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There are many days when I start yoga and wear yoga leggings. Whenever I wear leggings, my pajama line bothers me. Bubble lime that I found while looking for seamless or sports T-shirt pajamas! I was curious about the sports T-shirt pajamas that are easy to wear inside sportswear. Sports T-jam clothes that can be worn comfortably without feeling stuck in high elastic fabric. The seamless pajamas I ordered have arrived. Simple black! I like black because it feels less like underwear!I think it’ll be good for outdoor tanning, too~~ It’s a black sports t-shirt. The line is smooth without sewing. Bubble lime logo and product description are printed, and I choose XS size. I usually wear size S, but I recommend wearing it a little smaller because it’s an American size! The hip line is also drilled boldly, so you don’t 여성쇼핑몰 have to worry about the pajama marks when you wear leggings. Bubble lime sports tea pajamas. A picture of wearing clothes. It’s very tight! It’s very stretchy


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