Baking is one of the most creative jobs in the world. Baking is also considered a creative art form because it requires more creative and innovative ideas. Celesteyum academy offers the best baking courses in Bangalore. We have a team of professional chefs having 12+ years of experience in teaching baking.

We give personal training and attention to each individual. All our instructors give the right care and attention to each student until they master the art of baking and cooking.

We show the right way for people who have an interest and passion for baking skills. Celesteyum academy offers one of the best baking training centers in Bangalore city. We cover everything right from basic to advanced level of baking courses. Our other most interesting baking classes are baking master classes, tips to prepare healthy tea cake, cake decorating classes, fundamentals of bread making, eggless baking classes, chocolate basics, fondant basics, cheesecakes, bakery staff training, entrepreneurship course for baking,  industry readiness certification course, etc.