Big fellow queen Chen Ejiao

In the year when she just entered the palace, she was not favored, but later she was favored. Before she was not favored, she knew that Liu Che still loved Chen Ejiao very much, but Chen Ejiao had a bad temper at that time. Later, she was spoiled, and the number of times the emperor went to see Chen Ejiao became less and less. And Chen Ejiao also often look for her trouble, later Chen Ejiao was abolished because of the disaster of witchcraft. And now hear Chen Ejiao’s remarks, empress Wei zifu heart sank. This kind of thought, she only in the midnight dream, in the mind a thought, never dare to say. In fact, every woman has a queen’s dream in her heart. History is always written by the winner. Once I succeeded, it was not a rebellion, and Emperor Gaozu was not a rebellion at that time? Chen Ejiao looked at empress Wei zifu. The so-called rebellion is just the code name of those losers. Once you succeed, you are the king! Empress Wei Zifu at this time has also sat up, “Chen Ejiao why do you want to tell me this, don’t you afraid I tell the emperor?”? Once I tell the emperor about this kind of thing, you will die. Aren’t you afraid? Now that I’ve told you, I’m not afraid. Empress Wei zifu you are now after the waste, you don’t forget, you have a son. Today you can be found and saved. What about tomorrow? What about the long days ahead? Do you think someone will come to save you? You’re not me, Empress Wei Zifu. You know where you come from. I am the daughter of Princess Guantao, in this harem even if Liu Che waste me,touch screen digital signage, I still enjoy the treatment of the queen. But look at you now..? Chen Ejiao will now put all the interests in front of empress Wei zifu, the same is the gap after the waste or some. When Liu Che abolished Chen Ejiao’s position as queen, Chen Ejiao still enjoyed the treatment of queen. But now empress Wei zifu is not very good treatment. Me? What do you want me to do? You want me to help you? Wei Zifu has some vague understanding of Chen Ejiao’s plan, she also felt Chen Ejiao’s ambition. An ambitious woman is sometimes more terrible than an ambitious man. Yes, I want you to help me, but I will not let your son become the emperor, and your empress Wei Zifu has no choice, don’t forget. According to Liu now in my hand, in addition to help me,temperature screening kiosk, you don’t I choose! For empress Wei zifu this kind of woman, such a woman who can endure, do not poke her sore spot is not good, Chen Ejiao immediately opened his mouth, want to pierce this person’s sore spot. Chen Ejiao, you, you threaten me, you can’t touch my son, or I’ll fight with you! Chen Ejiao smiled coldly and immediately stepped forward and grabbed Empress Wei Zifu’s hand. “I tell you, this is a threat.”. If you don’t help me, in this palace, I want to kill a useless queen, and a useless prince, it’s easy! You’d better think about it, if I become the queen, you empress Wei zifu but with your son to the fief, thermal imaging camera ,digital whiteboard price, as long as you behave yourself, I will let you live a good life! Chen Ejiao finished and left. Chapter 153 Short Story 6. Chen Ejiao and empress Wei zifu two people’s dialogue, no one knows. Only the two of them know that everything is going according to plan, Chen Ejiao is still waiting, has been waiting for an opportunity. An appropriate time, two days later, Chen Ejiao is still the same as usual, nothing in the palace painted red. Recently, she has been keen on this kind of red painting game, which can make people calm down, and Chen Ejiao likes it very much. Painted pottery still stood beside her, looking at Chen Ejiao painted red. Empress, the maidservant sees you drawing red all day. Is it really so funny? Painted pottery some do not understand Chen Ejiao, now Mrs. Li has died, Empress Wei Zifu has been abolished, and the first harem and no new people, it is a good opportunity to please the emperor, why Chen Ejiao has not been any action. Even if the emperor occasionally came here to sit, she did not show special concern, as if it did not matter whether the emperor came or not, which made the painted pottery even more confused. It’s fun, of course it’s fun. If it’s not fun, how can I keep playing? Painted pottery, do you have something to say to me? For painted pottery this palace person, Chen Ejiao can not say how much like, because this palace person is really not very smart, if not Chen Ejiao protection, in this harem do not know how many times to die. But it is because the painted pottery speaks truthfully, which makes Chen Ejiao feel a kind of truth in this harem, a kind of truth that can not be felt from other places. There are too many falsehoods in the harem, but some of them are so precious, and now Chen Ejiao can protect the painted pottery, so she let the girl go on like that. But now this painted pottery still keeps this truth and says everything directly. Empress, you are the only lady in the harem now. Why are you so indifferent to the emperor? For example, the emperor could have stayed last night, but you took it away. I really don’t understand. Empress, what do you want to do? Sure enough, this painted pottery is still worried about Chen Ejiao’s favor, painted pottery is to want Chen Ejiao’s rebirth to be favored, and then sit on the queen’s position, and in her view, this is quite feasible, and at this time Chen Ejiao is a smile. Painted pottery, do you think that if the emperor stays with me, I will be loved again? I guess you’re wrong. It’s never been like this. Chen Ejiao sighed, this painted pottery will never learn to be smart, she will always look at the appearance. Isn’t it? Empress, as long as the emperor stays here more, you get the emperor’s favor, maybe the empress can be the queen again? Don’t you want to be queen again? Painted pottery more and more do not understand Chen Ejiao, before she spoke, Chen Ejiao will generally listen to. But since the last time Chen Ejiao hanged herself, she spoke,temperature scanning kiosks, Chen Ejiao generally will not listen, just laugh that she is quite ridiculous, but she is clearly not so ridiculous ah.


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