Abandoned Woman Fuyao Record Author: Watermelon Nun

Princess Nan ordered people to take out the two pieces of embroidery and put them together for comparison. Someone said, “Gu’s embroidery is fresh and rare. It looks very exquisite.”. Both of them are very good. In the warm pavilion, people who had never seen Shen Qingyue’s embroidery commented, “Did the princess like two pieces of Gu embroidery?!” How was Shen Qingyue’s ink plum blossom selected?! The Zhangs and the Shens had been enemies. Zhang Baoying was unhappy. She snorted coldly and said, “Don’t you have ears?”? ‘Gu Embroidery fresh, rarely seen ‘, the princess picture is just fresh! Or who will choose her? In the hall, Princess Yongnan nodded with a smile and said, “We’re not familiar with Gu’s embroidery. I think it’s not bad just to look at it. One is well matched in color, and the other is beautifully embroidered. It’s better to be the leader of both. I happen to have a pair of jade bracelets here and give them to two girls. That’s the best.” Xie Junxian’s face stiffened for a moment, her face was a little hung up, and she and Shen Qingyue were put in the same position! Zhang Baoying said in a moderate way: “The princess doesn’t care too much about the face of the Shen family.” It wasn’t just Zhang Baoying who had a problem. Her mother, Qian Shi, didn’t know from which corner a voice came out. She said, “Since this embroidery is a combination of painting and embroidery, it’s not good to just look at the embroidery method. Since the embroidery method is all good, it’s better to judge it from other places.” Mrs. Yong Enbo looked at Princess Yongnan with deep meaning. Princess Yongnan smiled and looked at Lady Hu, the mother of Lady Hu. Lady Hu was a woman raised by a scholarly family. Her father was now serving wine in the Imperial College. Everyone could trust her vision. The servant girl handed the veil to Mrs. Hu. After reading it, Mrs. Hu wanted to say objectively and fairly, “Pink orchid embroidery skills are very good, but the artistic conception of ink orchid is still good.” As soon as she looked up, she saw Mrs. Yong Enbo looking at her with a smile, and the smiling eyes of the other side hid some deep meaning. Mrs. Hu’s face stiffened slightly and she didn’t know how to open her mouth for a moment. It wasn’t that she didn’t dare to offend Yong Enbo Fu, but there was no need to offend Bo Fu for the sake of the Shen family. At the door of the flower hall, the servant girl came in and said, “Princess, the prince and the other gentlemen have come with Gu Zhuangyuan and some guests.” Mrs. Hu was overjoyed. “Just in time,” she said! I have been unfamiliar with calligraphy and painting for a long time. This Gu embroidery is elegant and full of charm. It is most reasonable for them to be evaluated by scholars. Princess Yongnan asked, “Is the Third Master here, too?” The servant girl replied, “Yes.” Princess Yongnan smiled and said to the others, “Just follow what Mrs. Hu said and ask the scholars to comment on it.” Yong Enbo’s wife kept a decent smile and had no opinion. Could her daughter still lose to the little lady of the Shen family? The door of the flower hall pressed a figure, and the prince came with Gu Huai and others. The prince led people over to ask Ann to salute. Princess Yongnan was holding two pieces of embroidery. The smile on her face deepened. She asked the prince and the others, “Why are you all here?” “Mother,” replied the prince, “my son was supposed to bring guests. If these boys wanted to come with him, they would come with him.” As soon as he turned sideways, he gave up his seat to Gu Huai and introduced him to the princess of Yongnan: “Mother, this is the number one scholar in this section.” Gu Huai stepped forward and bowed. He was born to be a talented person with a generous manner. Princess Yongnan and Mrs. Hu liked it when they looked at it. They laughed so hard that they couldn’t keep their eyes down. The girls in the warm pavilion also looked out one after another, and Xie Junxian could not squeeze past, Inflatable outdoor park , so she could only hold back and not look, and heard people whisper that Gu Huai was good-looking. The heart itches extremely, but still sullen, sit on the chair, listen attentively to the movement in the hall. Shen Qingyue twisted the veil, and Gu Huai came! As soon as she turned her head, she was surrounded by Mrs. Hu, who lacked interest. Strange, the Hu family asked the princess to kiss for two people, this little lady is completely unaware of this matter? In the hall, Princess Yongnan and the two sons of Gu Huai and the Shu family said, “You’re just in time. There are two pieces of Gu embroidery here. They are painted and embroidered together.”. Because the embroidery skills are very good, I can not tell the difference between high and low, and you see for me, which one is better. “Then let the Number One Scholar judge first,” said the prince with a smile. Gu Huai according to words, both hands received two pieces of Gu embroidery, the left hand is Xie Junxian’s satin embroidery, the right hand is Shen Qingyue’s Wu Ling embroidery. When he finished looking at the satin and then looked at the ink orchid, the whole person was stunned-the autumn orchid was green, the green leaves were purple stems, and the charm of the ink orchid was exactly the same as his! When Gu Huai was absent for a moment, the prince asked Princess Yongnan, “Mother, who embroidered this?” But Princess Yongnan looked at her third son and replied, “They were embroidered by two talented girls.” Shu Liangheng immediately realized that one of them must be Shen Qingyue’s work. He stepped forward, rubbed his hands, and urged Gu Huai: “I said Gu Zhuangyuan, haven’t you distinguished yet?”! If you don’t see it, let me see it! Gu Huai held up the picture of ink orchid and said firmly, “This embroidery is far superior to the picture of pink orchid. Although the writing seems simple, it is clear and beautiful. It is full of embroidery. Its delicate fragrance seems to reach the outside. The embroidery skill is also exquisite. It is a superior work.” The prince and others also went to look at the Cymbidium picture one after another. Shu Liangheng touched it and gently stroked it in the ups and downs of the thin lines. The painted flower was like a void, as if it had the spirit of a flower God. He nodded his head heavily and said in awe: “Although it is only one Cymbidium, it is indeed a profound and elegant artistic conception. It is the best work.” Shu Liangheng looked up and asked Princess Yongnan with a smile, “Princess, are you sure the girl painted it, not a master?”? You didn’t come to test us on purpose, did you? Ha-ha. That didn’t test us! The hall suddenly quieted down, Mrs. Hu had a faint smile on her face, and Mrs. Yong Enbo clenched her teeth. Shu Liangheng looked at the people in the hall with a strange look and scratched his head. Did he guess wrong? The people in the warm pavilion looked at each other, several people with questioning eyes, looking at the little lady who had seen Shen Qingyue’s embroidery in a hurry before-not to say that Shen Qingyue’s embroidery was just so so? It’s called general?? The young ladies kept their mouths shut, and they just took a hasty look. How can you know that Cymbidium has such an artistic conception! Xie Junxian straightened her body and sat on the chair,Inflatable water park on lake, her face pale, and the veil in her hand had been pulled out of shape by her secretly. Shen Qingyue was not surprised, but felt that the Shu family’s Sanlang was a little interesting. Chapter 120 Chapter 120 Chapter one hundred and twenty. joyshineinflatables.com


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