Now, more and more authors select to self-publish their book. But because of many authors have no self-publish experience. So when they find a optimal book printing maker to print their book, they don’t know how to get a quotation quickly. Combining my years of printing experience, I sum up 6 tips for quick quotes on book printing.

1. Number of printed pages. 

Before finding the optimal book printing makers to give you a quotation, you need to know how many pages in your book. This is very important. If you don’t know how many pages you want to want to print, no book printing makers can give you a simple quote.

2. The printing size.

What size do you want? Before printing makers give you a quote, they often ask you about this problem. This is because of different size, the price will be different. The size more large, the price will be more expensive.

3. Color printing or not.

 The coloring printing is depends on what type of book is. If your book is a novel and without too many pictures, choosing black and white printing will be cheaper. But if you choose custom coloring book printing, the price will be higher than black and white printing. But if you custom photo book, we often use four color printing. Because color printing makes the pictures look more beautiful and attractive.

4. The quantity of printing.

How many you want to print is also very important. No matter what kind of products or which printing maker, you print more, and the price is lower. The same, the lower the number of prints, the higher the price.

5. Use which material to print.

The raw materials are different, the price and printing quality are different. Even the same gram weight(referring to the thickness of the paper). The printing effect will be very different because of different quality. Different brands of paper have different prices. Of course, the gloss, smoothness, and ink absorption of different quality papers, the printing effect will be big different. So when you select the paper to print your project, you do better to learn about the printing papers in advance. My previous article had discussed how to choose the paper for your printing project? You also can read this article to learn some knowledge of printing paper.

6. Binding method.

Custom a beautiful book not only needs good content, unique layout design. But also needs a suitable binding method. Because a suitable binding method is convenient for readers, to read and can add a touch of beauty. The binding methods we often use are: saddle stitch, perfect bound, spiral bound, sewing hardcover. Such as saddle stitch suitable for books under 32 pages. Sewing hardcover is suitable for hardcover book binding. Different style of books, the binding method will be different. The more complex the binding, the price is more expensive. You also can ask the book printing company which binding style is suitable for your book.


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