Airspeed Star Mark _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

When the sky mark was preparing to leave the dangerous place as quickly as possible, the mutation suddenly happened. A blue whirlwind came in his direction, but in the blink of an eye, the sky mark had been involved in the blue wind, the strong pressure around him limited his ability to act, even the power of the magic change could not help him break free. Fear, instantly swept the whole body, a tall figure with a faint smell appeared in the green wind, his graceful body looked full of strength, wrapped in the green wind, it was a leopard, a leopard ten times the size of an ordinary cheetah. Is this the strongest of the sacred beasts of the wind, the kamikaze leopard? …… Zhong Tingxing. Ningding city of the poor. At this moment, the slum is covered by a gloomy cloud. In the middle of the slum, around the unremarkable house, people were kneeling in the dark. Everyone’s eyes are moist, some are crying low, they are waiting for something with red eyes. The door opened, and in the package of a white dress, the figure,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, which was not beautiful, but full of holy breath, appeared in people’s eyes. Saint-female-. The pleading voice resounded throughout the slum, and countless eyes were focused on the holy figure, and tears flowed uncontrollably. Looking at the crowd around, Lily has always been calm heart ups and downs, holding back tears, hands slowly rising from both sides of the body,sonicator homogenizer, with her as the center, white air swept around, the faint white light gradually wrapped the body of each poor, in that full of soft and warm breath, comforting their hearts. Lily sighed lightly, holding her hands up, and the poor people stood up unconsciously under the white light. Lily’s soft eyes showed a trace of sadness. She sighed: “I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave like this. But I have taught you everything I can. Now, in our slum, one fifth of the young people have entered Zhongting Comprehensive College. I believe they will bring you more knowledge.”. I am not a saint, I just want to use my own strength to help people in need. I think everyone should know that in the Galactic Alliance, we are not the only slum, there are more people who need my help. I have arranged those friends who have good grades in Zhongting Comprehensive College. They will take over my work. When there are no more empty souls in our slums, I hope you can extend your helping hand to other planets. After all, my strength is weak. Only by working together can we erase the word “pauper” from the Galactic Alliance. No matter where Lily is, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, she will sincerely bless you. With these words, Lily bent down slowly and saluted the poor. Saint, you can’t go! You are the goddess in our hearts. Without you, there would be no us today. Perhaps, we have already become the graveyard of suicide here. An impassioned voice came from the crowd, and his words were recognized by all the other poor people. Lily’s powerful powers of light could no longer control the bodies of the poor people. They knelt down again like the tide, pleading bitterly, hoping that Lily could stay. Tears flowed down Lily’s pure face. She shook her head gently and whispered, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I have to leave.” With a sigh, Lily’s body fluttered up like a nine-day fairy, her body wrapped in a faint golden light, and the holy feeling made all the poor people fall into silence. Sky Mark! Sorry, Lily can’t keep the three-year agreement with you. If possible, I hope you can be an ordinary person. Maybe Lily will come to you again at that time. Farewell. With a flash of golden light, the Lily disappeared like a meteor in the vision of the poor, leaving only a strong loss spreading in the hearts of every poor. With their spiritual support gone, how can the poor accept it for a while? The only phenomenon that arises from loss is silence, infinite silence. The eyes of every pauper became empty. “No, we can’t just let the saint go.” In the crowd, a voice sounded. His words immediately won everyone’s approval. “Yes, we can’t let the saint leave.” “Even if she is gone, she will remain in our hearts forever. She is the goddess sent by God to save our poor people. I suggest that we take the saint as our belief, organize ourselves, and keep her in our hearts forever. What do you say?” In the slum, the oldest man stood up with tears in his eyes and made suggestions in his heart. All right, we will always be the most loyal followers of the saint, so let’s just set up a saint’s church. The saint is the goddess we believe in, and we are willing to give everything for the saint. “Saint, saint, saint, saint..” The Church of the Holy Women, which had a profound impact on the entire Galactic Alliance, was established in this way, which Lily did not expect, but it really existed. Tightly compressing the strength of the body, like a small whirlpool, constantly squeezing the sky mark. The blue light completely restricted his body and could not produce any struggle at all. Sky mark of the heart cold, looking at that gradually appeared in front of his huge figure, he clearly felt, yes, this is the God beast level of the kamikaze leopard ah! His existence can only bring death threats to himself. Really ridiculous, Na Xue said that the divine beast can kill himself with a look, he thought that there is a magic change,ultrasonic generator driver, at least can escape, but the power of the magic change is rapidly consumed, and he simply can not break away from the blue light around the body. Even the fire of hell could not be used under the pressure of the blue light.


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