in lab sessions.


Mobile and Web Computing 

Hajvery University (HAJVERY UNIVERSITY) also offers their students Mobile and Web Computing courses as a part of specialization courses due to their growing importance in today’s world. Nobody can ignore the emerging importance of mobile devices in our daily routine. At HAJVERY UNIVERSITY, you will increase your knowledge with a hands-on exercise in designing and developing different web and mobile applications from general concepts to the final development process. Under this course, you will get a chance to learn various mobile and web computing topics such as multiple applications of smartphones, cellular networks, embedded sensor systems, localization systems, wearable and vehicular mobile systems, mobile phone security, and many more like this.


Artificial Intelligence 

At Hajvery University, you will get a chance to explore the most necessary and fundamental knowledge for understanding different concepts, applications, and principles of AI. Not limited to this, you will also be exposed to some other basic search algorithms for solving a problem, machine learning, pattern recognition, fuzzy logic, neural networks, and knowledge representation and reasoning. You will also be able to interact with AI professionals personally and discuss career growth in AI and many more. Interestingly, the course does not require any prior knowledge about AI and is designed in such a manner that you will enhance your AI knowledge from the basics to the advanced level at HAJVERY UNIVERSITY.


Software Engineering

The software engineering course is one of the most important and emerging courses in the field of computer science. Our primary purpose is to impart useful knowledge about different Computer Programs, Web Development and Project Management to students through this software engineering course. Firstly, you will interact with different software development life-cycle (SDLC) phases and after that will be able to understand basic and general terminologies which are used in the software engineering field. By doing this course, our students will also get practical knowledge in the university’s modern computer labs. Furthermore, different python software development libraries and debugging tools will be going through by students and used these in project opportunities to enhance their basic knowledge by involving them in modifying, building, and testing software activities. HAJVERY UNIVERSITY designed this course to lay the foundation not only for achieving academic excellence but also to become an asset in the software engineering field. As far as academic activities are concerned, our university has excellent classrooms for attending lectures and will also provide hands-on material in both hard-form and soft-form to students. You will also be able to read productive texture material written by well-known authors about software engineering at HAJVERY UNIVERSITY. Furthermore, our university also provides tools such as Playposit, and Perusall, to gain practical knowledge. During the class, productive activities such as taking assignments, quizzes, and group presentations all explain the key principles studied in the classroom. 

Semester Overview


The following courses are covered at Hajvery University (HAJVERY UNIVERSITY) in the BSCS program: 

Semester 1 

Introduction to ICT

Programming Fundamentals

Calculus & Analytical Geometry

English Composition

Applied Physics

Semester 2 

Digital Logic Design

Object-Oriented Programming

Communication Skills

Probability & Statistics

University Elective-1

Semester 3 

Computer Organization & Assembly Lang

Data Structure & Algorithm

Discrete Structure

Professionals Practices

CS Supporting Course-1

Semester 4 

Design & Analysis of Algorithm

Theory of Auto-mats

Database Systems

Linear Algebra

University Elective-2

Semester 5 

Compiler Construction

CS Supporting -2

Operating Systems

Software Engineering

CS Supporting-3

Semester 6

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Networks

Technical And Business Writing

CS Electvie-1

CS Elective-2


Semester 7

Final Year Project

CS Elective-3

CS Elective-4

University Elective-3

Parallel & Distributed Computing

Pakistan Studies


Semester 8

Final Year Project

University Elective -4

Information Security

Islamic Studies/Ethics

CS Elective-5

CS Elective-5

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