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The warm body in his arms told him that Fengxi was not afraid of the cold at all. With her profound skill, even if she was in the world of ice and snow, she would still be as warm as jade. It was for his sake that she said she wanted to add new clothes to keep out the cold and buy a carriage to shelter from the wind and rain. Otherwise, Fengxi would not gamble. If she was willing to gamble, she would not sleep in the open air all the way and win money from those people. She must be unhappy. But for him. In fact, she could have ignored him at all. They had no relatives, and the only connection was the prescription. But although the prescription was precious, it was also very dangerous. If it was known to her, it would lead to the world’s martial arts people fighting for it, and there would be a disaster at any time. But she still took him with her without any complaint. The banter and play along the way was just a way of life for her. Piaoer, you are such a sensitive and delicate boy. I really don’t know whether it is good or bad for you in the future. Feng Xi’s heart could not help softening down, patting the person in his bosom and sighing silently. Sister, Park will take care of you in the future! Take care of you for a lifetime! Han Pu solemnly made his promise, but I don’t know how heavy his promise is! “Park, let’s go and buy clothes first.” Feng Xi raised Han Pu’s face and wiped the tears from his face. “Look at you, a boy, crying twice a day. Are you ashamed?” Han Pu blushed and hid his face in Feng Xi’s bosom. He liked this bosom, which was warm and fragrant. Buried in this bosom, it seemed that the whole world had changed, peaceful and quiet. Many years later, Bai Fenglong,75 inch smart board, who was famous in Wulin and liked to recite poems and dance swords at the same time, was just a crying, blushing child who liked to be lazy and act like a spoiled child in his sister’s arms. Let’s go. Feng Xi led him. The two men walked four streets and turned into a remote alley. In front of them seemed to be an uninhabited house. The tall vermilion door was stained with red paint, and the eaves were densely woven with cobwebs. One of the stone lions in front of the door fell to the ground, and the other still guarded the main door, but the dust and yellow leaves fell all over his body. Feng Xi walked over, waving his sleeve, waving away the dust on the standing stone lion,smartboards in classrooms, a little tiptoe, carrying Han Pufei jumped on the stone lion, as light as a swallow. The two people on the stone lion, against the broken walls and tiles behind them and the yellow leaves on the ground, stand out all the more, like a yellowing, somewhat decadent ancient painting, suddenly walked into two living people, trying to add some vitality, but only melted into the kind of silence that seems to have come from ancient times. Sister, aren’t we going to buy clothes? Why did you come here? Han Pu waited for a while, but did not see Feng Xi explain why he was sitting here, so he had to ask questions on his own. Wait for someone. Feng Xi reclined on the stone lion, his long legs hanging down and swinging. Wait for who? Han Pu also imitated her to sit down, shaking his legs and asking her sideways. Wait for someone who doesn’t know the depth of heaven and earth to follow me. Feng Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked at the sky. “If he doesn’t show up again, 65 inch smart board ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, don’t blame me for being rude!” As soon as Feng Xi’s voice fell, a figure fell and knelt down, saying respectfully, “I’ve seen Feng Nvxia!” “I’m neither your mother nor the government, so you don’t have to kneel down, do you?” Feng Xi looked at the man and said leisurely, “I never like kneeling, nor do I like kneeling.” wwW、 Fifty-four Novel t-xt heaven The man got up and looked up at Feng Xi. “Do you remember me, Nvxia Feng?” Feng Xi looked at him for a moment and then nodded, “So it’s you. How have you been these years?” It was a man about thirty-four or thirty-five years old, tall and strong, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was very heroic, but there was a scar on his face from the bridge of his nose to his right chin, which made his face look ugly and horrible. Wind Nvxia still remember me?! When the big fellow saw that Feng Xi still remembered him, he was so surprised that a happy smile appeared on his ugly face. I don’t have a bad memory. Feng Xi smiled, “Six years ago, Yan Jiutai, the chief of the thirty-eight villages in Wuyun River, was a famous figure in Jianghu. How could he not remember it?” “Sister, wasn’t that Dark Cloud 38 Stronghold trampled flat by you six years ago?” Han Pu listened and immediately interrupted, thinking that he knew the Jianghu story of White Wind and Black Breath like the palm of his hand. “Pow!” Feng Xi clapped his hands on Han Pu’s head. “When adults speak, shut up, kid!” “I’m not a kid. I’ll be taller than you soon!” Han Pu straightened his chest. Yan Jiutai looked at them with a smile and did not care about what Han Pu had said. Lord Yan, what can I do for you from the casino till now? Do you want to avenge six years ago? Feng Xi ignored Han Pu and asked Yan Jiutai. Nvxia Feng, don’t get me wrong. Yan Jiutai hastened to shake his head, “The girl’s elegant demeanor is still the same. As soon as she enters the casino, she attracts people’s attention. Jiutai followed her here not for revenge, but just to repay the girl’s life six years ago!” “Jiu Tai?” Feng Xi turned his head to think of the name, and then smiled, “So that Jiutai Gambling House was opened by you, no wonder you found it.” “Yes, six years ago I took some of my brothers to settle down in the city of Tai. Robbers like us can’t do anything civilized. We can only open a gambling house, a pawnshop, a restaurant, and so on. All the people in this city who have nine and Thai characters belong to our brothers.” Yan Jiutai said. That’s not bad. At least it’s a decent life. Feng Xi smiled. “The scar on your face was left by me, and your life was also left by me, so they offset each other. Don’t talk about revenge, and don’t talk about gratitude.” “No!” Yan Jiutai shook his head and said, “I have only myself to blame for this scar, but I have to repay the grace of life, otherwise I will never be safe!” “Oh?”? How do you want to repay your kindness? Feng Xi asked, his eyes twinkling. Han Pu looked at it and couldn’t help worrying about Yan Jiutai. He was afraid that his kindness would not be repaid. I am willing to follow Nvxia as a slave and servant to serve as a servant. Yan Jiutai knelt on the ground again. Oh Feng Xi’s eyes twinkled, his left hand held his chin, and his fingertips touched his cheek rhythmically. “I thought you were going to give me a lot of gold leaves, silver leaves, jewelry and so on. You know, I’ve always been very poor. Who knows that’s all.” When Han Pu heard this,smart board interactive whiteboard, he called in his heart, “Sure enough.” This Feng Xi just likes to bully people. Look, Han Jiutai can’t send this God away without losing all his belongings.


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