A biography of Su Dongpo

The opposite force of his religious thought is Confucianism, which is deeply hidden in his heart. His Confucianism seems to have dragged him in another direction. It is true that people can find peace in religion, but if Buddhism is correct, and life is only an illusion, people should completely abandon society, so that human beings must be extinct, then everything is empty! Therefore, in order to achieve spiritual emptiness and selfless spiritual existence in Buddhism, it is necessary to completely get rid of personal concerns, while Confucianism holds realistic ideas and has to fulfill its duties and obligations to human beings, so there is a conflict between the two ideas. The so-called liberation is only to make the grass-roots human nature subordinate to the high-level human nature and let it dominate after obtaining spiritual harmony. If a person can achieve this kind of spiritual harmony through rational self-restraint, he does not need to leave society completely in order to achieve liberation. For example, there is a fight against evil in society. Neo-Confucianist Zhu Xi criticized the two poems written by Su Dongpo after he was released from prison, saying that there was no self-restraint and self-renewal in them. Those two poems, as seen before, seem to be the same as those of the old Su Dongpo. The question is, does he intend to mend his ways? Does he intend to keep his mouth shut and never criticize any mistakes in state affairs? To a less intimate friend, he is one answer; to a best friend, he is another. In Su Dongpo’s two letters to his friends, he confided his heartfelt words. One is for my best friend Li Chang. Because Li Chang had written poems to comfort him, but Li Chang’s poems were too sentimental, Su Dongpo disagreed and wrote to answer him. The letter said, “What is it?”? The servant originally treats the public with a heart of stone. Although I am old and poor, but the truth runs through the heart and liver, loyalty and righteousness fill the bone marrow, straight to talk about life and death, if you see the servant poor to pity each other, then with those who do not learn the Tao, not far away.. Although the bosom is concerned about the time, when there is a person who can respect the Lord,plastic pallet manufacturer, he will forget his body and do it, and give everything to the creation. Not a brother and servant how to send this? See the end of the fire. Those who do not know think that dirt is a disease. In the case against Su Dongpo, Wang Gong was the most severely convicted and is now in exile in the remote southwest. Su Dongpo wrote several letters to him. First of all, he said that Wang Gong was implicated in his own affairs, and it was very sad to suffer from this, but when he received a letter from Wang Gong, he knew that Wang Gong could seek self-liberation in philosophy. In his reply, he said, “Zhi Gong is really lovely.”. And unworthy of the future day still can decline the face white hair, the end of the toilet guests also. Then he talked about the Taoist art of longevity, which he was practicing himself. Some people know a lot about keeping in good health,ibc spill pallet, but they also feel that they have gained something. Those who see it all say that the appearance of Tao is different from that of the past. More broad for several years, Suo I am above the wind. And the painting of the ink bamboo in the cold forest has been absorbed. Cursive work, but the poem is special retreat also, I do not know why. The military letter to Linjiang sent yesterday has been received for a long time. The two books repeatedly discuss and deal with the patient’s worries in great detail, both to relieve the worries and to wash me from obscurity, and gain a lot. However, those who are not known and allowed to dance are willing to recite this language often. When Du Zimei was in distress, she never forgot you when she ate and drank. Since the poet, only one person. But for his old friend Zhang Ting, he had a different view. Zhang Ting, a deacon (vice prime minister) who is now an official, once wrote a letter to persuade Dongpo to turn over a new leaf. To this friend, Dongpo wrote a very appropriate reply, the meaning of repentance, overflowing. The writing could not be more appropriate, it can be presented to the emperor Longmu Yulan. The text reads as follows: “At ordinary times, only Zi Hou and Zi Youji saw the precepts, and it was very bitter to repeat them.”. But some strong and ruthless self-use, disapprovingly. Now in prison, there is no way to regret, collapsible bulk containers ,collapsible pallet bin, that will die. Unwilling to be lenient with the Holy Lord, he sent back to the rest of the world. If you don’t change, someone is really not human. In the past year, I was also known by the Lord, so that I could be a little reasonable and peaceful. How could I be today? There is no justice in remembering what has been committed, and it is no different from a sick and crazy person who wanders into the sea. Fang’s illness, unconscious, is also forced by poverty, and seems to be caused by something. Until the day of madness, but there is a sense of shame. And the public is suspected of committing it again, how can this be?.. ” Later, he described the living conditions at that time: “Huangzhou is remote and rainy, and the weather is dim.”. Fish, rice, firewood and charcoal are cheap and suitable for the poor. But some life has never done work, the son thick know, the salary into the income, easily. But the son has seven daughters, the debt negative mountain accumulates, the base is tired all in the canal place, does not know when to arrive here. Now living in the monk’s house, the commoner drinks vegetables and has a meal with the monk, which is simple and convenient. In order to fear its arrival. Poor to lose rough its reason, but Lin Lu phase, fear years, then have the worry of hunger and cold. However, as the saying goes, when the time comes, it will be handled by itself. Can Ann worry about it in advance? First time to see the Satrap. Since Yu Du did not go out of the door, he could not avoid reading books when he was idle, but the Buddhist scriptures sent him to the sun, and he was no longer close to the brush and inkstone. After his family arrived, Su Dongpo’s life seemed to settle down, but when his money ran out, he had no idea how to live. His two younger sons, aged twelve and ten, were congenial. Because of the courtesy of the prefect, they were able to live in the pavilion, which was later named after Su Dongpo. This place was originally a post pavilion, and officials could stay here for a short time when they took the waterway. Su Dongpo wrote to a friend: “There is no ten steps to the river where I live. The wind and waves are misty and rainy, and the dawn and dusk are ever-changing.”. The mountains in the south of the Yangtze River are in a few seats. Fortunately, there is no such thing. This place is beautiful enough, but the beauty of its scenery mainly comes from the poet’s imagination. He had a soft spot for the humble little house facing the sun in the summer, and the other travelers would be disappointed if they saw it. Later, a study was added to one side of the house for him to use, and he boasted that when he woke up from his nap, he forgot where he was, and when the curtains were drawn and he was sitting on his couch, he could see the sails going up and down on the water, and when he looked into the distance, the water met the sky, and it was a vast expanse. Lingao Pavilion is not necessarily something to boast about. Half of the beauty of the scenery is in the place, and the other half is in the people who enjoy the scenery. Su Dongpo was a poet who could see and feel the beauty that others could not see and feel even in heaven. He wrote in his notes: “Dongpo Jushi was drunk and full of food. He leaned on a table, surrounded by white clouds on the left, and the Qingjiang River on the right. The heavy door opened, and the forest forked in.”. At this time, if there is thinking but no thinking, in order to receive the preparation of all things. Shame, shame. The tone of a letter to Fan Zhen’s son was almost humorous. He said, “Ten steps down from the pavilion near the table is the great river, half of which is the snow water of Emei.”. I eat, drink, and bathe, so why should I go home? The river, the wind and the moon have no permanent master,plastic pallet manufacturer, and the idle one is the master. Smell Fan Zifeng new garden, with this who wins? Therefore, those who are not as good as the monarch have no two taxes and help money. 。 binpallet.com


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