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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration also known as BBA in Pakistan is one of the most emerging and popular bachelor’s degree program that young students can choose to complete their schooling stage. This is a four-year undergraduate degree program that deals with management-related education in particular and business principles in general. While doing this course, business students can be equipped with proper and appropriate business and managerial, and leadership qualities. In the broader picture, it means that students can handle every situation and also can work collectively. Additionally, the course also provides space for students to utilize and apply their unique and new ideas to run different businesses and organizations smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Besides this, as a business student, it is very necessary to get a strong grip on speaking and writing skills. Because business students have to maintain their direct and strong relations with respectable clients and other business partners on behalf of their organizations. That’s why both oral sessions and classroom discussions with teachers and outsider guest appearances are equally important to assist students in strengthening their skills which is very much needed to compete at a global level. This program not only endeavors to help fresher’s by developing their managerial skills, organizational skills, and effective communication skills. But also provide timely support to recognize why building leadership qualities will increase the number of opportunities to secure big administrative roles in firms, globally. After completing the degree, students can go for an MBA degree program or either go to the market in any area they like such as international market, real estate, finance, marketing, human resource, accounting, computer information system, and many more these to gain professional experience by showcasing their managerial skills.


In the modern era, where we all fully understand that starting a new business or dealing with old ones is not a simple job. Because new technologies come with a great evaluation with every passing single minute that directly promotes competition among the businesses at a very huge level. And also it is high time to participate and learn business and management skills. As we all know due to the COVID-19 pandemic every country and every business had suffered a lot not from an economic perspective but also in every aspect of life. The pandemic adversely affected all businesses globally by imposing severe limitations. And as a result, most businesses have laid off their employees to compensate for their needs but at the same time, they were looking for good and energetic administrators who are willing to work eagerly and showcase their leadership qualities, thinking capabilities, strategic and innovative mindset, and decision-making skills. Therefore, this is the best time to pursue your career in BBA (Hons) Business Administration. We can say that students with BBA (Hons) Business Administration degrees are always in high demand. They not only earn good livelihoods for themselves but also can serve the country as good administrators and business specialists during any uncertain event. After realizing current business needs across the globe and how to overcome management-related challenges, Hajvery University (HU) designed a degree program in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) that helps the students to stay in touch with emerging today’s and modern technologies and figure out the possible measure of current business problems.


In today’s era, where the world is witnessing and producing more entrepreneurs and businessmen than ever. Students who want to study in the field of business and management can fulfill their wish by choosing a BBA degree program. Hajvery University (HU) has one of the best business school and we also believe that our BBA degree program will ease the ways for students to enter into the business world or to start their careers as successful businessmen and will ensure success as great entrepreneurs. Hajvery University (HU) has designed the BBA course in such a way that directly linked with industry learning. It not only assists business folks to make possible measures for challenges but also encourages them to gain maximum knowledge regarding the selected field of study. And, through different research projects and case studies that assign during their study years at Hajvery University (HU) students will also be able to get more understanding in deep of different business and management subjects with industry-aligned courses. Additionally, Hajvery University (HU) also make sure frequent visits to different industries for students to understand their business environments and to get maximum practical knowledge. We are very serious about our student’s growth and their real success. That’s why by using our industrial linkages nationally and internationally we always make sure that our students will get maximum industrial exposure. Such exposure to industries and firms during the study years of students will ensure that they get maximum good opportunities. Because it is important for business students to secure good administrative roles in reputed organizations to compete with world standards.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Hons. is a four-year degree program and consists of 08 semesters. The desired degree is awarded to only those individuals who have completed a minimum of 129 credit hours including six credit hours of their project with a passing percentage or CGPA of a minimum of 2.50/4.00.


BBA (Hons.) Specialization Courses

Undoubtedly, the BBA (Hons.) program is a well-recognized and important discipline due to its adaptive nature in this modern era globally. So, our curriculum is designed in such a way that covers all the necessary business disciplines and after completing the degree our students are fully confident to secure their careers in the business industry as an expert nationally and internationally. In our BBA discipline you will get a chance to study the following courses as specialization courses;



Human Resources (HR) is one of the rapidly growing career-making field with a lot of multiple opportunities. In today’s era, the latest IT enhancements and advanced HR technologies have shaped fundamental dimensions of Human Resource Management differently. More specifically, the role of HR-related people is now becoming more challenging and dynamic in real. To provide timely assistance to all the people who are engaged with HR-related activities nationally and internationally, Hajvery University (HU) has offered a four-year degree program with HRM-specialized courses that will assist HR students in channelize their energies at the right time with the right direction while making HR decisions. The said program will not only help HR folks to take tough decisions and implement resultant strategies, but also give them a chance to learn today’s advanced level HR practices and confidently handle complicated functions of Human Resource Management for their organizations. This specialization course will introduce you to all the core principles, practices, and policies of human resource management.



The HU BBA degree program with a specialization in finance is available for all the folks who want to secure their leadership positions in the area of finance. HU has designed this specialization course in such a way that will assist students to understand in-depth finance core principles and practices and develop a sense of solving issues linked with finance such as investments, portfolio management, risk management, derivative securities, capital markets, corporate finance, international finance, and different financial institutions. The program is designed in such a way that every student from other professional backgrounds will take a chance to enhance his/her technical knowledge and skills about finance and provide their services to different organizations as Financial Specialists.



This specialization will cover all the courses specifically on investment banking, global banking, risk management, and other relevant topics. The specialization is available for all the students who are interested to start their careers in commercial and investment banking and for those who show their interest in other finance functions such as corporate treasury where banks work as a primary provider of different financial services and also for the ones who are interested in other core disciplines of banking that assist banking infrastructure i.e., information systems. The said specialization course will cover all the relevant domains related to banking as mentioned above and will be taught by most senior faculty of Hajvery University (HU) who will share their banking experiences and will cover all the defined contents timely and more accordingly in detail. Moreover, this course will remain incomplete without knowing its practical approach and HU sensed it and will ensure that our students will know all about the bank’s instruments, its confidentiality, sensitivity, and all other necessary rules and procedures linked with national banking laws, rules and regulations, and procedures.


Information & Technology

To stay alive and ambitious in today’s modern and advanced era, organizations will need to touch with the latest updates and install reliable computer networks, security systems, and websites. For doing this, they always find and demand experienced professionals who can manage and run all the systems and applications effectively and efficiently. With every passing day, technology continuously going towards advancement which will ultimately increase the demand for IT professionals. At HU, you will gain knowledge about the latest technologies that will help IT managers and make them easy to take good informed, and effective decisions about the allocation of resources and planning. More importantly, you will also get a chance to learn the latest technology from the perspective of management i.e., how to meet organizational current needs from the perspective of information and technology and fastly identify software and hardware IT management possible solutions to timely satisfy organizational needs.


BBA — Semester Overview

The following courses are covered at Hajvery University (HU) in the BBA (Hons) degree program:


Semester 1

Freshman English

Introduction to Computing


Pakistan Studies


Semester 2

Communication Skills

Business Mathematics



Islamic Studies

Semester 3

Financial Accounting I

Business Statistics

Pakistan Economics

International Relations

Principles of Management

Semester 4

Business Communication

Principles of Marketing

Environmental Sciences

Economics of Pakistan

Business Finance

Semester 5

Cost Accounting

Marketing Management


Financial Law

Business Law

Semester 6

Business Ethics

Organizational Behavior

Consumer Behavior


Specialization I

Semester 7

Operations Management

Financial Statement Analysis


Consumer Behavior


Project / Internship

Semester 8

Logistics Management

International Business Management

Business Policy

Cyber Marketing

Total Quality Management



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