Beauty falls into the city (wear quickly)

Do not know out of what psychology, Liu Wannian shouted again, and then made a gesture to the room, he actually did not understand why, but there is a nameless force to urge him to go, and then, the closer he is, the more clearly he can hear the thin voice, “..” Somebody. Somebody. Dazhi. Dazhi.. The voice was so beautiful that Liu Wannian had never heard such a beautiful voice. He even ignored the meaning of the voice and just walked there step by step, with a special meaning. Then he saw such a scene. The timid little girl, with anxiety and tears in her eyes, seemed to be in some kind of extreme panic, and then when she heard the noise, she suddenly raised her head, and her eyes naturally revealed some kind of dependence and expectation, which was as beautiful as a dream. Liu Wannian immediately froze there, as if he could not hear any sound, and as if he had heard all kinds of messy sounds, as if the whips/cannons at the entrance of the village had suddenly exploded in his mind, making him a whole person. As if all have been sublimated, he seems to remember nothing, and seems to remember everything,manganese beneficiation plant, that feeling of being on cloud nine, almost no way to describe. It seems that nothing can be seen in front of him, only the clear eyes, Liu Wannian licked his lips, and heard another one with some kind of beauty that is hard to describe in words. Wonderful voice, “..” Do I look good? Liu Wannian nodded stiffly, his pupils even more scattered, with some kind of greedy/greedy light. Then you.. Do you want me? Liu Wannian nodded his head unconsciously. Then you have to.. Take some action. There was a smile in the female voice,gold CIP machine, which made him laugh involuntarily, like the two wolf dogs at the door who wanted to be praised by their master. How about paying for me? Once again, he.. Nod your head forcefully, With Liu Dazhi. Ye Liuqing laughed even more, gentle and soft, delicate and timid, with a natural elegance, let people. Infatuation. After Ye Liuqing disappeared, the whole Ye family went crazy. Ye’s father, mother and Ye Jinghua frantically searched for Ye Liuqing. There were so many relationships between the upper and lower levels. All kinds of surveillance/control videos were also trying to get them. There was no rest at all, including talking and talking about the family. They kept looking for them 24 hours a day and 24 hours a day. There was no idea at all. Ye Xiaoyue has been waiting for the opportunity, waiting for the opportunity to enter the eyes of Ye Jia and Tan Jia, and then get everything he wants from now on. But she miscalculated two things. One thing is Ye Liuqing herself, the other is her own father and brother. He Mingsheng was saved by Ye Liuqing by mistake last time, He Jiafang remembered this feeling, gold heap leaching ,sodium cyanide price, especially Mrs. He, women’s feelings for children are always deeper, this time after knowing this matter, He Jiafang went to check, it is also a gratitude, once or twice, it was found on Ye Xiaoyue. On this day, Mrs. He came to Ye’s house. Chapter 80 a Smile (10). Mrs. He didn’t know what to say about it! Say what? Did the daughter who said she was living outside count as the benefactor who saved her son? Young age, the heart should be so vicious, Mrs. He could not believe it! Even if the He family is mixed in both black and white, it is really not done to abduct/sell/people/mouth. It’s so wicked. Who doesn’t have women and children? Is there any need to say what will happen after being designed to be abducted/sold? The words of the present world newspaper, sometimes it is really not a joke. Now the old man He, think that year is not a direct branch, why he inherited the He family? There is no one over there! Very not easy to give birth to a child, less than a year old died, and then how can not be born, whether the wife or go outside to find love. People, or what borrows the abdomen to give birth to a child and so on, all can’t be born, even if lucky to be born, one year old before also absolutely died, finally there is no one, but under the He family passed to the present He Laozi, that is, at that time, the He family faintly rumors came, all said that the He family did too much evil, so there is no successor, and therefore, after the He Laozi took over Only then did they formulate a series of family rules for the He family, doing something and not doing something. And Mrs. He, I really didn’t think that her daughter who was living outside could do such a thing! How terrible it must be. According to the results of the survey, Ye Liuqing really has nothing to be sorry for Ye Xiaoyue. Instead, Ye Xiaoyue, like a poisonous snake, lies in ambush in a dark corner, waiting to stretch out her fangs at any time and give people a sharp mouthful. Ye Liuqing invites Ye Xiaoyue to her home and helps her solve her problems by the way. As a result, Ye Xiaoyue actually turned around to give Ye Liuqing’s brown sugar water to ease/sleep/medicine! When Mrs. He saw the report, she was shocked. What is the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog? What do you mean by biting the hand that feeds you? This is it! In an instant, Mrs. He no longer had a trace of guilt and affection for the lost daughter, and everything that followed shocked Mrs. He even more! Just because Ye Liuqing exposed Ye Xiaoyue’s plot, Ye Xiaoyue’s mask ended, so Ye Xiaoyue held a grudge and colluded with people/peddlers/children to abduct Ye Liuqing/away! Mrs. He couldn’t believe her eyes! Is this what her own daughter did? This is really both ridiculous and terrible. She really couldn’t imagine. Today, if Ye Xiaoyue is dissatisfied with Ye Liuqing’s exposure, she will be able to collude with people/traffickers/children to abduct Ye Liuqing. Tomorrow, if Ye Xiaoyue is dissatisfied with her children, she will collude with people/traffickers/children to abduct her children! This is really.. That’s terrible. After investigating all this, Mrs. He completely put an end to the plan to take Ye Xiaoyue back to the He family,small gold wash plant, such a serpent-like woman, how dare she go home to pick up? This is not to pick up the daughter left outside at all, but to pick up a fixed/time/bomb/bomb! How dare Mrs. He take such a big risk.


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