An abandoned dragon.

“I will treat you better in the future.” Long Qi tore down the roast rabbit meat to her, Zhongshu said, to exchange experience with each other in time, in order to better understand the pig’s heart, “Today’s place is fun?” Zhu Caixiang swallowed the meat with his hand and nodded, “En.”. I didn’t know before that Taishang Laojun’s cave in the world was so beautiful. “He has a more beautiful cave. I’ll sneak you in next time.” Long Qi secretly looked at her, the little fragrant pig was willing to pull his paws, should try to go further, so he dared, “Zhu Caixiang, if you have a good time, reward me?” “What reward do you want?” Zhu Caixiang looked at Long Qi’s red face and pulled out the silver ticket subconsciously and heroically. “Is this it?” A stack on Long Qi’s hand, “is it enough?”? I’ll give you more if it’s not enough. I’ve eaten a lot of money these two days. “No!” Who wants a silver ticket?! The big stupid dragon shyly pointed to his side face and carefully consulted with her, “En.” Just a moment. Is it good? Zhu Caixiang did not speak. As soon as she was silent, Long Qi was afraid. “It’s all right. I’ll just say it casually. Let’s go to bed early.” Only the dragon’s eyes dimmed for a moment. Zhu Caixiang didn’t want to kiss him. Long Qi is a little uncomfortable, when can let the small fragrant pig like in the past, regard oneself as her favorite big dragon, oneself can swagger to the outside world to declare, he is Zhu Caixiang’s fair and aboveboard boyfriend. When he was lost in thought, his cheek was suddenly touched by a pig dragonfly, and then his arms warmed up, and a little fat pigsty came into his arms,cattle weight tape, and his little face was buried in his chest. The dragon stiffened for a moment, then clasped her clumsily and kissed her lovingly on the head. Next to the fire burning, Mars jumped up from time to time, faint out of the warm light of the fire. When Zhu Caixiang rode Longqi slowly home, from time to time the female fairy and the little demon turned their heads in surprise, secretly wondering what the origin of the pig was, and dared to pull the dragon’s beard like a saddle. Zhu Caixiang, are you hungry? The Golden Dragon turned his head,fish measuring tape, flicked his tail like a seal, and a bag of snacks landed safely on his head. At the same time, Zhu boldly and anxiously circled around the room, took two steps and turned his head to Fu, “You said that the dragon would not be so shameless as to kill our two-year-old daughter and make me a grandfather at a young age?”? She is only two years old, and she is still an innocent child. How can she raise a baby? Fu Pan although also nervous, but still very queen Fan gave him a white look, “if you don’t want to be a grandfather, then also agree with her and Long Qi to go out to play?”? She should have listened to me and let her stay at home and practice martial arts. “Isn’t it because the daughter doesn’t depend on her father when she grows up?”? If I interfere too much with her friends, the little baby will not love me. Zhu boldly sighed, then ran to the door and craned his neck to look out, almost turning into a female stone, “Why don’t they come back?”? If I had known, I should have locked Xiao Xiang in a cage until she was two thousand years old. So that he won’t be too cute to be targeted by other males. Fu Pan calmly picked up a glass of water, only her fingers trembled slightly, Walking tape measure ,Horse weight lbs, revealing her nervous mood. Zhu boldly turned around a few times, and as soon as he came back and sat down, he heard the boy at the door shouting at the top of his voice, “Sir!”! The young lady is back! Zhu boldly rushed out excitedly and pulled his little baby in without looking at the eyesore dragon next to him. He would not easily forgive his little darling for being abducted for so long. “Good daughter, are you tired after going out to play for so long?”? Is it comfortable to live? Are you full? Did you buy all the things you like? How much money did you spend on your father? Zhu Caixiang and his father went in and sat down, answering his questions one by one, “Not tired, comfortable, full, like to buy.” While they were talking, the steward brought out her favorite refreshments and put them on the left and right. “The young lady went out to play hard.” That loving look, as if Zhu Caixiang is not going out to play, but to cross the robbery. What about the silver? How much did you spend on Dad? Zhu looked at his daughter boldly and gently, expecting her to say a big number and fill his heart with it. Zhu Caixiang took a sip of fruit tea, looked at Tai Lung standing next to him, and said cleverly, “Long Qi has paid, I didn’t spend any money.” Zhu’s bold face immediately sank, and he was as secretive as the bottom of a pot. Fu Pan, who was used to being strong, did not know how to get close to her daughter and could only watch quietly beside her. Two hundred years is a fleeting time for immortals and monsters, which is very short, but not short. Long Qi was holding a handful of things he had bought for Zhu Caixiang. “Uncle, where are these?” Zhu boldly stared at the jewelry and ornaments that the little girls liked, and his face became darker. “Did you buy these for Xiao Xiang?” What should I do? I’m not happy at all. Yes Long Qi didn’t notice anything wrong at all. He thought that he should show what an excellent son-in-law should have and spend a lot of money for his wife. “Xiao Xiang likes it.” Zhu boldly looked at him in silence, more disgusted with the dragon who was likely to become a son-in-law. “Let the steward handle it.” The steward immediately stepped forward, “Dragon Childe, please come with me.” From then on, Zhu boldly looked at Long Qi more and more displeasing to the eye, as if it was a thick wooden thorn in his eyes, deeply hated, even a glance did not want to fall on him. The reason is nothing, that is, since he appeared, he lost a lot of opportunities to spend money for his daughter and show love. Even if the ridiculous dragon came to buy snacks for Xiaoxiang every day, he even tried to dye her food, clothing, shelter and transportation, which was intolerable. One day before the start of school, when Long Qi came to Zhu Caixiang with a handful of snacks in his arms, Zhu boldly breathed out of his nose, held his head high, did not squint, and walked out of the house without saying a word. As soon as he reached the door, he quickly turned back and secretly lay by the window to eavesdrop. Just listen to the voice inside, “I have bought all the books for you next semester, as well as new college clothes, ink,Fiberglass tape measure, paper and inkstone.”. Also, when Uncle Zhong helped me pay my tuition, he paid your share by the way. 。


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