Best Tiger Safari Holiday Tours in India

In the beginning, Nature Safari India had a clear vision of what the tourist industry in India ought to be like. It revolved around the idea of preserving natural resources and was the impetus behind the coining of the phrase “conservation via tourism.” Sharad Vats, the founder of Nature Safari India, had his first encounter with a tiger in the year 1990. He was only 23 years old at the time, but he had no idea that just one sighting would transfer him to a world where forests were the only thing that mattered. At the time, he didn’t even realise that he had seen it.


The year 2005 compelled us to reconsider our previous beliefs. Our objective was to increase public knowledge of some of the country’s lesser-known national parks so that local communities could benefit from the expansion of tourism. The neighbourhood benefited from the progressive resolution of employment concerns faced by small-scale lodges. As a result of this, BBC Travel has acknowledged Nature Safari India as being among the best wildlife travel companies in India.




Nevertheless, the year 2006 was a watershed year for Nature Safari. The Chitvan Jungle Lodge is the product of our efforts to meet the challenge of developing a resort that is friendly to the natural environment. Chitvan was the first resort in all of India to install a kitchen garden, which is now situated on 14 acres of arable land and is surrounded on all sides by the green Kanha National Park. We quickly became certified as a Travel Operator for Tigers (TOFT), which acknowledges our efforts to reduce our carbon and water footprints.




Nature Safari India, which carries on the legacy of Chitvan, has formed partnerships with two charitable organisations, including the well-known Waste Warriors in Corbett National Park. Giving something back to the natural world has always been one of our highest priorities. In addition, we continue to make an effort to provide an education to a youngster from a less privileged background for each and every person who books a best wildlife travel companies in India with us.




Because of how hard our team works, your dream holiday with Nature Safari India might become a reality thanks to all of their hard work. Because honesty and dedication are in our blood, we make it our business to ensure that the customised itinerary we create for you is nothing less than a dream. It gives us great pleasure to say that throughout the course of the previous 20 years, our Guest Loyalty Index has increased significantly. Because of the hard efforts that our staff puts in each and every day, all of this and much more is now within our reach.


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