A good doctor in the Tang Dynasty

Su Dingfang looked at the people around him, which meant that there were too many people here to say. Wang Pingan waved his hand and did not let the people around him leave. He said, “Come on, no matter how secret the idea is, it still needs to be carried out by people in the end. It is impossible to really keep the secret.” Su Dingfang frowned, took a step closer, lowered his voice, and said, “Hou Ye, our provisions are all calculated. They are just enough to support Ganzhou. According to estimates, they can only last for another two days.” Wang Ping’an said, “I know what you said. It must be too late to plant grain now. It’s not feasible to kill horses. If you have something to say, just say it.” Su Dingfang took a deep breath and said in a lower voice, “We can take the brigade dozens of miles away from the city.”. Make a gesture to leave and send a team back. Some words point to stop, do not need to point out, we all understand what it means! When Su Dingfang said this, the people around him, whether attendants or Turkic generals, although Wang Ping’an did not let them leave, but they consciously walked a few steps away. Only Di Renjie did not go away, still standing aside to listen. Di Renjie said in a low voice, “Who will be sent back? As soon as the news gets out, my eldest brother will be suspected of making trouble. Whether these Turks can survive or not is not mentioned, but my eldest brother must be executed!” Wang Pingan also shook his head and said, “It’s not right. This method is like self-mutilation. I can’t accept it.” Su Dingfang’s idea is to put it bluntly, Ganzhou Secretariat is not to give us hay? Okay, then we’re leaving. Such as Ganzhou Secretariat relieved,Coil Nail Making Machine, thought to get out of trouble, we sent a team of people back, pretending to be Turkish robbers, pretending to attack Ganzhou, presumably at this time of Ganzhou city and Liangzhou, force empty. Such a scare, Ganzhou Secretariat will think of Wang Ping’an’s army, send someone to ask for help, then Wang Ping’an to mention the conditions. Not afraid of Ganzhou Secretariat does not agree. Be a robber, be an officer and soldier! This matter is simple to say,High Speed Nail Making Machine, it seems easy to operate, but in fact it is impossible to keep the secret, the news spread out, it is tantamount to Wang Ping’an put on the label of rebellion, after the investigation, even if Wang Ping’an’s starting point is good, but also must be punished, otherwise if someone learns his example in the future, also play this hand, all places can not mess up! “Brother Su,” said Wang Ping’an, “you are far more experienced than I am. You can’t just come up with such a nonsense idea, can you?” When Su Dingfang saw that Wang Pingan did not agree, he smiled and said, “It really doesn’t make any sense. If the Marquis had an army that completely obeyed you, then the idea would be more like it. But the point is, you don’t have it!” “If you say it, you don’t say it!” Di Renjie said. Su Dingfang paused. “It’s not good to use force,” he said. “It’s better to use force instead of attack.” Wang Pingan frowned and said, Iron Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, “What kind of attack?”? A war of words with him? If this is in Chang’an, I do not have to speak, other people’s saliva can drown him, but the problem is now in Ganzhou, how can I have time to spit with him! “Master Hou,” said Su Dingfang, “I saw that among your bodyguards, there were quite a few talented people, especially Hou Ling, who had made great contributions. It’s better to let him go into the city and give the Secretariat some medicine. If the Secretariat is in a hurry, he will have to beg you! Wang Ping’an hissed and thought, “Yes, this method may work well.” Di Renjie also said: “Yes, this method is very good.”. Send someone into the Secretariat of the house, a Secretariat can’t catch the evidence, and he is so selfish, must be afraid of death, a sick, for the eldest brother’s head, the matter of hay, can be solved! Wang Ping’an rubbed his temples and circled in place. He did not speak and was noncommittal about Su Dingfang’s idea. Seeing that Wang Ping’an hesitated, Di Renjie became anxious and said, “Elder brother.”. These Turks who have submitted must be appeased. This is related to the war against the Turks after the Tang Dynasty. If it is not done well this time, it will be difficult in the future. Between the country and the individual, the eldest brother must not cherish personal reputation, medication for patients is to cure people, but now it is in the country, the eldest brother must not waver! Di Renjie’s words are right. If the Tang Dynasty wants to unify the grasslands and expand its territory, it is necessary to deal with the Turks who submit to it. If it is not done well this time, the Turks can no longer believe in the Tang Dynasty. The word “Celestial Dynasty” has become a joke. Even submitting to the Tang Dynasty can not survive. Even the most basic thing, the Celestial Dynasty can not be guaranteed. What else can we talk about? Di Renjie was afraid that Wang Ping’an would cherish his reputation, so he refused to give medicine to the governor of Ganzhou, Gu Xiaoren, but not for the sake of righteousness, regardless of the national interests. Only then did he worry and persuade each other. Wang Ping’an took one look at him and said, “I’m not so pedantic. How can I not distinguish between importance and importance?”. I was thinking about what medicine should be taken, what medicine could be effective immediately, and it looked scary, so that the governor of Ganzhou had to beg me! Only then did Su Dingfang and Di Renjie put their hearts at ease. Di Renjie said, “I knew my eldest brother was not a person who ignored the overall situation!” “If it’s scary,” said Wang Pingan, “the worst thing is to vomit blood. But that is poison, once used bad, easy to Ganzhou Secretariat to poison, can’t use. However, I do have a way to put him in a temporary coma, let his family come to me, his family, it is much easier to deal with! “Just don’t kill him,” said Su Dingfang. “In fact, it doesn’t matter even if you kill him. Such a bastard will die early and quickly. Even if the Marquis doesn’t kill him, once this is over and a memorial is sent to the capital, the prime ministers will have to be his officials.” Wang Pingan immediately went back to his tent and called two little girls to help him. After a while, he prepared a dose of medicine. This medicine is for the treatment of madness. It can calm people down. It contains anesthetic ingredients. If a normal person takes it and suddenly faints, he can’t feel anything, but it’s enough to scare his family half to death! After preparing the medicine, Wang Ping’an called Ouyang Li and Hou Ling, told them what had happened, and gave them the medicine. Ouyang Li said with a smile, “So I’m going to take the medicine. It’s easy to do. The master can rest assured. It’s still an hour before dark. My subordinates are going to the city. Tonight,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, it’s only midnight. I can get the family of that bastard Cishi to beg the master.” With that, he took Hou Ling and found a place where the guards were lax. Touched into the city. Ganzhou city, Secretariat office. 3shardware.com